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½ July 5, 2006
[b]Ruckus[/b] (7/10) is just [i]First Blood[/i] (Sylvester Stallone) meets [i]The Dukes of Hazzard[/i] (80s TV show). Throw in a pudgey, but cute, Linda Blair and "Starbuck" himself Dirk Benedict in an odd redneck love affair (involves riding dirt bikes around in the woods, Linda laying out some of her dead husband's clothes so Dirk will get the hint to take a bath, and stuff like that). This was the first film I watched when my family got cable TV. *tear* Memories.... From 1981.

My love for the film [b]Pearl Harbor [/b](9/10)makes me a sort of rebel on RT. Cool... From 2001.

[b]Squirm [/b](10/10) is a great time on it's own, but this [b]Mystery Science Theater 3000[/b] version is much funnier. It start with the short "A Case of Spring Fever" with the cartoon spring named "Coily". Ewwww! :p The feature is the famous killer worm movie made in Georgia my home state. Yeah, we're proud. :p I recommend fans of this episode seek out the unMySTied version available on DVD. It's fun seeing what they had to remove for the show. Great film! Very unique. Bad? Yeah...but a good kind of bad. From 1976.

Finally, the Oscar-winning (for best song: Charlie Rich, The [b]Benji[/b] Theme, "I Feel Love All Around") family favorite [b]Benji [/b](8/10). My family saw this in the theater in 1974. Yeah, the dog pretty much out-acts the whole cast. He's amazing! There's a scene with another dog getting kicked, then a closeup of Benji and I swear they got that dog to show the appropriate expression on his face. And that scene near the end with Benji running home in extreme slow motion with all those flashes of memories is really well done for a kid flick. Anyway, this is a great film for the whole family complete with cute dogs and kids, and a simple story that most younguns won't have trouble following. Btw, my dog Scooter watched quite of bit of it with me. I think she has the hots for Benji.
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