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½ November 19, 2006
I suppose that I am watching this for the sake of continuity.
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December 20, 2007
I didn't think they could do a sequal so diffrent from the first one...but still this good. And the twist at the end....I don't see how it could be possible to see that one coming...great stuff
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½ February 13, 2011
Saw 2 is the sequel to the incredible first installment, and to be honest I was sort of dissapointed. The plot of the film was not even close to the twists and secrets of the first, but although it didn't live up to the first it still had some really cool and surprising moments. The cast was just okay to me, there were way too many cast members in this, I loved how the torturing in the first was only two guys, but now we have like 7 people being trapped and it made it lose it touch. There was a lot more blood and gore, which was really better and nail biting. The ending connected the first film and second together and i'm beginning to realize this series is one big story, which I think is cool, and even though this wasn't as good as the first, I enjoyed it and I hope when I watch the third film it will get better.
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½ August 28, 2011
After watching Saw 1, I was pleasantly suprised and was desperate to watch Saw 2, then go through all of them in order. That plan did fall through, but I did stay up all night and watch Saw 2 - possibly one of the few films that can join the 'Sequels Better Than The Original' Club. It was a lot better! There was more gore, rather than pathetically hiding it, it had 2 big plot twists near the end and Jigsaw's looming menace worked a treat, even though he was in front of 20 cops!

The traps in the film, including a furnace, a blade box, a door and various others, were rather clever and seemed realistic while still quite violent. Throw in the air of mistrust, a search for a link between all of the 'subjects' and some Saw 1 references, and you have a general sum up of the film.


The one thing the film lacked was a near end scene like in Saw 1, with a big chase, and all out battle to the death amongst various characters. Instead, you get one of the characters going insane and trying to kill everyone to find a number on their neck that would become part of a combination to open a safe. Although quite tense it did seem rather funny in a "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU DOING THAT?!?" sense when he can't trust anyone and cuts the number of his own neck to see it, before dying of blood loss!

Another moment of stupidity is where one of the characters is trying to find an antidote for a poison in a box. She puts one hand in to grab the antidote, drops it, tries to remove her hand to find that it is trapped by 4 blades. She then thinks it's a great idea to puts the other hand in to get the spilt antidote and fails, ending up getting stuck!

Backing away from spoilers now, the film is all-round very tense, especially near the end, and in a way, by having a similar ending but with some very unfamiliar twists, the film became much more creepy and intense than the first.

