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Daniel Mumby
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July 6, 2014
Horror franchises are invariably subject to the law of diminishing returns. The original Nightmare on Elm Street, Hallowe'en or Friday the 13th were so definitive in their own ways that any sequel couldn't hope to improve upon them, aside from addressing certain technical issues. Even with partial returns to form along the way, these sequels inevitably ended up retreading old ground, even in franchises that didn't start from the top.

The Child's Play franchise seemed to have run its course when Child's Play 3 went straight-to-video, only for Ronny Yu's Bride of Chucky to give it a new lease of life. By abandoning outright horror in favour of self-aware, postmodern horror-comedy, the series successfully embraced its goofier elements and turned them into something disturbingly memorable. Seed of Chucky attempts to carry on where Bride left off, but is far less successful, being ill-thought out and poorly directed.

Playing the postmodern game is a gamble in any genre. Deliberately deconstructing a story, or drawing attention to the artificiality of a given situation, can have the effect of undermining the audience's emotional attachment. The horror genre, like fantasy and sci-fi, relies heavily on the suspension of disbelief: without an audience investing in the characters and their situation, a horror film cannot be scary.

On a narrative level, Seed of Chucky is trying very hard to be Wes Craven's New Nightmare, one of the best instalments of the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Craven's meta-horror explored the boundaries between the characters and the actors that played them, nodding toward the films' often fanatical fanbase and poking fun at the absurdities of the film industry. While not as scary as the original, it managed to be both a successful postmodern exercise and a compelling horror movie in its own right.

The biggest problem facing Seed of Chucky is that Don Mancini is no Wes Craven. While his writing skills are not in doubt (at least on the first Child's Play film), he does not have the directorial skill to pull off something so self-referential. Where Craven directed with intelligence, giving the audience both gore and clever subtext, Mancini is content to go for something much more basic and yet pass it off as being clever. The film isn't pretentious in this regard per se, but it makes disappointingly little out of both its premise and material.

There's always a certain amount of pleasure to be mined from actors playing themselves and taking the mickey. Jennifer Tilly has a lot of screen presence, and film fans will nod approvingly at all the references to Bound (her break-out role with the pre-Matrix Wachowskis). But once the basic gag is out of the way - Tilly is a fading actress who 'dolls herself up' to get a part - the film keeps repeating itself until the concept is neither funny or interesting anymore.

Likewise, many of the horror nods in Seed of Chucky are underused. John Waters is a widely respected figure in cult film circles, and casting the director of Pink Flamingos as a seedy paparatso is a nice touch. But his character doesn't get to do much that is endearing or appealing beyond the confines of the initial joke. It's very much a one-joke role, with Waters quickly mining it for all its worth and then spending the rest of his screen time looking confused.

Seed of Chucky isn't all that scary either, though that isn't entirely surprising. The Child's Play series was never an out-and-out frightener, with even the first and best instalment having goofy tendencies and a pretty silly set-up. But while Bride of Chucky made its humour dark enough to give the title character some threat, Seed of Chucky is completely ramshackle, with its few scary moments not being properly supported by the surrounding plot.

Gorehounds will probably find something to enjoy in the numerous grissly death scenes, which are technically accomplished from a props and make-up perspective. The deaths vary in their level of comedic inventiveness, with the disembowling at the dinner table probably being the most memorable. But as far as suspense or terror is concerned, there's nothing in Seed of Chucky which comes together; the horrific moments are sporadic and don't escalate in any particularly successful fashion.

The comedy of Seed of Chucky is equally hit-and-miss. On top of its botched self-awareness, many of the character jokes are laboured. The whole discussion about Glen's gender quickly becomes tired, with the Ed Wood reference being run into the ground and the pay-off with Glen's cross-dressing being unsatisfying. The running jokes about Glen weeing himself through fear are better than the similar gags in Garbage Pail Kids, but that's about as far from a ringing endorsement as one can get.

