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½ August 15, 2011
Saw VI is by far the second best film in the series and a very good horror film. The story isn't necessarily any different yhan the other Saw movie, but it has the best tension since the original film, it is by far one of the goriest in the series, and is fun for people who have kept up with the series. The cast is just ok just like all the films, some people gave the film a great tension, and some gave it a real boring feel. The gore is just as good as past Saw films, if not better, im serious I mean the merry go round torture device was by far the coolest thing the series has had other than the original bathroom in the first film. Saw VI is a not just another Saw film, its the best since the first, and even though the first is still by far the best, this one was almost just as great.
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½ August 23, 2010
Okay...It's still good. But it's starting to feel like we aren't getting nowhere with the series. Once again I repeat...Killing Jigsaw so early was a big mistake. Hoffman is a great guy....But it's just not the same. Maybe it's good that the next one is the last one. We gotta move forward. Still good though. Brutal opening scene
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½ August 27, 2011
As much as I hate to admit it, this movie was actually pretty good. Although we are stuck with the one dimensional and frankly boring characters (Betsy Russell, Costas Mandylor) from the other movies that we kinda wanted to die already, atleast the sixth movie does something that the fifth did not and that is close some chapters that have been left open through out the entire span of the franchise that we were just waiting for. The traps were better than the last, even if the ending was kind of an anti-climax. If I hear "game over" one more time from someone who isn't Jigsaw, I may scream. Cue scream for Saw Seven. Bleh.
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July 30, 2011
Now, this is what I am talking about! Okay, let me back up a bit. After SAW V, I started to have some hope that the film series might actually turn around. A little hopeful I was when thinking about that and after the previous films, you start to feel like the writers have finally understand what works and what doesn't. With SAW VI, they return to a method that works that includes some more expansion with the universe that there is. Plus, some of the acting is a little bit better, the directing is better, and the traps are not entirely as gruesome and pathetic, but there is at least one that even I found myself applauding at. Now, my main reaction to this film was hope. That feeling I had was due to how good this film is in terms of the series. Now, let's get down to the details. As I have said, Kevin Greutert gives the series some light in that he makes the film feel like it belongs by expanding the idea of Hoffman, gives us our new Antihero, and actually moves the film along. Now, the entire main trap plot I could of done without due to me not even caring about who is involved and what they do. Trust me: you would only want to see those parts if you like seeing the gore aspects. But, for the story, you will be cheering on the struggle between the characters of Hoffman and Jill as they both try to take over the legacy. They each have their own reasons and, while the aftermath might be the same, the way and reasons are what separates and it all comes down to who will do what is right: follow how it was suppose to go or do the complete opposite. Now for acting, I want to talk about Betsy Russell who portrays as Jigsaw's only true heir to the legacy and exwife. Her role in the film proves to me that she has true love for her husband's work and she wants to remain loyal to him. While Ms. Russell is not a good actress, she is not a terrible one at all. She does add a little bit of, I think the right word would be honor, yeah, she adds a bit of honor to the series by trying to keep those who are killed the same reason as her husband plus try to get rid of some people that might ruin the entire legacy even more. On the scale of Oscar acting or Razzie acting, she is in the middle, but more on with the Razzie end of the spectrum. The script, as I said, is better written then the previous one by adding more thrills then horror to the story. Plus, the entire idea of Hoffman against Jill, while it will be decided in the final film, does have something of an excitement if you allow yourself to be plunge into this world. And I like how paranoid Hoffman gets in the film. The score, why do I bother anymore with the score? It is basically the same one used over and over for all of the films with no one going around to try to make it different. Well, you can guess what I think of it just based on what I had written. Overall, this is a better entry in the series in terms to SAW IV - V, but this film is not as good as the original trilogy, but it is close.
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June 23, 2011
It wasn't that bad considering I don't particularly like any of the Saws. It was as gory and horrible as ever. If not worse... Genuinely scared me. A enthralling horror that makes you cringe.
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September 11, 2009
it looks like they spent alot more time working on the cool spooky cover than the actual... uh.. movie. Its pretty funny in some parts. like this chick whos in some burning maze that you can only stop from being hot if you pull this lever thingie and let the steam fly in your face causing you to go "ARRRGH!" But it looks as if the actor has whiplash or something because if i was pulling a lever that shoots steam in my face AND i have the option to duck away from the steam, then im gonna a-duck. So anyway Jigs or whatever the hell his name is says the key is inside the the guy's body and she picks up this hacksaw or something and shes all "I WANT THAT KEY, BITCH!" I also think its funny that this girl won the "I wanna be a Scream Queen" contest thought this was gonna be her big break and it turns out all she does is cut her own arm off with a facial expression that tells me someone raped her baby in front of her. YOU FINALLY MADE IT, GURL!!
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December 30, 2010
And so it continues. Mandylor's arrogance in this film leads to him wanting to be seen as more of a hero. Meanwhile Jigsaw's ex-wife is becoming more involved and a new game has begun. The latest game takes on a bit of satirical social commentary, as we see a man from a health insurance company forced to face his evils. I can imagine this being pleasant viewing for many wronged by the health service in America. Outerbridge does a good job at conveying a man with difficult, and sometimes cruel, decisions to make, without ever being a completely hateable scoundrel. More gore and gruesome traps, perhaps some of the worst. Luckily, the Saw franchise is coming to an end, but it was a jolly good run.
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February 15, 2009
Having had a gap from the others, this became a little confusing to me, the order of how things happened etc, Jigsaw has made more appearances since his death than when he was alive.

