Sarah préfère la course (Sarah Would Rather Run) Reviews

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July 9, 2014
Pretentious film that just blatently ends seemingly out of nowhere. It's neither witty, nor fulfilling and leaves you guessing what is to happen shortly after you just get fed the title page. Worst 1,5 hours of your life, as the story does not go anywhere, your time is better spend doing anything other than staring at angsty teens and none of the plotlines actually goes anywhere.

This kind of pretentious movie does not justify its rating in any way, shape or form.

it was fucking aweful.
November 21, 2013
Sarah is a 20-year-old girl who loves to run and moves to Montreal to make the big athletics league. Her life outside of running, however, is a little trivial as she constantly alienates herself from her friends and her mother. This is particularly true in the case of her relationship with Antoine, with whom she moves to Montreal and gets married for no other reason but to claim financial incentives. Sarah Prefers to Run is literally a film about a character who prefers running over everything and in the process becomes a film about giving up on love, life and even happiness to feed into her idea of ethereal happiness. Robichaud is particularly brave in making a number of interesting anti-cinematic choices that in fact go against the traditional representation of human sentiments on the big screen whether it is through Sarah's own passive nature or the awkward sexual chemistry she shares with Antoine - especially in a particularly uneasy and almost darkly comical sex scene. Though in the grand vision of the film everything makes sense, Robichaud's film can't escape or shake off a feeling of pretentiousness and superficiality which will leave some members of the audience feeling totally cold - as cold, in fact, as Sarah herself seems to be towards human connection. Sarah Prefers to Run mixes a valid mixture of honesty and metaphor, presented in a Dardenne Brothers' type of visual realism, presented through an original compelling story and a captivating character study.
½ November 8, 2013
At times captivating, Sarah Prefers to run can be thought provoking, funny and an emotional roller coaster. However it is not without its flaws. To keep it simple, the film is confusing. Unnecessary motifs, bizarre character choices routed in nonsensical logic and even confusions in plot (possible lesbian love story) left me begging for this film to have been edited in a clear, concise manner to give everyone watching a deeper understanding of the universal message the film tries to put forward
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