Most of the funny moments come from the ridiculous nature of a given situation. The film does go the whole hog when it comes to Chucky and Tiffany's preposterous plan to regain human form, particularly when it comes to getting Tilly pregnant. Brad Dourif has always done black comedy very well, as evidenced through his subsequent work with Werner Herzog. And having never shared a scene together in The Lord of the Rings (save in the extended cut of The Return of the King), it's nice to see him and Billy Boyd interacting here.

For all its funny moments, however, Seed of Chucky never becomes any more than a collection of poorly-assembled bits. It never gets to grips with its storyline beyond what is needed for a given scene to pay off, nor can it really decide whether it wants to satirise the film business or just use it as a plot device. There have been many worse horror films and worse films about the film businesses, but there are few horror-comedies which are this actively episodic.

The film also comes up short from a visual standpoint. Bride of Chucky was shot by Peter Pau, who went on to win an Oscar for his work on the brilliant Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. He retained many of the signature touches of Child's Play while bringing a more tongue-in-cheek sensibility to the lighting. This film, on the other hand, is lensed by Vernon Layton, who shot the equally disappointing Blackball, featuring Paul Kaye and Johnny Vegas.

Like Blackball, Seed of Chucky has a tacky feel to it which works against Mancini's efforts to make us like the characters. The colour palette is far too plastic and glossy to be a proper black comedy or horror film, with the choice of colours and angles lending themselves more to American Pie or the Wayans brothers. Put simply, it feels cheap, and looks far too mainstream to cut it as a proper Chucky movie.

Seed of Chucky is a disappointing sequel which is neither funny nor scary enough to hold a candle to its predecessor. For all the moments which produce a shudder from the gore or a snigger from the jokes, it ultimately never makes as much of its premise as it really should. It's not an unmitigated disaster, and there are many worse horror sequels, but it will leave both fans and newcomers feeling short-changed.
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½ January 12, 2014
The script continue to be poor and amateur, but Seed of Chucky is great to watch. Very funny entertainment with a new interesting character: Glen (the title character), that present surprising question to his parents. Brad Dourif as Chucky, continue to make a great acting voice to this movie.
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½ September 25, 2010
This film makes no sense. The reason each character in this film returns is all kind of cynical and really got on my nerves throughout the picture. I honestly cannot find much about this film that I enjoyed rather than a few funny moments with their offspring "Glen or Glenda." "Seed of Chucky" has no idea what kind of film it wants to be and it is not scary even in the slightest. I felt like I was watching a dark sitcom about a family of dolls who murder people. This is not what a Chucky movie is supposed to be, nor any horror film for that matter. In the end, I will, as will everyone, forget about this film entirely, or just enough to explain to people how bad it is. It's not the worst Chucky instalment, but it's pretty damn bad.
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June 4, 2012
Chucky: What's so great about being human? You get sick! You get old! As a doll, I'm infamous! I am Chucky! The killer doll! 

"Fear The Second Coming"

Seed of Chucky is such a bad movie. What was once a good idea for a fun spoof is now devoid of anything cool or original. Sure, their still using the initial idea. Their spoofing the slasher genre by using killer dolls. There's tons of references to films like Psycho and The Shining; but the major film spoofed here is Glen & Glenda. Why you would want to spoof an Ed Wood movie is beyond me, but the result is Seed of Chucky, and that is not a good thing at all. 

I liked the original, but by now the franchise had grown dull and lifeless. This film tries to be funny, and maybe it will get a few chuckles out of you. On the whole though, it is just a waste of time. The movie is obvious and seems like it was written by a fucked up twelve year old. You can feel how the director tried to pull a full length movie out of content that didn't deserve it. It comes in at a whopping 80 minutes, and even with such a short runtime; it feels stretched out and overlong. 