Just to sum up how good I thought the film was, I WILL be watching the rest of the Saw Septology!
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November 15, 2010
Not as good as the original but nowhere near as good as the third, this movie left a bad taste in my mouth. The characters were flat and forgettable, with most of them dying before I even noticed they were gone. I like the one on one time you get with Jigsaw in this movie, hiding away the bad guy gets tiring after awhile and this movie follows in Hannibals footsteps and lets you get to know who you are dealing with, which awkwardly makes you side with them more often than not. Not the best Saw movie by a long shot, but one of the best Tobin Bell performances of the lot.
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½ August 5, 2011
Thought Saw II kept it's direction from the first. I liked it.
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½ July 30, 2011
One thing I probably have said about sequels is that if you are going to have a sequel, it does actually pay, believe it or not, to go and build on the previous film. Now, unlike most horror films, this one film actually does that with the story given to us in the first SAW. Not only that, but we also get the first long running director of the series Darren Lynn Bousman (who would later go on to direct the great Repo! The Genetic Opera). Now, before I get to the direction, acting, score, and script, there are two things I want to talk about: The traps in the film (how gruesome they are) and my first opinion based on my viewing experience. Okay, for the traps, I will admit that it was creative to have a bunch of mini traps inside one giant trap. It does show that the creators are thinking outside of their box for the film. Now, my entire opinion based on the film by watching it. removing some problems that are with the film, I will say that out of the entire film series, this is the best of all. Mostly due to how the film feels (raw but tamed), how the characters start to be understood, and we start understanding more of the psychotic mind and purpose of Jigsaw. Okay, enough of me analyzing this film, lets move down to the direction. This being the first main film by Darren Lynn Bousman, he does show some talent in directing a film that is Torture Porn and he does this with some loveliness. Now, while the film is mainly disgusting and not for the faint of heart, he does keep some things tamed while unleashing even more chaos and back-story. For acting, there is only one name that needs to be said about the acting and that is Tobin Bell. This is the film in the entire series (next to part V) that he just shines in his role. He was born for this role, he plays it with perfection, and is just the best actor in this entire film. If you must see this film and can not handle the gore, then this is the film I suggest you watch due to his performance. Now, it is not at all Oscar worthy, but it is not Razzie worthy either. But, it is good. Now, the score to this film feels like the exact same as the previous film, but at least they are keeping the now famous theme track that I do enjoy. Finally the script. I am going to give Leigh Whannell credit for advancing this dark, bleak world that he has created and for the fleshing out of some characters that are going to be main characters in the story. My only problem is that, while there is some back story and the way the traps were written are nicely done, this film should of had it's own plot and this film should have been around it. The entire trap business, while good, could have been greatly expanded upon. But, sadly, it was not. Overall, this is the best of the series, but if you did not like the first film, then do not bother watching this one. Why? Because I doubt that this film would win any new fans.
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½ July 8, 2011
A great follow-up to the first, Saw II just keeps the film series moving along with more of the creative, gory, disturbing elements contained in the first film. Any sane person will be squirming and uncomfortable for the duration of the film, and that's exactly what the creators meant to happen.
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June 23, 2011
It's just as confusing as 'Saw' Nothing really special the second time around although the horror and gore is just as bad, maybe even worse than the first time around.
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July 18, 2007
These movies aren't scary whatsoever, they are just sadistic with lots of gore. If you can get past that, there is a decent story here. Saw II lacks the originality of the first, but it's better acted and more entertaining. Unfortunately it's just there to serve as a bridge for Saw III (which the ending sets up for). It's so maddening that you have to wait to finish the story while someone is trying to come up with something.
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April 2, 2007
A surprisingly effective sequel. Keeps much of the atmosphere from the first and just increases the gore and horror aspects. This time a number of people are in a house, one of those being the son of police officer Donnie Wahlberg. Watching Wahlberg and Bell's back and forth is a lot of fun, and adds a stark contrast to the gore. Unfortunately a rather 4th rate cast must carry the film and don't seem up to the task at times.
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½ October 22, 2009
Just as fascinating as the original Saw, this sequel works as an ingenious labyrinth of horrors, full of more gruesome, densely macabre scenes for the fans. And once again we are given another highly unexpected, jaw-dropping ending.
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½ January 13, 2010
Brutal, Disgusting, and Twist Filled! I really find the saw films amusing, and the second provides more deaths, more twists and an ending that will have you quiver. These films are guilty pleasures, but for now, these first two installments in the franchise are very good. If you like gore, you will love SAW II.
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December 27, 2006
Not as original as the first. This one comes off more like the usual slasher fare with a house full of people fighting to survive. The ending is good and sets up the next movie really well.
The gore gets a little more spotlight in this flick and we will see as the series continues that eventually it will all be about the gore factor and the story becomes predictable.
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October 25, 2009
probably my favorite of the saw sequels so far. Good story and one truly Holy Shit moment
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November 21, 2009
Actually way better than the first, truly introducing the man behind the work. John Kramer's tomfoolery is unmatched and his ability to survive is something to behold. Match that up against The Berg and it makes for some really fun scenes. I think this entry was really smart in that they passed up trying to dish out dumb conversation and humanity lessons and got straight to the meat of Jigsaw's brutal nature. This is the movie that really stabilized the franchise and turned in some of the best surprises.
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June 8, 2010
Saw II is a tense, thrilling sequel to the original Saw. This time, Jigsaw raises the bar, and sets up a group of people in a house set up with sick games to test their will to live. An even more deranged film than the first, Saw II is a wild ride. The traps are even more elaborate and there's even more gore and violence in this one than the first. Saw II is a film that will most likely make you squirm in your seat and look away. This sequel is a terrific follow up to the first one, and as the film unfolds we get a better look at what Jigsaws plan is. A film that delivers everything you'd expect, Saw II delivers and then some. The film will keep you on the edge of your seat til the end. Even more bloody, violent and gory, Saw II will definitely make fans of the first very happy.
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½ June 9, 2006
Saw should have been a stand alone film, but this was actually an alright sequel. I liked that it slightly amped up the violence, but didn't go too overboard. I liked the "game" and how it involved people working together, and the drama that went along with it. Not the most necessary film in the world, but decent entertainment anyway.
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½ March 31, 2007
More of the same in this very good sequel, but you kinda know what to expect now. Similar to House of 9 in some ways.
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January 27, 2007
Oh yes, there will be blood.

Jigsaw is back and this time he has 8 people locked in a house full of traps and only a few hours to live and it's up to Detective Matthews to save them as one of the unlucky 8 people is his son.

I absoultey loved the first Saw it was brilliant and very original and I'll be the first to admit that when I heard that a sequel was being prepped to be released only one year after the original I thought that it was gonna be bad but gladly I was wrong. SAW II was a relentless, enthusiastically directed and twisted little gem. Just like any other good film, this continuation had a powerful weapon in its holster, one that Hollywood so often forgets to bring to the table when creating their "products" and that's a strong screenplay. The bases were mostly covered in that department with riveting chain of events, a clever puzzle like nature when it came to its mind toying mystery, some heart (the Mason ordeal) and a near flawless juggling act in terms of the two main plot lines which were steamrolled forward simultaneously. To make matters much better. Now being that this is a sequel, some of what made the original special was lost in the name of not fully repeating the first film while new goodies were gained. I particularly grooved to the "Hannibal Lecter/Clarice" like mental warfare Jigsaw and Mason shared. It made for a compelling listen/watch, was the soul of the film while acting as an interesting contrast to the more action oriented "in the house" shenanigans. The further exploration of my fav Bath Robe wearing killer's psyche jazzed me as well! Although I craved more info (I still don't know why Jigsaw is so freaking nuts!), the added insight was appreciated and went to prove me wrong. Knowing more about the lad didn't make him less scary. I think I fear him more now! Donnie Wahlberg (Det. Mason) played it smart; he underplayed it while displaying an endearing mix of toughness and vulnerability. Tobin Bell (Jigsaw) was very much focused and controlled as Jigsaw Dina Meyer (Kerry) did what she had to do adequately most of the time, although I didn't buy a couple of her "reaction shots" and wished she'd do more than stare at PC screens. Shawnee Smith (Amanda) was bang on in her role; selling it to the max. I'm so happy they brought her back and gave her more to do.
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