Saw IV's First Five Minutes Are Online!

Get your Jigsaw on.

If you've got a thirst for cinematic gore that just can't wait to be slaked until October 26, IESB has some good news for you -- the first five minutes of Saw IV, recently shown to Comic-Con attendees, have made their way online!

The fourth installment of the franchise, which places Saw II and Saw III director Darren Lynn Bousman alongside series creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell, picks up right where the last one left off. From the synopsis:

Jigsaw and his apprentice Amanda are dead.

Upon the news of Detective Kerry's murder, two seasoned FBI profilers, Agent Strahm (Scott Patterson) and Agent Perez, arrive at the depleted police precinct and help veteran Detective Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) sift through Jigsaw's latest grizzly game of victims and piece together the puzzle. However, when SWAT Commander Rigg, the last officer untouched by Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), is suddenly abducted and thrust into the madman's harrowing game, the officer has but ninety minutes to overcome a series of interconnected traps...or face the deadly consequences.

Rigg's citywide pursuit leaves a wake of dead bodies, and Detective Hoffman and the FBI uncover long hidden clues that lead them back to Jigsaw's ex-wife Jill (Betsy Russell). The genesis of Jigsaw's evil is unveiled, exposing the puppet master's true intentions and the sinister plan for his past, present and future victims.

There's nothing like a little blood and guts to kick off your Friday, so go ahead and click on the link below!




First Last

I've never been more bored or confused in my life.

Aug 10 - 08:08 AM


Cory C


Aug 10 - 08:47 AM

Mr. Kong

Sam jacobs

I've just gotta say I'm lovin' your AV.

Aug 10 - 08:57 AM

Mr. Kong

Sam jacobs

And that looks... beyond terrible.

Aug 10 - 08:47 AM

Mr. Kong

Sam jacobs

I've just gotta say I'm lovin' your AV.

Aug 10 - 08:57 AM


Jeremy Thompson

Does anyone else think it's weird that they can show a severed head on a poster and yet porn is put in other rooms at video stores? not advocating porn, but why is that ok?

Aug 10 - 09:57 AM


never machine

Well, when they released saw 2 they had to retract some of there posters due to gore. It was the two fingers. The first teaser they released showed the bloody cartilage stumps. Future saw 2 posters cleverly cropped the image. I guess that%u2019s why this one is ok, no bloody neck, just a metal bin. But that%u2019s America. To us sex is much more taboo than good ol%u2019 American violence.

Aug 10 - 07:07 PM


Gimy Moo

the poster isn't that bad Bigt. now, if the chain was hooked up TO his head and it was dangling there...yeah. but its not all that. porn is put in the back so the kids can't steal it. and i don't know of any video stores(although i only go to da Busta) that let you rent porn nowadays...

the nurse in that link looks pretty hot...lets hope she gives herself a mammogram...

Aug 10 - 10:15 AM

Ghost Robot

Dan Smith

wow, are they going for pg-13 with this? that was the tamest opening by far.

Aug 10 - 10:38 AM

Ghost Robot

Dan Smith

wow, are they going for pg-13 with this? that was the tamest opening by far.

Aug 10 - 11:08 AM


Rob Clark

Weakest opening of the four. Lacks any tension, surprise, or even horror. Even the synopsis above is muddled and jumbled... though I'm not surprised given that the script was penned by Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb who also wrote "Feast".

I don't have very high hopes for this installment, but I'll keep anopen mind until it's out and in theatres. I am hoping SAW has some blood left in it. Sadly though it looks like these blades have gotten rather dull.

Aug 10 - 11:32 AM


Art Vandelay

im still a lot confused as to wtf happened! but it was better than i thought it would be...

Aug 10 - 11:43 AM


Rick King

I am one of the biggest fans of Saw, and even I agree the opening was horrible. It needs to be refilmed. Badly.

Aug 10 - 12:39 PM


Gimy Moo could say that about the entire series. the only amusement i have is in how badly made they are. some of it is hilarious

Aug 10 - 12:41 PM


Luis F. Moreno

Wow, that was pretty bad.

Aug 10 - 12:42 PM


Pas the point Vicens

I am one of the biggest Saw fans, never for once thinking I would say anything bad about a Saw film, but I must admit, that clip was one of the worst movie openings I have ever seen. No tape. No explanation as to what is going on. Camera moving around constantly. No idea what that machine was or why they were fighting. It all made no sense.

I guess that the only horror movie I have to look forward to this year is Rob Zombies Halloween.

Aug 10 - 01:13 PM



Hehehe I didn't watch the preview, but seeing everyone say how bad it is warms my heart. What did you expect? It's Saw FOUR! Can you think of any slasher series that was worth watching at that point? Halloween 4 (Lame)? Friday the 13th 4 (stupid)? Nightmare on Elm St 4 (pretty bad)? Leprechaun 4 (In space!)?

I mean....they're just giving it away at this point. That's usually a sign that it's either so awesome that they can just give it away and people will see it anyways, or it's so bad, they need to hook you into seeing it somehow. Obviously it's the latter.

Aug 10 - 01:21 PM


First Last

the clip did look a little unfinished, so i will reserve my judgement for when it actually comes out

Aug 10 - 01:35 PM


Andrew Buchanan

I'll admit that I think the Saw series is a bit "hit and miss", or more to the point on a downhill slide straight toward "Halloween 6" fare. Saw was brilliantly done.

Saw #2 was, I think, brilliantly done. It not only took the premise of the first movie and stayed faithful to it, but it expanded upon it in an original and inventive way while still keeping to the rules of the game (something important in every sequel, but especially in a series as dedicated to subtle rules of the game as this one).

Saw #3 worked its butt off to pass up every opportunity for brilliance, ignore much better directions clearly set up in the previous installment, and be lackluster to the last degree. Worse, it completely blew off the rules. I hate to sound superior, but it was obvious in #1 and #2 that there was a way out every trap. The characters just had to figure it out. The suspense was held in whether or not they could. It was obvious in #3 that there was no way out of the traps, and the instant that became plain, it just became an exercise in watching them trot another actor on screen so you could see them come up with a way to torment them for a bit, and then go in for the kill. Exciting, I suppose the first time or two, but they actually found a way to make torturous death seem lame.

#4 looks like it's right on track to continue the trend. This opening is weak, weak, weak. Unless there's some detail being obscured by the bad film quality, there's no reason the trap should work, and I'm sorry, but if watching people die in a game they couldn't win was frustrating, I can only imagine how watching them lose against a game that shouldn't ever pose a problem is going to be. I hope I'm wrong, but it looks like we're in for a ride where, as in so many other cheesy horror franchises, the only reason people are dying is because they're dumber than your average postage stamp.

Aug 10 - 02:02 PM


Eric Schulze

Just give up on the series people. The first one was the only good one.

Aug 10 - 03:50 PM


Christopher Sawyer

I'm going to have to say that this is not really the opening for the movie. The have said in previous interviews that in the first five minutes you will find out exactly what happened to john and amanda. if thats the case, this must be someone toward the beginning of the movie but not literally the first five minutes. they didnt even say that when they showed it at the comic-con. so im assuming it was not the opening scene. as far as the scene goes though, i think its kind of interesting, the whole eyes and mouth being sewn shut thing, but it didnt really seem scary ora nything like that. im a huge saw fan and i have faith in the series so i will be there opening day to watch it.

Aug 10 - 05:16 PM


First Last

The whole "Saw" franchise sucks. I just can't elaborate on that.

Aug 10 - 05:49 PM

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