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½ September 20, 2006
A very realistic feel of a story of a kidnapping. Impressive actiing all round, in particular Mia Maestro. The kidnapping gang are played by members of one of South America's most popular rap groups 'Vagos Y Maleantes' Gritty and action packed, this film will hold you from start to finish.
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½ July 10, 2007
It's a dog-eat-dog world in Venezuela. A story that follows the trials of a group kidnappers as well as their kidnappees, with a nice dose of humour and social commentary.
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April 25, 2007
Average, but awfully Latin-American crime thriller with drugs, kidnapped, ransom and deadly games by the gang in the most dangerous city, Caracas. Sexy Mia Maestro is fine in her performance of this film.
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May 14, 2009
A night on the town turns into a night of terror for two yuppies in Caracas. Their sin is not in having money, but in flaunting it. The tension starts out at a fever pitch and continually ratchets up. Handheld cameras, scenes shot in near darkness, and dialog that trips over itself with sometimes three or four speaking at once, but that only adds to the pressure until the lid has to blow. Only the uniform separates the criminals from the "good" guys. Corruption reigns and a little taste is all that is needed to get them to look the other way. A powerfully affecting film that will keep one guessing right up to the somewhat curious end. Four stars.
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½ September 14, 2008
Disconcerting and crude story that is feel so real. The acting is impressively good across, as well as the direction and the script was very good with some very memorable lines all throughout.
"Secuestro Express" is quick, effective movie.
½ June 6, 2009
puzzling movie was not sure what the point of it all was but i am guessing this is what goes on in south america amongst the poor and hopeless
March 6, 2007
This film is truly amazing. All in subtitles. Set in Venezuala and is about the kidnapping ring. So it follows the day (rather hrs) that Mia Maestro's character gets taken. There's a bunch of twists. Action. Suspense. It's amazing. Watch it.
½ October 3, 2006
Disturbing movie, but it was still a great watch. Never a dull moment. Paints Venezuela in quite a different light.
September 13, 2006
one of the best movies ever!!!!!! its draws you into this little world where even when things are at their ugliest you dont want to leave!!!!!
May 1, 2014
Gritty look at the realities of rich, poor and crime in South America, and the kidnapping for profit industry, as well as the police corruption problem. Well filmed with good camera work and a good, fast, and well-acted script.
February 18, 2012
It'd be better if it didn't try to moralize kidnapping and class warfare.
October 4, 2010
Shows the reality of us Venezuelans
September 16, 2010
i am from venezuela, so let me say tough this practice is very common down here but still, this movie is stereotyped, heavily influenced by politics, the language that they use is over the edge, i know that in caracas that's how they speak but they way overused it... i mean every police officer, military, taxi driver, and others is corrupt and criminal in this movie. off course you see drug traffic, sodomy, and all the cliches related to latin america. you have the cliches to kidnapping movies too: there is a sadist rapist guy, and there is a kind of good guy who does it for the needs. little bit of stockholm syndrome...

Ruben blades doesn't even bother to try and imitate the venezuelan accent he just plays ruben blades rather than a character...
The director desperately try to rush visuals with cheap tricks and poor edition...

mia maestro its the higlight of this movie when it comes to acting, the kidnappers had some highlights when they show some tridimension.

it's sad to me that they portrayed our people in this manner, and worst of all it's this movie did good in box office here so... just celebrates criminal lifestyle and denigrate the work of many good filmmakers that just can't get the money to shoot their projects...

Me da mucha pena que personas de Venezuela se presten para retratar a nuestra gente de esta manera.
November 25, 2009
Secuestro Express (2004) "Kidnapping Express," the title refers to a thriving but deadly abduction business to which many poverty-stricken Latin Americans have turned as a means to secure quick cash. . Set over a period of about 10 hours in Venezuela's capital, Caracas, the movie is relentlessly sweaty, menacing and violent. In a night pregnant with a strange mix of tension and dizzy abandon, lovers Carla and Martin prowl clubs before drunkenly wandering back to his car. While he comes across as crass nouveau riche, she appears more liberal. Their conspicuous affluence, however, makes them ideal targets for kidnappers, and the trio of Trece, Budu and Niga gets a bead on them and promptly sweeps them up at gunpoint. The kidnappers then demand $20,000 to be delivered in two hours. Carla phones her rich father Sergio to procure the money, but chaos soon ensues. A botched ATM robbery is followed by a stopover at the palatial estate of a gay drug dealer. For these ghetto residents, this is a class war in which the rich must pay for their selfishness and lack of charity. The film, written and directed by Jonathan Jakubowicz and shot on digital video, uses a variety of horribly non effective cinematic gimmicks. extreme close-ups, superfast zooms. jarring speeded-up and slow-motion scenes. Drug usage constantly. Split-screen segments, here cleverly horribly bore us with the simultaneous actions of people located in setting of the car. More exploitation than expose, Secuestro Express is a crass kidnap thriller that turns a social problem into an excuse for sleazy spectacle. The film seems less interested in dramatizing the inequities of that Venezuela but rather giving us up hefty doses of sadism and titillation. The film is the worst advert ever for the Venezuelan tourist board. This terrible film depicts a nation up to its neck in drugs, violence and corruption. Secuestro Express doesn't go much further than spitting out character types (poor little rich girl, thief with heart of gold) and reminding us of Caracas's class differences. The late-night abduction by three scumbags becomes an 88-minute ordeal for the audience. It is a great critique about the divide between rich and poor in Latin America. In other words, capitalism's to blame for these everyday kidnappings. Secuesto Express is not an easy film to watch with its eruptions of violence and venom. This grim tone means Secuestro Express won't appeal many, but this film isn't supposed to make anyone comfortable - it works as much as an expose of these shocking everyday kidnappings and the socio-political reasons why they happen as it does a piece of standalone storytelling. That, in itself, does not a good movie make. This film fails on almost every level. The jumpy hand-held photography only caused me a headache. Secuestro Express is just as disturbing as its producers' past films - Sin City and Once Upon a Time in Mexico. But while these films inundate viewers with elaborate gun battles and excessive gore, Secuestro Express is intense in its suggested violence . Boring cliched movie 2 stars or less not recommended
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