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½ February 14, 2013
Lloyd Dobler: I gave her my heart, and she gave me a pen.

"She's got everything going for her. He's going for her with everything he's got."

Say Anything is every bit the classic romantic comedy I expected. Cameron Crowe is a good, if slightly cutesy writer and director, and Say Anything is a great film from him. The movie has the 80's written all over it and has some of the more recognizable lines and scenes of that decade. Plus it has John Cusack giving the best performance I've seen from him and also Ione Skye who plays his love interest is terrific as well.

Lloyd has just graduated high school, but has no ambitions of what to do now. All he knows is he wants Diane Court, a brilliant girl who graduated with him, but nobody really knows because she was off taking college classes. Lloyd begs a date out of her and before long she starts falling for him, which her father disapproves of strongly. So who will she choose, her dad or Lloyd?

I enjoyed this movie thoroughly. It isn't a masterpiece or anything like that, but it's a really good and fun romantic comedy. John Cusack is phenomenal as the babbling underachiever Lloyd and Ione Skye makes it easy to see why Lloyd fell so head over heels for Diane. Say Anything is certainly one that is worth watching.
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½ August 3, 2013
Ione Skye's performance can be super shaky, but, other times, especially the ending, she's on the top of her game. A contemporary model of how to do these "youth" movies right.
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October 1, 2010
There may be films that make you question romance, and whether it is all worth it, but this film is completely different. It is a confirmation that love exits, and no matter what the circumstances may be, giving up everything will be worth it in the end. "Say Anything" follows Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack), a lowlife, high-spirited teenager who's only life promise is to be with Diane Court (Ione Skye). This film provides the essentials in romance filmmaking, having the jocks, the assholes, the pretty boys, the drunks and crack addicts, but most of all, the middle man, who understands everything, but is unsure of what to make of his life. When Diane's father begins to prevent their connection, it will tug on your heartstrings until the snap. "Say Anything" is not just an amazing film, but it is one of the best romance films that I have ever seen! If you have not seen this film, you have no idea what you are missing!
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½ November 17, 2007
A wonderfully laid-back nostalgic filled coming of age story concerning a drifter (John Cusack) who falls in love with a driven, beautiful girl (Ione Skye), and how their relationship unfolds during her last summer home before she goes away to college. Thanks to a screenplay that realistically develops its characters, all while shedding cliches and welcoming aspects like self-doubt into the story, this movie feels just so real. Cusack's and Skye have electric chemistry, and Cameron Crowe's assured direction and knowledge of how young people behaved during this point in time help make it just flat out fun. John Mahoney, as Skye's father, is also given great attention, as well as other dimensions that you don't typically see from a father whose daughter is being pursued by a less than stellar individual. Although it is not necessarily a great, super memorable movie, it has a nice way about it and that iconic Cusack scene is just one of the very many nice touches Crowe inserts into this piece.
paul o.
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½ January 15, 2012
It has its highs and lows and makes you go through the motions till the last frame. Its honestly the essential adolescent film of history!
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July 18, 2007
Popular romcom although I think the Peter Gabriel songs have done more to fuse this in memory than the familiar kids-from-opposite-sides-of-the-track plot.
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June 23, 2011
One of the best romantic films ever made. The scene were he has the radio over his head is such a stunning scene. Yet another great 80's film.
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May 21, 2007
Cute romance film.
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September 6, 2010
A beautiful, sweet, funny teen romantic comedy. The actors are perfect, and the story is great. I love this movie, it's an 80s classic, the last great teen romance of the decade, I think. I love this movie, and I highly recommend it.
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January 26, 2008
This movie defines 80s romance. John Cusack still remaines one of my favorite actors. The serenade scene where Lloyd(John Cusack), holds the radio above his head while it plays Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes", makes this a 80s cult classic! John Cusack is also sooooo cute in this movie not to mention really tall lol. I love John as Lloyd Dobler in this movie!!! Who wouldn't love this movie! Not to mention adorable Lloyd Dobler! :) Love it! :) John Cusack is so sweet too :)
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January 30, 2010
Just watched this again, why don't they make movies like this anymore?! Cusack is still <3.

And look that was a young Ari and Marcy!

