Saw V Still On Track for 2008

No rest for the wicked series, producer says.

by Fred Topel | Wednesday, Nov. 07 2007

Saw IV is the fourth Saw film in as many years. After reports that the Saw franchise would finally take a year off, producer Mark Burg countered that he's still aiming for October 2008 to unleash Saw V.

"This is the first time we've actually started developing story ideas before a movie came out," said Burg. "We have a really good take for where we want to go with the next one but it's not good enough yet. My goal is to have another Saw movie next year. However, if the script doesn't come together, then we won't. We've got a really close idea. We've got two thirds of a really good idea but I've spent the last weeks, four hours a day, meeting with the writers to flesh it all out."

Should all go according to plan, co-producer Oren Koules wants to take October 2008 to the next level. "I would be surprised if we're not out for '08," said Koules. "The only argument is I want to play on Halloween day because 10/31 next year is Friday. They want to go 10/24. It's a big debate. We're '08 unless something dramatic happens. We have a pretty good story. We're not there yet but we have a really good story."