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February 29, 2012

Erland Josephson: 1923-2012

The Ingmar Bergman mainstay passes away at the age of 88.More…

July 30, 2007

Legendary Director Ingmar Bergman dies at 89

Ingmar Bergman, the "poet with a camera," died in his sleep at his home in Faro, Sweden Monday at the age of 89. The director of such influential films as The Seventh Seal, Persona, Cries and Whispers, and Fanny and Alexander, Bergman was known for his literary sensibilities and existential ruminations. The director's work has exerted a profound influence on filmmakers as disparate as Woody Allen, Lars Von Trier, and Wes Craven.More…

October 5, 2005

Summer Tomatometer Wrap-up #3: The Best of the Limited Releases

In the hot summer months, everyone's looking for a way to cool down. This summer, movie audiences decided one of the best places to beat the heat was in the barren, 47-degrees-below-zero but otherwise splendid climate of Antarctica. The runaway (or waddle-away, as the case may be) limited release success of the summer, "March of the Penguins," melted the critics' hearts as well, notching a big 94 percent on the Tomatometer.More…