New traps, new games, but nothing gore-wise we haven't already seen.
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½ October 22, 2009
Slightly superior to the previous installment of this tiresome long-running series, the sixth Saw film is, of course, immensely gruesome and brutal, but surprisingly intriguing sometimes. However, it is also inadvertently hilarious, try not to laugh during the final scene.
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January 13, 2010
Surprisingly, Saw VI comes out of absolutely nowhere with a great story. Everything about this film is great. Not focussing on John this time around, the stories turn to one last round and a maze of brilliance. Saw VI covered the ground and made up for everything wrong with the previous 4 films. This was a really good movie, not to mention they got people who can actually act and characters that you can actually care for when the final few minutes of the film were underway. The last film is soon approaching and I have never been so excited for a conclusion to a horror franchise that has been for a while now, considered to be dead. This franchise truly died out about 3 films ago, but it's back and ready for the final chapter to take over. Saw began great and is on it's way to a fantastic conclusion. The end will tear you apart and make you come back for the grand finale. Who knew SAW still had some steam left in it? Now, The Final Chapter Begins!
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½ October 24, 2009
Better than 4 and 5 and makes me hopeful that "Saw 3D" will be pretty good...Love the carousel scene!
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December 14, 2009
They must be going for a record here with the number of sequels in this franchise. And I'm amazed that they still keep such solid quality. Because altough they fail to go beyond mediocracy, I haven't seen a Saw movie so far I didn't like. As goes for this sixth installment, which contrary to my expectations, was a pretty good watch. So as long they don't sink below the bar, I'm all for seeing a continuation of the series.
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October 23, 2010
Not all that great in terms of traps, but Hoffman continues to reign supreme and does a bunch of cool stuff. Bamboozling the FBI and defeating Jigsaw's game were just some of the shining moments. I liked the switch up in style and implementation of Jigsaw into the movie. It was also really interesting to see an entirely different side to the storyline from part 3. The hydrochloric acid melting was extremely interesting as was Hoffman's slaughtering of the pesky investigators via shiv and hot coffee. This really builds up to the inevitable finale so I don't think it can possibly be judged properly until after VII comes out.
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September 17, 2009
I've said it once...and I'll say it's all about the traps and watching the lowlifes of society try and get a second chance at what will (according to Jigsaw John) be a better life.

It's twisted and sometimes gross...but it's also slightly cathartic in a sense.

This time around we focus (mainly) on the sleezy insurance company big-wigs.
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July 9, 2010
I was actually suprised that I actually really liked this move. it's not as good as the first which is the best of the series, but it's the second best of the series from the movies I've seen in the series (I haven't seen all of them). it's way better then saw 5. this is far from being a great movie but for what it is, it's fun and gory and has several really cool traps which is all you could ask for in a saw movie. I think most people agree that this is one of the better saw movies. B+
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October 22, 2009
I usually don't review this way, but...always room or something new.
Pros:You watch these movies for gore and interesting traps-you get them in this latest iteration.
You want a bit of a message behind the gore-you get one (more on that later).
The editing is pretty good.
Cons-HOLY PROSELYTIZING. This one took it way too far preaching the evils of the insurance cmpanies and their greed.
I agree with the message, but the forum is ridiculous.
The acting simply blew chunks.
You can see all twists coming from a mile away. If you didn't well then...check your pulse.

The first of these films, "Saw," truly raised the bar for the genre giving us fantastic tension, great acting, grea characters, and even a pretty devent message upon which to chew.
As the films went on they devolved ito straight gore films with a slice of cheese.
As they went on even longer they tried to bring the message back, but to what end?
This is a protest ad dressed up in fake blood.
As noted, I agree with te message, but not the dais.
I will watch the next one to come along because...well, I guess I am wired that way, but this one is simply the next in line...a long, long line.
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July 11, 2010
I'm glad I don't go by the opinions of others, cause my oldest brother told me this movie is nothing like the others, that it sucks, and Jigsaw's not even in it. All of that is BS. Jigsaw is in videos and is there in spirit throughout, the killings are exciting, and it is like the others. "Saw V" is the only dud in this series. The series steps it back up!
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June 8, 2010
After the weaker Saw V, I had high hopes for the sixth entry in the series. I was impressed, I personally think its the best Saw film since the third one. I felt that the story was more developed than the last two films, its obvious because you get the bigger picture of Jigsaw is trying to accomplish. Saw VI is a terrific film that combines the strongest elements of series, and with that, Jigsaws twisted game come full circle. This film is one of my favourites since the original and is a terrific sixth entry. The film is jaw dropping and if you're a die-hard Saw fan, this film will make you happy. Some traps could have been better, but for the most part, they deliver. One of the best Saw films in recent memories, and if they were to end the series with this film, it would be a great conclusion. Let's hope the seventh instalment delivers like this film.
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½ April 5, 2009
A fine film, did prefer the 5th one slightly over this. Some good inventive "games" once again and plenty to keep gore fans happy. Plot is a bit dodgy in once scene I thought. However seems to tie up all the loose ends nicely. This really should be the last one now though....spoke too soon part 7 out this year!
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½ March 9, 2010
i liked it however its not up to scratch with the others hopefully its just the sort of build up to the seventh which hopefully will be amazing!!
its good, entetaining and gory just how i like it, however it didnt have that same clever, psychological thriller as the others but still vital to watch as part of the saw series!
another movie, another group of people selected to be tested against the infamous jigsaw, this movie gives you flashbacks and is vital to see what is going to happen next!!
if you loved the others yo'll appreciate and enjoy this movie!!
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