• R, 1 hr. 56 min.
  • Horror
  • Directed By:    Wes Craven
  • In Theaters:    Feb 4, 2000 Wide
  • On DVD:    Jul 4, 2000
  • Dimension Films

Scream 3 Reviews

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Jason K ½ October 21, 2014
better then the 2nd, worse then the 1st. not saying much other then that as its pretty much play by play the same thing he's done for 3 films now.
Trevor D ½ April 3, 2013
"Scream 3" is when the attempts at cleverness and fourth-wall-weakening finally become a serious handicap. The characters continue to evolve in some slight way, the less common (but still applicable) rules of a trilogy are established, and we even get a nice cameo from a beloved deceased character by way of videotape, but the big problem is how poorly the horror elements are executed-- Everybody starts falling into the stupid, cliched sort of behavior that the series did such a great job at poking fun at in the previous entries, and even the killer's identity turns out to be a major disappointment (and utterly nonsensical). Diminishing returns with this franchise.
Carlos M
Super Reviewer
December 30, 2010
The conclusion of the "trilogy" is this unimaginative installment that relies too much on cheap scares followed by a deafening chord and is too witless to know how to play with the clichés of the genre as the first movie - and it comes up with a ridiculous, illogical revelation in the end.
David F ½ October 7, 2014
This horror film has the same sophisticated self-consciousness as the two previous Scream films and also includes a knowing satire on Hollywood and the film industry. Unfortunately, some of the traditional horror movie elements are a bit lacking but that was never what the Scream movies were really about if you ask me.
Chris E October 1, 2014
Scream 3 lacks what the previous films had, the third installment is predictable, ridiculous and goes way over the top with some of the outcomes, but I suppose it can pass for dumb, stupid fun.
Giovanni M. Giovanni M. ½ September 17, 2014
Arguably the funniest of the series, Scream 3 is more of a guilty pleasure than a good film.
Josh M ½ August 28, 2014
Unlike the first two, Scream 3 is just going through the motions rather than being another terrifying chapter. It has lost its originality.
Juli N ½ August 25, 2014
The franchise still has its teeth! Clever execution puts it heads above the rest!
NotEnoughSlavesInIt NotEnoughSlavesInIt August 24, 2014
Outlandish and unoriginal.
Adam R February 12, 2010
(First viewing - Summer 2008)
Vadim D August 1, 2014
There are some fun scenes here, but the series derailed off its' tracks at this point. What was once fresh and original has been replaced with wacky and predictable.
Victor T May 4, 2012
While "Scream 2" came almost immediately after the success of "Scream", "Scream 3" arrived in the year 2000. The mind behind the last films, Kevin Williamson, is now replaced by Ehren Kruger, the mind behind Transformers 2,3 and 4. Now the question is: What Kruger did to Scream?
The film within a film "Stab 3" is coming out, Dewey and Gale are involved in the production of that fictitious film. On the set, murders happen by a new killer under the persona of Ghostface. Sydney is now under seclusion after the events of the last film and is tormented by the ghost of her dead mother, she realises that facing this new killer is the only way to find peace.
The third installment of the franchise became what the original was making fun of: A generic and mindless slasher film. The first thing that stands out is the campy setup that replaces the referential vibe. The film goes way too far into the comedy realm. It tries to hard to pull out some new tricks but instead of making the film better it actually makes it more absurd. The story here is a mess, without consistency at all and even going into absurdity and it is even called out in the film. The acting is just passable, but I don't blame the actors, the characters that they play, are so forgettable that I don't even remember their names, hell, it even struggles in stablishing who is the main character. The "whodunit" fails miserably to hook you and the pay off is just a WTF moment. It has a lot of the problems that Scream 2 had, but without the essence of the first film and lacking the enjoyable kills that the last two films had.
There are barely some enjoyable sections in this film but if you take it as an average horror/slasher sequel, it is just as good as the majority of them, which is not saying a lot actually.
Without Williamson's style, this franchise fails in everything that made the original the great film it is. This is a mediocre horror/slasher film but it is a huge dissapointment for a Scream fan like me. Scream was a film for horror movie lovers and Scream 3 is a movie for horror movie makers.
Steve D June 13, 2007
A step back but still better than all the clones. Jay and silent bob!!!!
Daniel K May 8, 2006
A nice wrap up for the trilogy (before the 4th came along) that will be sure to please fans of the series.
Mike R June 10, 2014
Most definitely the weakest in the series, however it still offers a few good laughs and scares.
Alex Soto Alex Soto October 30, 2013
A film that I somewhat enjoyed, but it still lacks the creativity the first 2 films did.
charles s. charles s. May 25, 2013
This film isn't that much different from scream 2, its an homage to horror sequels, and it doesn't really add on that much, this film wasn't absolutely necessary, but with that being said, it is kind of interesting to find out who the killer is, however, at the end of scream 3, when the killer is revealed, the killer seems very whiny and non threatening and while the killer turns out to be the person who you least expect it to be, it is still kind of a disappointing twist.
Maurizio B ½ May 27, 2014
Despite half of its creativity, has to be the idiotic of the franchise
Rawballs B April 27, 2012
The Ultimate "SCREAM"!...If others dislikes this, for me, it's worth the standard to end a trilogy... there is action and more twists in it!.. the ultimate "BEST"!!!!...
Joe B May 6, 2014
my favorite of the first 3
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