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November 29, 2009
Japan's answer to 2010, this film is a gluttony of imagery for those who grew up with 1980's sci-fi special effects. It's overlong, with silly plotting and hilarious English dubbing. The length is stretched so afar as to make parts of the second half a bit boring. And there are the hippies. Oh, those terrorist hippies.

Enjoyably fun for those who already enjoy such things.
March 1, 2009
In order to protect the solar system, one planet sacrifices its life. Jupiter is bidding farewell. In the 22nd century, scientists uncover ancient carvings that describe the crash of an alien spacecraft on Jupiter several millenniums ago. This postpones the initial phase of a plan to transform the gas giant into a second sun to provide additional solar energy for Earth. When a black hole is discovered to approach the solar system, Dr. Eiji Honda must race to complete the mission and save Earth before time runs out.

Directed by Koji Hashimoto and Sakyo Komatsu, Sayonara Jupiter features great acting performances from the following cast:
1.) Tomokazu Miura (Dr. Eiji Honda)
2.) Dangely Diane (Maria Basehart)
3.) Akihiko Hirata (Dr. Inoue Ryutarou)
4.) Masumi Okada (Dr. Mohammed Mansour)

Japanese science fiction, whether live-action or anime, is something of great interest for me for their introduction of giant robots and monsters into the international market. Sayonara Jupiter, on the other hand, is a film influenced by both Star Wars and 2001, and is a local competitor to 2010, which contains a plot element of transforming a gas giant into a new star (but no monoliths). That storyline excited me as I liked future space travel and how real science could influence the action, while at the same time I felt a sex scene cut to a fantasy sequence deemed unnecessary for me. Here the special effects (SFX) look real to me when it comes to the model spaceships and the scenery of the planets; I'm surprised that Toho, the studio also behind the Godzilla series, was responsible for doing all the great model-based spacey and action stuff here! You'll enjoy the film if you like either or both sci-fi and/or Japanese films.
July 20, 2010
This movie is just fantastic!! The special effects are superb and the acting is top notch. You really need to see this for yourself to believe it. There is one scene with two main characters having sex as they fly across the solar system!!!! How rad is that? But it gets better there are rebel hibbies that follow a singer/guitarists named... drum roll... Pete!!!
In conclusion do yourself a favor and check out this awsome film you will not be dissappointed!!! Best thing to come from Japan
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