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Why did Spielberg make it? He wants us to imagine we can feel the terror of being there, but does that make us any wiser about this or any other conflict? Probably not.

June 24, 2006 Full Review Source: Time Out | Comments (26)
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Shea W.

Shea Weekley

If we wanted to be wiser about the event s of WWII we would watch the History Channel or a PBS broadcast.
That's what made this film unique. No political agendas or history lessons. It's about the men and the simple situation they were faced with. Find Ryan and bring him home.

If you sat down expecting all those things then really you should give yourself a poor rating because you weren't a very good viewer.

Jun 4 - 10:59 PM

Mysterious F.

Mysterious F

You are completely correct, one of the few critics who actually understood this movie past the phony heroics.

Jul 8 - 04:17 PM

Dean H

Dean Humble


Feb 6 - 05:02 AM

Patrick Thompson

Patrick Thompson

This is supposed to be a review of the movie... not of the intentions behind the movie or how effective it is at achieving some sort of intellectual goal.

It was well made, and for that you give it a positive review. It shouldn't have anything to do with your perceptions of why the movie was made etc.

Aug 3 - 12:12 AM


Zach Caruso

Are you retarded? This wasn't about the causes and effects of WWII you dumb f***in sh*t. It's about one particular story in the war and what it does is tell that story. You're a dumbass and a pathetic excuse for a critic. Lick my balls.

Nov 8 - 12:33 AM

The Wannabe Film Critic


Yes, did you witness the devastation endured during those opening 30 minutes? It didn't glorify war, nor did it associate the grim reality of battle with the glamorous lifestyles led by the stars portraying those brave heroes of World War 2. It was a graphic representation of the reality of war. And, yes, that does make us all the more wiser about this or any other conflict. It makes the youth of today realise the sacrifice that our forefathers undertook was not a pretty one, that the horrific reality of war is death, suffering and pain (not just for those directly involved in the fighting) and gives us many reasons why we should strive to prevent such a war from happening in the future.

In response to your question, 'why did Spielberg make it?' - as a film critic, surely you understand that films are made to entertain and make money. Perhaps some other underlying considerations may be prevalent, but in all likely hood it was just the money and entertainment. However, that doesn't make its image any less powerful.

Nov 15 - 10:26 AM

eliseo g.

eliseo guerrero

In reply to this comment (#2562472)

DAM!!! Now thats what i call a REVIEW!!!

Jul 22 - 10:22 AM

David W.

John Warner

What is up with pretentious reviews? The people on this site who gave this film rotten reviews obviously want to draw attention to themselves. Your review is muddled.

Nov 18 - 04:09 PM

John D.

John Dill


Jul 17 - 06:29 AM

Jo S.

Jo Salcido

By watching this movie, people experience something that--to this day--remains an undaunted movie in everything it represents. Many people have lost appreciation for war movies simply because they are war movies. Saving Private Ryan is truly fantastic and what Spielberg was trying to do was make the audience feel as though they were a part of this great event: the greatest military invasion in history! Through the realism and dreadful scenes and pervasive dialogue, one can appreciate this movie for what it is! I am a young military historian and, from watching this movie, I understand that 95% of it historically correct,the characters are accurate, the combat is horrifically realistic, and the emotions in this movie are not cliched or badly-written: they are real. People actually lived through this and worse, die during this! Spielberg has done an amazing thing by creating this movie. It is insulting for people to say that this film is just "another cliche-ridden war movie" and that we should get "past the phony heroics". These "heroics" are real and people accomplished great things during this invasion.

I've said enough. Because of everything considered above (and more), I conclude that Steven Spielberg's "Saving Private Ryan" is the greatest modern war movie of all time. For those of you who do not enjoy this movie, you either are anti-war, don't appreciate past military efforts and sacrifice, do not like war movies and/or action movies, have not seen the movie, or are simply not patriotic at all.

Apr 24 - 10:16 AM

The Stunner

Tiago Paulo

the comments here are so unbearably stupid!! to sum it up, what they say is: "everyone likes this movie, it's a movie which has to be universally loved. there's no way in this world of 6 billion people that anyone could hate it. people who say that they don't like it are lying and just want attention, because it's impossible for them to dislike it. absolutely!"

May 31 - 07:14 PM

Peter W.

Peter Winters

Note to pimple on my ass - get the fuk out of here

Jul 4 - 04:10 PM

John D.

John Dill

Who is this idiot, there are no other war movies about the landings on Omaha, what a douche

Jul 17 - 06:28 AM

jay m.

jay moser

Your a jerk off Adams. nuff said

Sep 5 - 07:38 PM


robert drake

I concur with Stunner. While I enjoyed this movie very much, I dont think that everyone has to do so. If Mr. Adams here happens to dislike this movie, its just his constitutionally guaranteed freedom of thought and freedom of speech as encompassed in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. You people calling him names for stating his opinion really need to grow up. People are always gonna have different opinions get over it!

Jan 4 - 04:53 PM

Tyler Sacchetti

Tyler Sacchetti

As it is our right to tell him how much of an idiot he is and what we think of his review.

Nov 9 - 10:44 PM

Steven M.

Steven M

He made this film because he wanted to portray an accurate representation of the war. If you want to put your head in the sand and only remember the good parts of life, I guess you can be like an ostrich and bury your head in the sand/dirt so you don't see anything.

Apr 3 - 07:11 AM


Teja Appilla

Hey Derek Adams, did your mother drop you when you were a baby?

Jun 7 - 01:43 AM

Peter W.

Peter Winters

I assumed you've been fired from Time Out - whatever the fuk that is.

Jul 4 - 04:09 PM

Jimmy Cassady

Jimmy Cassady

this critic is fucking retarded GO AND WATCH TROLL 2 YOU...........TROLL

Aug 4 - 11:39 AM

Jared Z.

Jared Zell

Unbelievable these comments from you moronic "film critics." This wasn't just "any other conflict"... this wasn't a war for revenge, or for oil, or for other political agendas... this was a war to save the future of all humanity! There are SO many things I'd love to throw in your ignorant, clueless face, but frankly you're not worth the minute n a half I took from my life to type this. Piss off.

Aug 25 - 09:16 PM

Joel Kelly

Joel Kelly

Why do these time out reviews get included in the top critics section?

Sep 27 - 11:44 AM

Laurence Marzilli

Laurence Marzilli

No, to show assholes like you what or men went through for us to be here today.

Oct 5 - 06:11 AM

Todd Beaton

Todd Beaton

Why did Spielberg make it? So that maybe we'll learn about our mistakes....apparently bad film critics can't learn (or enjoy) good movies...I know, shocking. You suck at reviewing movies.

Oct 20 - 11:12 PM

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