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Scary Movie 2 (2001)


Average Rating: 3.4/10
Reviews Counted: 109
Fresh: 16
Rotten: 93

Critics Consensus: Instead of being funny, this gross-out sequel plays like a sloppy, rushed-out product.

Average Rating: 3.2/10
Reviews Counted: 30
Fresh: 2
Rotten: 28

Critics Consensus: Instead of being funny, this gross-out sequel plays like a sloppy, rushed-out product.


Average Rating: 2.9/5
User Ratings: 681,663


Movie Info

This sequel to a box-office sleeper hit that spoofed teen slasher flicks takes its cues from haunted house and possession films, particularly The Haunting (1999) and The Exorcist (1973). Although many of the first film's main characters were homicide victims, Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans, and Anna Faris return anyway to "re-possess" their roles for this follow-up in which four students are invited by their professor (Tim Curry) to his haunted mansion, Hell House, for a weekend sleep-deprivation … More

R (for strong crude sexual humor, language, drug use and violence)
Directed By:
Written By:
Shawn Wayans , Marlon Wayans , Alison Fouse , Greg Grabianski , Michael Anthony Snowden
In Theaters:
Dec 18, 2001
Box Office:
Dimension Films - Official Site


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Critic Reviews for Scary Movie 2

All Critics (115) | Top Critics (32) | Fresh (16) | Rotten (93) | DVD (19)

It shows no understanding of or insight into the genre it's attempting to parody, nor indeed of cinema in general.

Full Review… | February 9, 2006
Time Out
Top Critic

Scary Movie 2 isn't scary, funny-scary, or even just plain funny.

Full Review… | October 29, 2001
New York Magazine/Vulture
Top Critic

An act of nose-thumbing that never quite figures out how, or even where, to position its thumb.

Full Review… | July 16, 2001
Entertainment Weekly
Top Critic

This time Wayans and company don't so much lampoon their targets as ineptly copy them.

Full Review… | July 10, 2001
Village Voice
Top Critic

It's a lot more tightly focused than the first outing.

Full Review… | July 6, 2001
Washington Post
Top Critic

If you took out all the jokes about bodily fluids, the movie could run five minutes instead of 83, and we could all go home.

Full Review… | July 6, 2001
USA Today
Top Critic

Dumb humor, insults and gallons of bodily fluids.

Full Review… | December 28, 2010
Common Sense Media

The screenwriters take desperate measures with so much lame sex jokes, body flashes, and disgusting bathroom humor.

Full Review… | April 29, 2009
Cinema Crazed

Scarily awful -- this spoof horror franchise needs a stake driven through its heart, and quick...

Full Review… | December 30, 2006
Empire Magazine

Perhaps if you send them a stamped, self-addressed envelope they'll tell us why this was thought to be funny.

Full Review… | April 14, 2006

We can only hope this excrement masquerading as humor will bury the gross-out genre once and for all.

Full Review… | June 23, 2004

Basically just a bunch of silly spoof scenes cobbled together around a thin premise, it allows the Wayans brothers to have fun in the way a group of kids might have fun with a video camcorder, except with a multi-million-dollar budget.

Full Review… | February 8, 2003
Film Quips Online

If you didn't like the first one, stay away, but if you got a few good chuckles out of it, you'll get more of the same with the sequel. I guess it's a matter of personal (bad) taste.

Full Review… | September 10, 2002
Montreal Film Journal

In a classic 'too many cooks' scenario, Scary Movie 2 never manages to put even the semblance of a plot together.

Full Review… | August 17, 2002
Urban Cinefile

the opening 15 minutes was absolutely gut-wretchingly hysterical. I laughed more at this second film than I did at the first one...

Full Review… | June 22, 2002

The creators of Scary Movie 2 have forgotten one crucial fact about the horror genre--for every Scream 2 there are twenty Blair Witch 2s.

Full Review… | February 26, 2002
Mark Reviews Movies

It's just terrible, with long stretches in which the sea of writers don't even try to insert any humour, followed by an attempted joke that doesn't work on any level.

Full Review… | January 27, 2002
Shadows on the Wall does have one redeeming attribute: brevity.

January 7, 2002
Movie Metropolis

That the first film's primary target/model was Scream and that this one's is The Haunting says everything about its creative bankruptcy.

Full Review… | December 19, 2001

The film had eleven writers. I don't see why it needed any. It's unstructured, plotless, and even the truly funny moments are merely juvenile stabs in the dark.

October 28, 2001

More of the same...only less funny.

Full Review… | October 10, 2001

Filme producto de la excesiva comercialización que tuvo su predecesor

Full Review… | October 8, 2001

If you haven't seen the target film, not only is it not funny, it becomes totally pointless.

Full Review… | September 10, 2001

It's the wackiness of the whole thing that makes it work.

Full Review… | August 9, 2001
Blunt Review

Audience Reviews for Scary Movie 2

Absolutely terrible. A complete remake rather than a sequel with the same jokes and situations around a different not very well thought out story. It's dumb that they kept the same characters who died in the last movie and simply not something I'd watch again.

Sophie Burgess

Super Reviewer

I remember thinking Scary Movie 2 was absolutely hilarious when I was fifteen. And I still find it funny enough to watch without getting bored, even though the biggest gags don't seem quite as amusing anymore and the jokes that miss are absolutely horrible. The humor is incredibly broad, crude, and childish, as everything is lampooned and referenced from Charlie's Angels to The Matrix to The Exorcist to Nike commercials. I think this is still the best entry in the spoof movie "renaissance" that the original Scary Movie spawned....for whatever that's worth.

Lewis C.

Super Reviewer


Decent sequel to Scary Movie, Scary Movie 2 is also the last good film of the franchise. The film has decent laughs, and the cast are pretty good, but you can see that the filmmakers were struggling with the ideas on-screen. There are parts of the film that aren't funny, and other parts that are funny. However as far as a spoof film is concerned, Scary Movie 2 isn't that great a spoof. The film is decent, but never that good. Scar Movie 2 is comical, but as far as the comedy elements are concerned, there's absolutely nothing that great about it. Most of the humor is pretty silly, but compared to the last two in the franchise, this is pretty good humor. At least the film made me laugh, while the final two films in the series made me very disappointed. There are plenty of funny bits in this sequel to keep you interested, just don't expect anything great or original. This film follows the same path as the first film, but is slightly less effective at making you laugh. The first film was funny, and this one is too. But the difference is that this one tries too hard at making you laugh. Sometimes the humor doesn't quite work. For what it is, Scary Movie 2 is a decent, humorous follow-up and it does have good laughs, but it's never anything good. The film could have been done much better.

Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski

Super Reviewer


I hate stupid movies. Catch my drift?

Eric Alvarez
Eric Alvarez

Super Reviewer

Scary Movie 2 Quotes

I..I can't feel my legs! Owwwwhowhow! I can't feel my legs!
You never could.
Hey you stay out of this.
– Submitted by John B (2 months ago)
I can do it myself!
– Submitted by John B (2 months ago)
Cindy Campbell:
Help! My pussy's gone crazy!
– Submitted by Matthew D (9 months ago)
Hey I dont need your help lady. I can do it myself. [gives himself oral sex]
– Submitted by Brendan C (21 months ago)
Cindy Campbell:
Hey, Buddy.
Cindy Campbell:
OPEN CHEST!! [punches him] Oh, ho, ho! You gotta be quicker than that, pencil dick!
– Submitted by Matthew D (24 months ago)
Why don't you just talk to me?
Hell House Ghost:
Because you gave me crabs!
– Submitted by Maal G (2 years ago)

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