Charlie Sheen Getting Twisted in Next Film

Set to star in horror project for the house of Saw.

When you see the words "Charlie Sheen" and "torture" in the same sentence, you probably assume you're reading about Sheen career achievements like Terminal Velocity or The Arrival. But not so fast.

Bloody-Disgusting reports that Sheen has signed on to star in an untitled horror project (formerly known as Tortured) for Twisted Pictures (referred to in the article as "the goons behind the Saw franchise"). From the article:

The film is a journey of an average, loving couple, Craig (Sheen) and Elise, who hit their limit after they experience the loss of their 5-year-old son to a pedophile. Once the judicial system also fails to deliver, the couple is forced to turn inside and releases the animal that lives within all civilized people.

Rob Lieberman is set to direct the film, from a script by Marek Posival; no release date has been set, but we imagine Twisted will find a way to squeeze it out between Saw films sooner rather than later.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting



Alan Horne

This actually sounds a good film, although the idea has been done to a certain extent many times, just look at Kevin Bacons film Death Sentence.

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Mar 13 - 06:23 AM


Matanuki .

Sounds like another spin on the Death Sentence premise, which is not a good thing. It could work, yes. But that's not saying anything.

Mar 13 - 06:25 AM


Will Padin

Sheen needs to make another Men at Work movie damnit! Men at Work 2: Overtime then MW3: Night Differential

Mar 13 - 07:48 AM


Jeremy Thompson

this movie needs to not be made

Mar 13 - 09:05 AM


Matt Willmott

Is this more torture porn?

Hasn't American horror basically become Asian remakes, the now occasional George Romero "blam-blam, humanity sucks, blam-blam" zombie flick, and torture porn?

Who will save us from Hollywood's retail-esque monotony?

I can't wait for "The Happening."

Mar 13 - 09:11 AM


Matanuki .

Me too. Screw this.

Mar 14 - 01:02 AM


brett orsborn

So. This is just Death Sentence only the younger kid dies from a Pedophile and not a wannabe gang member, and the parents go ape**** instead of just the father?

Mar 13 - 10:18 AM


Dominic Iseli-Smith


Though I look forward to Charlie releasing "the animal that lives within all civilized people" on screen. I'll rent it for a few laughs.

Mar 13 - 10:46 AM


Will Padin

Sheen should stick to Zucker Naked Gun's all that seems to work for him, really. Peace out my ni**as

Mar 13 - 10:53 AM


christian eickelberg

hot shots part tres

Mar 13 - 12:18 PM


jj l

I don't understand the Arrival zing, since that was actually a pretty good flick, but this one does sound pretty bad. Enough with the torture stuff already. It hasn't been original for decades, and it's still basically a variant of porn.

Mar 13 - 12:54 PM


Justin Woo


Mar 13 - 02:24 PM


Greg Guro

As long as sheen is the only one that gets tortured, I'm ok with it. It'll be payback from all of us who have had to see him after "Wall Street."

Mar 13 - 03:54 PM


Sean Guyon

Why does he have a problem with "The Arrival"? I really liked that movie.

Mar 13 - 04:17 PM


Tom Bidinger

i bet its just two and half men, but the kid gets killed so sheen and that other unfunny guy go f**k someone's s**t up

Mar 13 - 08:09 PM


Matanuki .

Me too. Screw this.

Mar 14 - 01:02 AM


Thomas Gires

I think the animal that lives inside me is a kitty cat. meow... hahahaha

Mar 14 - 01:19 AM


Greg Guro

I think the alien that lives inside me is a gerbil.

OH wait, there it goes.


O.k., it's dead.

Mar 14 - 10:38 AM

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