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June 29, 2008
Spielbergs masterpiece. An amazing cast makes this one of the all time best movies.
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½ March 21, 2010
Spielberg's direction is wonderful as he recreates the abject horrors of the Holocaust in this profoundly sad and disturbing drama made with so much love and dedication by everyone involved, with a narrative that is so fascinating due to the complexity of Schindler's character.
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November 5, 2006
Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Thomas Keneally's novel based on the role of Oscar Schindler during the holocaust was very much his cinematic coming of age. Many have criticized Schindler as a profiteer and coward for not taking up arms against the Nazis. He was not a soldier and if he had done, at best he may have killed a handful of inconsequential German troops before dying a "hero's death". And every man, woman and child who worked in his factory would have been murdered. Spielberg does not shy away from the fact that he was not a saint, showing him to be a womaniser and hedonistic opportunist but when he was faced with the human tragedy of his environment he acted; a reaction that was all too rare at the time. In fact Spielberg draws parallels between Schindler and Goeth, his counterpart in the military workcamp but whereas the industrialist was a man of compassion, Goeth was the embodiment of the Nazi party; a cold, cruel and ruthless man who acted without conscience or mercy. It's true that the film is guilty of button pushing, but it is the manipulation of a master story teller; the highlighting of the girl in the red coat in particular is obviously Spielberg's way around the old adage of "one death is a tradegy, a million deaths is a statistic." Putting a human face on an individual tragedy is the only way it is possible to process horror on such an unimaginable scale. Beautifully shot and expertly played, Schindler's List is a remarkable and moving film that will no doubt be part of a larger monument to an atrocity that must be remembered to ensure that it is never, ever repeated.
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March 31, 2011
No film I have ever seen manages to convey stronger emotions than "Schindler's List".
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½ August 2, 2012
A stunning piece of work and one of the most important films ever made. "Schindler's List" is powerful and disturbing; it gives an accurate look into the horrors of the Holocaust. Spielberg has an eye for cinema and his directing makes this film all the more powerful. He handles everything so well and you can tell how much this story meant to him personally.
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July 28, 2012
A near flawless film with wonderful acting and fantastic writing. It is a beautiful, haunting portrayal of the Holocaust.
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July 22, 2012
Maybe the most tremendous filmmaking achievement of all. Spielberg's dramatic look at the Holocaust and the Schindlerjuden is an amazing film on many levels.
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½ November 25, 2006
Wow. Spielberg has really hit the nail on the head with this one. It's beautifully shot, acted and scored with a perfect and almost haunting cast. Neeson, Kingsley and Fiennes are amazing and it's very emotional watching them on screen. They know how to work subtly and the result is so beautiful but extremely tragic at the same time. It is quite a bit too long for my liking, but I really can't think of anything that should be taken out. It's a history and humanity lesson at the same time, and the shocking concentration camp images will be enough to make you so thankful for the life we live.
Everyone must see this.
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June 29, 2009
A masterpiece
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March 15, 2012
"This movie sucks because it was made in the 90's and it's in black and white." SHUT UP! That was a qoute from a friend of mine and it's enough to show how ignorant he is. Schindler's list, in my opinion, is one of the greatest movies ever made. Back in the 80's and 90's, pretty much every movie Steven Spielberg made was great. (He's basically the 20th century Christopher Nolan.) This is a very moving movie with a plethora of emotion. It comes closer to displaying the horrors of the Holocaust than any other documentary has. Watching the events unfold in this movie is disturbing (at the least) and it can't be easily forgotten. The way this movie is directed and written is nothing short of perfect. The acting is phenomenal as well. Liam Neeson is one of my favorite actors (I've recovered from his performance in Star Wars episode 1.) and he does a fantastic job. Ben Kingsley I've never been a fan of, but I think he did a great job as the financier in the movie. But onto Ralph Fiennes. He is one of my favorite actors as well and his performance in this movie is amazing. His character and potrayal of the character actually scared me. He was very convincing in his role. Go see this movie; rent it, buy it, borrow it from your elderly aunt who lives alone with a bunch of cats and weird smelling furniture, whatever, you have to see this movie. It's amazing.
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February 26, 2011
Shindler's List is not only the greatest holocaust film ever made, its by far one of the greatest film in the history of cinema, and my 9th favorite film ever made. It stars Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler, a German businessman in Poland who sees an opportunity to make money from the Nazis' rise to power. He starts a company to make cookware and utensils, using flattery and bribes to win military contracts, and brings in accountant and financier Itzhak Stern (Ben Kingsley) to help run the factory. By staffing his plant with Jews who've been herded into Krakow's ghetto by Nazi troops, Schindler has a dependable unpaid labor force. For Stern, a job in a war-related plant could mean survival for himself and the other Jews working for Schindler. However, in 1942, all of Krakow's Jews are assigned to the Plaszow Forced Labor Camp, overseen by Commandant Amon Goeth (Ralph Fiennes), an embittered alcoholic who occasionally shoots prisoners from his balcony. Schindler arranges to continue using Polish Jews in his plant, but, as he sees what is happening to his employees, he begins to develop a conscience. He realizes that his factory (now refitted to manufacture ammunition) is the only thing preventing his staff from being shipped to the death camps. Soon Schindler demands more workers and starts bribing Nazi leaders to keep Jews on his employee lists and out of the camps. By the time Germany falls to the allies, Schindler has lost his entire fortune and saved 1,100 people from likely death. This plot is too incredible to describe, but if I were going to try, I would tell everyone thats its the story of two men, one a hero, and another a monster, and its about the hero who tricked the monster so he could save hundreds of Jews from being killed by the Nazi army, and how this one man became one of the greatest people in the history of the world, and this movie spared no expense to show us that. Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes play two of some of the greatest roles and history, the hero and villain, the man who saved and the man who killed, and they both play their part perfectly. Steven Spielberg has filmed three of some of my favorite films of all time, The Terminal, Saving Private Ryan, and this movie, and if I had to choose the best, there is no doubt in my mind this is on top. The horrors in this film will never be able to leave your head, no matter how much you try, my god what a phenomenal film.
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July 31, 2011
Masterpiece to say the least. One of the best movies of ALL TIME. Spielberg are a genius.
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½ July 12, 2007
Spielberg's magnum opus and, by my poor reckoning, the work for which he'll longest be remembered for (at least to date) and one of the best ever made. The incomprehensible despair, inhumanity and savagery of presumed righteousness versus the frailty of human hope vividly rendered. Unforgettable.
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½ April 20, 2011
Steven Spielberg's 'Schindler's List' is one of those films where you can say it's more of a piece of art than an actual movie. The film is practically perfect in every way except for its run-time, which makes watching the movie almost grueling. The acting is brilliant, with Neeson showing a formidable presence as the enigmatic lead, but an underrated Ralph Fiennes steals the show in each one of scenes. He is perhaps the most perfectly portrayed Nazi in cinema. The cinematography is excellent, and the choice of using black-and-white is almost ingenious. Speilberg only alienates viewers from his masterpiece by compromising the pace in exchange for a more absolute storytelling experience. It may be Spielberg's masterpiece, but the truth is, it isn't quite as entertaining or enthralling as 'Saving Private Ryan'.
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June 4, 2011
Whoever saves one life, saves the world entirely. Very powerful movie that will surely move you. Accurate in its portrayal of horror, violence, fear and impending death, you will surely wonder about humanity. And at the end, where it counts: redemptive from acts of selfless giving; it will truly inspire any. It is an experience. After a few weeks, you will remember the scenes in Schindler's List as though they were your own. And even after a few months more, the profound feeling lingers. I certainly feel it will for the rest of my life.
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June 23, 2011
Exceptional and heart wrenching. They're are no words to describe how poignant this film is. Liam Neeson is absolutely fantastic, one of his outstanding roles as an actor!
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September 10, 2007
Well its the first time i've ever watched this movie and it was worth the wait!
My review based on the fact that its a true story, then the movie is very sad and an emotional story that is depicted brilliantly through Spielburgs fanastic direction and through Neesons and Fiennes fantastic performances, also everyone that acted in this movie were brilliant!
This movie displays a very moving, inspirational and touching story of the horrors the jews had to go through during the war and shows the wondering and truly amazing individuals quest to trying to save as many jews as possible. You watch this movie and you won't control yourself enough to not start crying.