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½ October 14, 2008
I'm not saying I'm the kind of guy Lloyd Dobler is (ask the ladies) but I can totally relate to that character, his awkward but good-spirited behaviour and his seemingly impossible quest to be with Ione Skye.
Both, her and John Cusack, have an undeniably appealing chemistry on film, which ultimately earns most of the movie's accolades.
The 80s fashion and pop music, though dreadful for today's standards, I have always been nostalgic and open minded about it, and I'm not ashamed to say I love it.
Cameron Crowe was still forming up as a director, that shows; but his writing was very good. Probably the only thing I don't enjoy about it, is that subplot focusing on John Mahoney's character.
Attention to Cusack's real life buddy, Jeremy Piven, in what probably is the movie's funniest scene.
Overall, a funny, smart and endlessly charming little movie that can stir many of the emotions we thought to be lost after we left either our school, or our one and only girl.
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July 8, 2009
Wow I just can't believe I hadn't watch this movie before and such a great one for me personally really, I never thought it would be so good and it really was. It's a very simple story easy to watch but very deep in emotion all around because you don't really know what to expect, such a great love story, to me one of the best of the 80's and in my personal list on of my favorite films top 20 of all-time!

An improbable couple meets after high school graduation and must deal with their friends, family, and other pressures just to stay together. Lloyd Dobler is an average kickboxer with a good heart but limited ambition. Diane Court is an aloof genius who is very closely protected by her father. When Diane gets a scholarship to study in England, she has a weighty decision to make.
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½ January 29, 2008
Ok, I love John Cusack in just about anything, but this movie really has structure problems, but I enjoyed it for the most part.
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November 18, 2009
An above-average teen drama that actually has a good plot. Don't be fooled by the cover, it's not just John Cusack standing outside of a girls house with a boom box. It actually has a good message about finding your future and about being lost.
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November 18, 2009
Another 80's teen classic with an early line up of future stars but this one isn't too interesting really, actually its kinda dull, yes I know its a love story but I think the two leads make it dull really, maybe if it had been Molly Ringwald.
Usual setup of school weirdo going out and winning the heart of a popular girl, breaking up then getting back together again, popular stuff in the 80's haha the only thing of interest in here though is finding the little cameos by Eric Stolz, Jeremy Piven, Joan Cusack and Dan Castellaneta.
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½ January 4, 2009
Above average '80s 'classic' that works primarily because of the incredible on-screen chemistry between stars John Cusack and Ione Skye. On my short list of romantic comedies that I don't regret seeing.
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½ September 18, 2009
"I gave her my heart, and she gave me a pen."

A noble underachiever and a beautiful valedictorian fall in love the summer before she goes off to college.

Cusack is Lloyd Dobler, a kickboxing, funny regular guy whose immediate goals after high school is to spend every moment of the summer with valedictorian Skye in a winning, painfully truthful way: by being himself. Kudos to writer-director Cameron Crowe for his insightful viewpoints on adolescent trials and tribulations at love and maintaining a friendship despite the odds. Very funny and heart-warming and finally John's best role ever. Lili Taylor is memorable as Lloyd's platonic pal with 75 songs about her ex and look for Eric Stoltz and Jeremy Piven ("You must chill!") and Bebe Neuwirth as Cusack's teacher. Best moments: Lloyd getting 'advice' from losers at a gas'n'sip and his choice of Peter Gabriel's exquisite valentine "In Your Eyes" on a boombox. A real winner of a film.
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March 5, 2006
Rewatching this movie today I noticed an eerie relationship between Frasier's Dad and a over the top high school play actor. Still a mediocre at best movie.
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½ April 17, 2007
A well-written, yet pretty typical 80's dramedy, starring a very young and spirited John Cusack. Altough there wasn't really much of a plot, I still found myself thoroughly enjoying it, thanks to the wonderful authenticity in the acting and dialogue, which has always been the signature for any work by director and writer Cameron Crowe. It may not be as brilliant as some of his other films, like Almost Famous and Fast Times at Ridgemont High, but it's still a solid and watchworthy movie, that reminded me once again of why I love the 80's so much. Because altough they didn't have things like Youtube, cell phones or TiVo back then, it surely made up for it with the consistently high quality of its music and films. Of course, I was only five when this movie came out...but the fact remains the same ;-)
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