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½ April 24, 2011
A very funny film with great character development. Good for a nice balance of action and comedy.
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½ November 25, 2011
Good, clean fun. Compared to most of Jackie Chan's projects, the choreography in his fight scenes are very limited but the comedic factor and the engaging story keep this action movie from being a failure. Yes, "Rush Hour" is crippled with bad production value, amateur direction, and boring editing, but it's nothing more or less than a fun and funny action movie.
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October 29, 2011
I was supposed to be funny, but it wasn't, yet I was still entertained by it's action and storyline, which was sadly met with a weak-ish script.
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January 11, 2007
guilty pleasure, or legitemately top notch buddy cop film? either way, i love this flick. its fun, funny, and action packed in the right ways.
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½ August 1, 2011
Not the most intricate thriller, but bits and pieces added to a pretty well done comedy make for a good first movie to the trilogy.
Marc L.
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½ June 14, 2011
This is truly the greatest action comedy I have ever seen. Unlike most action comedies, it can have a huge load of action without detracting from the comedy.

The only bad thing I can think of is that the movie seemed to be kind of short. I'm sure that if the producers really tried they could make this movie longer.

Chan did a very good job acting. Best performance as a police officer I've seen in a long time. He also had a few funny lines here and there. Of course, Tucker was my favorite part of the movie. He was always saying the wrong things at the wrong time. Normally, I don't find that kind of stuff funny, but fast talking Chris made me a believer.

For a comedy, this movie had a decent amount of suspense. When the two cops are trying to rescue the little girl, I can honestly say it had my heart pumping (Even though I knew what was going to happen. I'll admit that)

The villains did a good job too. I particularly liked Ken Leung's performance as the secondary villain. He seemed like the most menacing character in the story. His final battle with Tucker.

All in all, this movie is fantastic. There weren't many great movies in the 90's (Watch "Nostalgia Critic" and "Nostalgia Chick" if you don't believe me), but this one is truly elite.
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½ March 16, 2011
A funny and cool movie, but very forgettable.
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½ July 13, 2007
Jackie is a cop who comes from Hong Kong to LA to find a kidnapped daughter of a Chinese diplomat. Tucker is a nausance to the LAPD and they assign him to look after Jackie. The duo get into a lot of trouble. Funny action movie.
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½ April 12, 2007
Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are amazingly funny together. Well, maybe not "rolling on the floor with laughter"-funny, but definitely an entertaining on-screen duo. Chan with his ingenious martial arts and Tucker with his eccentric demeanour and gung-ho personality. Sometimes on the brink of annoying, but never too over the top. In any case, you can't call yourself a true Jackie Chan fan if you haven't seen at least one of the three Rush Hour flicks. A trilogy in which this one remains the best installment.
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½ July 15, 2010
Brett Ratner demonstrates his mediocre directing skills with Rush Hour. A crap action comedy film. Chris Tucker is very annoying and irritating. Can't believe they made two sequels to this film. Bad. Rush Hour is boring trash with bad acting. I expected so much, but delivered so little. This film along with it's two sequels proves that Brett Ratner should quit directing. He is not talented whatsoever, he's only made one good film, and that was Red Dragon. That's it. If you want to watch this, do so at your own risk. Don't expect anything great here, cause you won't find it. Rush Hour is a filmn that shouldn't have been made in the first place. This is one of the worst buddy comedies ever made. Maybe if it had a different director and two lead actors, the film would have been better.
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½ June 24, 2010
the second movie is better bu this was good but not great. B
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½ November 28, 2007
"This is the United States of James Carter. I'm the president, I'm the emperor, I'm the king. I'm Michael Jackson, you Tito. Your ass belongs to me."

'Rush Hour' started a series of films that has now got to a length of a trilogy. The first of these was Jackie Chan's long waited breakthrough in Holllywood. But his breakthrough would not have been without the help of Chris Tucker.

The plot is a basic buddy cop movie surrounding on solving the kidnap of a diplomates daughter. Jackie Chan plays detective Lee and Chris Tucker is James Carter from LAPD. Carter was assigned to keep Lee out of the investigations, worried that Lee's death or injury would cause negative attention. Sounds stupid and without logic but it happens to turn out to be a fun ride.

This film is ALL about Chris Tucker's overconfident and arrogant character. Jackie Chan just happens to ride along. Most of Tucker's dialogue must have been improvised. At times it even looks as if he would blabber so much that even he doesn't know what just happened. But it works perfectly and I'd say that without Tucker, 'Rush Hour' would've been nothing but a mediocre cop film.

Jacke Chan's stregth lies in the action scenes. No one can choreograph fight scenes in the same way as Chan. Tucker's dialogue and Chan's choreographs make 'Rush Hour' a film worth seeing. Later it turned out that Tucker would only concentrate on the 'Rush Hour' series...

"This is the LAPD. We're the most hated cops in all the free world. My own mama's ashamed of me. She tells everybody I'm a drug dealer."
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May 17, 2010
Love the bloopers :)
Jason Lalljee
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½ April 22, 2010
Rush Hour brings on thrills required to pull of a PG- 13 action- comedy. It has amazing action sequences and tasteful comedy direction. Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan are at their best in this movie, managing to keep all audiences satisfied.
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August 24, 2006
Can you say funny?
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August 15, 2009
"Rush Hour" turned out to be a lot better than I was expecting it to be. A Japanese diplomat's daughter is kidnapped and it's up to an investigator (Jackie Chan) and a cop (Chris Tucker) to get her back. Chris Tucker is instructed by the FBI to stay away and to keep Jackie Chan away while the FBI investigates and tries to get the girl back. But neither one can keep from trying to find the girl and get her back themself. Chan and Tucker become friends and team up to go on the mission.
Like you might expect, "Rush Hour" has tons of awesome fighting scenes. But what makes it better than your average Jackie Chan movie is that it has more comedy involved. Chan and Tucker are great together in this movie and a lot of the parts are hilarious.

If you like either fighting or comedy movies, you gotta give "Rush Hour" a chance. NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2000. Haven't seen a whole lot of Chan movies but the Rush Hours are great.
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August 14, 2007
A good fun packed funny cop movie. Tucker is pretty amusing and Chan is as slippery as a snake, quite an original pairing. The whole thing works really well and isn't too serious with the violence.
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September 20, 2007
Chris Tucker is one of the best comedic actors on screen right now and Jackie Chan is the best action star ever. You mix them up and what do you get? Quite a rush. There are not as many or as long kung fu fighting scenes like in Jackie's good old Hong Kong classics like Drunken Master II or Project A. But on the other hand, those movies don't make you laugh like Rush Hour. The movie does never have a dull moment, it's action and laughs, action and laughs throughout the whole thing. This isn't a movie for everyone but anyone who likes Jackie Chan or Chris Tucker will probably love it. I know I did.
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½ March 1, 2008
Great Tag Team and memorable lines, not much else.
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