Saw VI

Saw VI


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They keep reviving dead characters to keep the poor excuse for a story going. When will it all end? Jigsaw is dead, everyone's dead. Please make it stop! Paul Chambers, CNN.

January 31, 2010 Full Review Source: CNNRadio | Comments (6)


lee r.

lee rees

they have revived ONE gharacter!!!

Feb 10 - 12:06 AM

jim b.

jim bauer

Wait, who did they revive? This isn't friday the 13th, dumbass. Just because it's a yearly horror series this moron assumed jigsaw came back to life and the story is weak. I challenge anyone to name a horror with a deeper story than saw, especially one this long. It took 6 movies to tell and 4-5 had so much story you can't call them horrors, they are seriously more like cop dramas. 90% of the people who've seen 4 don't even understand what happened at the end. There are so many characters and events to keep track of it's hard to recall exactly which movie certain events were in, it's like one of those tv shows that never end and just keep adding more plot (Lost for the best example).

Another bull**** assumption critics like to rant about is that this is a "torture porn." Really, name all the characters in the whole series who took longer than 3 seconds to die once they started to, most deaths are instantaneous. Let's see: 4 by shotgun, one by bowgun, 1 by acid, 1 by instant breaking of the neck from hanging, one by crushing... oh wait, that's it. WTF. Sounds more like an action movie. And there is more nudity in The Godfather you dolts. Torture porn my ass, this series is too busy with plot detailing to even add any suspense, it could use more action if anything. It barely even tries to be scary, spending all its time justifying itself and sewing plot holes and stringing together the plots of each entry.

This comes from someone who generally hates horrors because their stories are weak, saw isn't one of them and besides hellraiser is the only horror I like seriously (as opposed to liking because they're lame or funny like Howling 2 or Bride of Chucky)

May 5 - 08:47 PM

jeff l.

jeff lebowski

jim b, the story to saw is utter hokum, and has only survived thus far by dint of ridiculous plot twists and hackneyed flashbacks. to say it is the deepest horror movie around is just, insane. even most fans of the series (me included) only watch it for the ingenious torture devices, to which the plot is merely subservient to servieng up a new batch.

you want horror with a decent plot, the shining, 'salems lot, and many of wes craven's films (especially his 'new nightmare) are the things to go for. this isnt real, skilled movie making.

Aug 4 - 04:08 AM

Louis B.

Louis Bacon

"New Nightmare" has a good plot? Since when? "Ridiculous plot points"? How are they ridiculous? It's not like aliens are behind it all or that it was all planned by the government to hide the assassination of someone who "knew too much". All the twists are great and fit perfectly with the story. Saw is the only horror series that never changed and kept its rhythm for beginning to end... at least for now. Saw 3D looks ridiculous. I think we can agree on that.

Oct 13 - 10:11 AM

Jaho K.

Jaho Koo

I'm sorry but this is the lowest quality of film making. It's low budget, torture, gore and tangled up storylines put together. I seriously question the filmmaker's mental stability.

Oct 30 - 07:35 PM


Kenneth W.

Actually, this description you have of the plot doesn't denote that it's 'deep', only that it's unnecessarily convoluted and often confusing.

Jan 10 - 04:19 PM

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