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The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior Reviews

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Phil H

Super Reviewer

August 9, 2008
Right now this is a prequel to the first Scorpion King film showing 'Mathayus' as a young lad and up n coming warrior. The lead for this film is a guy called Michael Copon and to be honest he does actually look like a young Johnson, credit where credits due the guy does pull off a reasonable young Johnson.

The same cannot be said for the dreadful Couture who can't act to save his life, the guy is a meat head and should only be used for fight sequences with his stature, why anyone would wanna use him for a speaking role is beyond me. The rest of the cast aren't too bad with a sexy young female, an intellectual Greek poet, a Chinese acrobat and a few mercs, quite a cute little band in a 'D&D' or 'LOTR' type way.

There are still some reasonably high production values here as the film just about looks OK, there is a battle against a Minotaur which could have been worse but has some good editing and a foray into the underworld which has some nice visuals. The finale is rather flat and does have a nasty CGI scorpion to deal with but overall I have seen much worse (this chapter is a bit more mythological), it still could have been much better of course, dealing with a young Scorpion King is good material to be mined but we have what we have.

Super Reviewer

August 29, 2010
Russell Mulcahy's The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior is a prequel to a spin-off from a sequel of a remake. None of that matters. Leave this one in the desert where it belongs.The story itself isn't that bad, but it isn't enough to completely furnish the 1 hour 40+ minute run time. In the end, it is predictable and unexciting.There is a moderate amount of action and none of it is electrifying or inspiring. The camera angles and editing do wonders at making a lot of it difficult to visualize and absorb, which is probably the next best thing to do when the action isn't great to begin with.The budget is low; thus making for some poor visuals in the CG department. The final fight almost seems like it is taking a shortcut, just so it doesn't have to fully display the poor quality effects.This movie is set in the distant past, but some of the dialogue, as well as the acting, are out of place and time. Michael Copon and Randy Couture, the lead hero and villain respectively, both have the looks of their parts, but their performances are bare. The better performances show up in the supporting cast of Karen Shenaz David, Simon Quarterman, Natalie Becker, and Tom Wu.The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior lacks many things, so feel free to watch something else.
Alexander W

Super Reviewer

March 9, 2009
Good film for fun and nice story and landscapes. Interesting, and cool character. good fighting scenes on par with any martial arts film released in hollywood these days. Most fantasy films don't make use of what is on offer and just cram 2 hours full of suprise and really clever concepts about really really stupid things with no relevance to fantasy fans out there. This was quite a solid fantasy film and could have been better with different casting of the undead queen. Special FX weren't impresive
Dean !

Super Reviewer

August 11, 2008
This straight to DVD prequel was never going to WOW anyone, but for the low budget it's ok. Can't say I recognize anyone in it and the SFX are far from stunning. However I thought it was fairly good, it has some good fight scenes and plenty of humour to. If you enjoyed the Mummy, Scorpion King films or any with a group setting off on a quest you will probably like this.

Super Reviewer

September 2, 2008
Quite fine story about the young Mathayus just before he become the villianous Scorpion King. Michael Copon does a not-so-bad performance as the hero and his action sequences.
Fascade F

Super Reviewer

September 19, 2008
Not as good as the first but pretty good story to be told with Randy Couture as task master..see this for the adventure...

Super Reviewer

May 14, 2010
I was very disappointed once I saw this movie because it lacked so many things. One can clearly tell that this is a low budget movie and they clearly shouldn't have made a sequel to the Scorpion King if they didn't have the budget for it. I didn't like it a bit and I don't think that this can be compared to the previous movie at all.

Super Reviewer

November 12, 2008
Not that the first one was good, but it was Lawrence of Arabia compared to this crap. I did make it through however...due to FF.

Super Reviewer

July 20, 2008
An interesting one! Good story plot. Michael Copon portrays an interesting Mathayus. Worthy.
October 4, 2011
The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior is an awful movie to the terrible first movie. The Scorpion 2: Rise of a Warrior is about Mathayus and how he became the deadly warrior he became. After Mathayus watches his king Saragon kill his father he now makes a quest to go out and kill the king himself. To be honest this was a mistake on my part knowing that the first movie was horrible and that I expected the sequel that came out straight out on DVD would be any better. The story in this movie was stupid and if they got someone smarter to write the script of this movie I'm pretty sure they could have found a better way to make a prequel. A big way that this is similar to the original is that it has pointless action scenes that fail every time to entertain. The cast is also like the first movie with terrible acting. Michael Copon proves that he's a terrible actor and will probably not have a good future and a bad performance by Randy Couture. Overall The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior is an awful movie that should have never been made.
November 8, 2009
This movie had a good story, but they must have had a 20 dollar budget! The fight at the end could have been done better in the 70's!
October 7, 2009
I couldn't even finish watching this. The acting was poor, the camera work was mediocre, and the quality of the film was a bit sketch. Just a rough movie to watch.
June 18, 2009
It could have been worse. It wasn't the story that was bad, it was the godawful special effects, the monsters, the fire and the fight sequences - it was all so corny. Really people, they were doing better than this 20 years ago!
April 23, 2009
This could be good but a little too much testosterone for the girl.. catch it with the boys.. and tell me you liked it?
April 17, 2009
kicks ass and is better than the first and explains a lot about the first one and the second mummy movie
March 14, 2009
This movie was more than what I expected. I am always sceptical to watch a sequel where the original character has been replaced withanew actor, but they seemed to pull this one off. The plot was good enough to draw attention away from that fact. I really enjoyed this movie.
December 23, 2008
A couple of ok action scenes, but other than that not much to reommend; poor acting, silly dialogue, goofy plot.
October 18, 2008
It was okay...but if the guy gets with the girl in this movie....what happens to her when The Rock gets with the sorceress in the first movie...and then you have the brother. In the first his brother lived till sometime in the beginning. In the second movie his brother dies before he is old enough to die in the first movie.
October 18, 2008
I like Russell Malcahy and his style of directing a movie, but this was just plain ole bad. The story sucked, the actin sucked and the cast was just sad. Why these kinda movies are still allowed to be made beats me. What a waste of time...
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