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½ March 27, 2009
Stupid title but better than average straight to video quasi-sequel to Cronenberg's Scanners.
Followed by it's own sequel, Scanners: The Showdown.
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January 27, 2008
This spin-off of Scanners is good what the filmmakers try a new tack to keep the series alive: the scanner joins the police department. The special effects are more abstract this outing, hoping to pump some new life into the franchise.
July 13, 2013
Honestly I was real stoned when I first watched this movie. I just loved it. Take my advice. Get a big fatty. Smoke it down and turn this on. You wont regret it.
September 15, 2004
Possibly some of the worst acting i have seen in a while! Although this movie is now over ten years old, and dispite the poor acting, it still managed to keep me watching it until the bitter end just to see if it could get any worse.
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