Spielburg did a fantastic job of this movie and so thoroughly deserving of the 10 nominations and 7 awards that this movie recieved!
I loved the way it was in black and white and that near the beginning of the movie your introduced; or spielburg draws your attention to one little girl in particular who is wearing a red coat the only colour within the movie, i guess its a way of making you ore aware of that little girl so that through the movie your wondering what happended to her which you do find out!
A truly lovely movie.
Fiennes does a brilliant performance as psychotic german who will shoot anyone that he pleases and he is also quite amusing in this movie as well.
I dont know whether he is ment to actually be funny in this emotional movie but that is the way i understood it as.

Avery lovely and brilliant all round movie that shouldnt be missed! A classic movie that will just blow you away.!
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June 21, 2011
Schindler's List is Spielberg's masterpiece. It is a powerful and beautiful film. I believe it to be one of the best movies ever made. Liam Neeson is simply amazing in his role of Oskar Schindler. Ralph Fiennes is really good in the role of Amon Goeth. If there is a story that deserved to be told, it was that of Oskar Schindler and how he saved 1,100 Jews during the Holocaust. The movie being done in black and white really added to the beauty of it, along with the amazing music score. After the movie is over, there is a great shot of all of the survivors visiting Schindler's grave. If you could only see one of Spielberg's countless great films; make it this one.
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September 6, 2010
An award winning movie that I need to see again. I saw it as a kid, and it gave me nightmares, it's so scary.
Lovely T.
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May 21, 2011
I don't even know if I am worthy to translate into words how great this movie is. It has set the bar so high that I don't think there will be any other movie better than this (Well, in my case it is the best movie ever). It's amazing how this movie has turned a very gloomy and horrifying event in history into something that has touched so many lives.

Every scene was breathtaking. What made it even more exemplary is that you can feel the emotions seeping through you. Even though it was just a reenactment of what happened during World War II, I felt like I was living in that moment, witnessing the terrifying scene and reality of what was going on that time. It scared the hell out of me but at the same time, it made me defiant on the harsh treatment of the Nazis with the Jews. Hands down to the actors, especially to Liam Neeson. They did a "more than excellent" job in portraying their roles. And who would forget the eminent director, Steven Spielberg. I've been a big fan of Steven Spielberg ever since I was a child but this movie has catapulted him to becoming one of the best directors of all time or if I may say, the best director of all time. The cinematography was infallible. When I watched the movie, it was my first time to see a black-and-white film and I actually thought it would be "boring". A thought of Charlie Chaplin crossed my mind which was not-so-good for me. But the truth is, it really worked well and went along with the message the movie was trying to convey.

The film wasn't just about Oskar Schindler. It was about people who struggled to live amidst all the adversaries that wanted to crush them. It is a story of a race that faced near extinction. It is a story of a man who proved that in times of despondency, there could still be hope. I tried my best not to cry, but a movie like this was worth every drop of my tear. Some may say that my review was exaggerated, but actually, I even think I must apologize to the readers for limiting into words the awesomeness of Schindler's List. Believe me, I wouldn't be writing like this if it wasn't so good. I've watched it for so many times, and let me tell you, it never gets old.
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