Edinburgh 2009: RT's 10 Must-See Movies

We pick the handful of features you simply can't afford to miss.

Edinburgh 2009

Humpday - Lynn Shelton's hilarious comedy is also the winner of our second Rotten Tomatoes Critical Consensus Award, and joins the powerful company of Let the Right One In. Mark Duplass and The Blair Witch Project's Joshua Leonard star as a pair of straight friends for whom a drunken night turns into a harsh reality as they realise they've talked each other into having sex with one another for a local amateur art-porn festival. Deftly exploring masculinity and homosexuality as well as relationships both intimate and not, Shelton's indie is a real treat. - JU
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Bob S.

Bob Saccomano

Cool list :). There are a lot of movies here that I've heard good things about, and a few that I'm hearing of for the first time. I'll definitely be checking out these movies once I'm able to.

Jun 28 - 05:05 PM


Aaron Dean

These all sound real good, I definitely cant wait to see Moon.

Exam, Humpday, and Black Dynamite all sound very interesting as well. Awesome list.

Jun 28 - 05:10 PM


Jeremy W.

If these are the 10 must see films from the Edinburgh Film Festival then I would hate to see how horrible the other films must have been. Only a few of these look any good at all.

Jun 28 - 06:42 PM

Keegan T.

Keegan Thatisnoneofyourbuisness

JRW1980- I disagree, a lot.
I would see any of these.

Jun 28 - 06:47 PM


Eric Gebert

Most all of these played at Sundance 6 months ago...

Jun 28 - 07:38 PM


Colin Hay

I've been looking forward to Black Dynamite for a while. I'd only heard about Moon in the last month or two ago (from other posters here actually, thanks guys) and it certainly sounds intriguing. I hadn't heard of Exam before, but it certainly sounds interesting too; in a way it kinda reminds me of the setup for Cube.

Jun 29 - 10:22 AM


Alex Vazquez

What, no love for Shane Meadows? Has anybody here seen This Is England? Le Donk looks pretty awesome, and the teaming of Meadows and Considine is always exciting.

And Black Dynamite...aw, yeah.

Jun 29 - 11:30 AM

Logan A.

Logan Alexander

Black Dynamite looks hilarious. And Moon just looks incredible.

Jun 29 - 11:38 AM

Dave J

Dave J

None of the movies or documentaries look mainstream, I'll probably have to wait until they come on DVD or on television.

Jun 29 - 03:25 PM

fran c.

fran colliente

Rotten Tomatoes is silly, mainstream, and might as well be run by People Magazine.

First of all: Moon over The Missing Person?

Black Dynamite?

Rudo Y Cursi?

You guys really do like the pop indie b.s.

Jul 5 - 03:15 PM

Joe Utichi

Joe Utichi

The Missing Person was nominated for our award at the fest:


Jul 14 - 01:59 AM

Will M.

Will Morrow

Moon rocks

Jul 29 - 06:48 AM

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