Seed of Chucky is more annoying than it is clever. The initial idea for the original worked because of the cleverness of the character. What happens when you extend the life of any horror film character, is that the initial cleverness is lost and all of the characters traits become predictable norms. This movie isn't worth your time. You may have really liked the first couple and maybe you were able to bear "Bride", but this one just pushes the franchise off of a cliff. 
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March 20, 2011
I hated "Bride of Chucky," even though I was always a big fan of the 3 original films in the "Child's Play" series, so I wasn't expecting much of this one. But it surprised me and was actually pretty good...some funny parts and entertaining kills.
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June 9, 2010
This I have to say that this is by far the worst entry of the series. It's purely a stupid film. Everything about this film suffers from almost everything that makes a bad Horror comedy. The jokes are stale, the acting is terrible, the directing is terrible, and it seems to me that the film makers tried too hard to make something funny, but ultimately failed. Seed Of Chucky is a perfect example of how not to make a Horror Comedy. I found myself frustrated after watching this film, because I wasted an hour and a half on it. This film makes other bad Horror Comedy films look good in comparison and is one of the worst Horror Comedies out there, do yourself a favour, skip this one. It's not even worth a rental, or a pirated download for that matter.
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May 22, 2010
This is getting cheap. The first one was better.
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½ January 1, 2007
Not as good as the last one, Bride of, getting very odd and running out of ideas now! A bit more gory than the last few, but otherwise I bit of a mess all round. The 1st and the 3rd were the best ones.
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December 9, 2009
Chucky & co. This part of the Chucky trilogy was so much fun and alot of LOLs
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½ August 30, 2009
I am a big fan of Chucky, i have been a fan on him ever since i was 6 years old. When I first saw this movie was going to be made, i thought it would be terrible. This film can just go to show you how wrong thoughts can be. I heard Glen was going to be in it. I thought he was going to be stupid at first, but i was wrong again.

Chucky was only in this movie for 30 mins. But, that didn't worry me at all. The other characters were interesting as well. No bad characters. just about everything you could ask for. Don Mancini did a great job at directing this movie.

This film had everything you could ask for. Glen was a very lovable character. Tiffany came back into it again. And Of course, Chucky! It had great actors in it. Jeniffer Tilly really helped this movie along with this movie. She plays a great part. And Introducing Billy Boyd. He played a great character. And Brad Dourif returns as Chucky again! This film is definitely for the Chucky fans. If you are not a Chucky fan, then you should not watch this film under any circumstances. This movie also had hilarious bits in it. Such as Britney Spears getting rammed off a cliff. If you are a humungous Chucky fan like me, you will not be disappointed at all.
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½ June 20, 2008
Continues to be heavier on humour and does well. Funny in places with some genuine side splitters. The killings are nothing new but the child of Chucky is used to good effect having the parents try and change their sadistic ways. A very dysfunctional family in a film with one of the most bizarre casts around. Jennifer Tilly plays herself, we also have rapper Redman, director John Waters, 2 cast members from Lord of the Rings and an ex member of S Club 7. All do well in this film that refuses to take itself seriously.
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½ December 19, 2007
There was some funny parts, and some okay new killings. It's worth a watch, maybe two if your bored. But comparable to the rest of the series, this is the one that has probably finally killed this doll, for good.
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½ June 30, 2006
This movie gets points for the scene with Jason Flemyng and the reference to Ed Wood's movie, but not much else about this was very well done. I hated Tiffany and Glen wasn't much better, but I like the way Chucky has become so happy in his little plastic body, but this movie is not very funny or scary.
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June 12, 2007
Messed up doll family! Chucky and Tiffany have a baby doll, but it gets taken away from them to the circus. Their kid is a freaky little Brit punk-haired Bowie-esque unstable dolly, who must find them. I had to laugh various times throughout the movie at the freakiness of the whole situation. The doll family get themselves in with the weird Hollywood crowd and cause some human suffering. The killings aren't very memorable, but the disembowelment of the guy under the glass table was okay. The story jumps from one impossibilty to another. I didn't care much whether the doll family got along to the end. But I got some laughs from some of the sick jokes in this forgettable film.
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January 11, 2007
they just keep getting worse
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½ October 6, 2006
Trashy fun.
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½ July 23, 2006
this was great!
it wasnt scary but funny!
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October 16, 2014
Horrible in every way, Seed of Chucky is an atrociously awful piece of garbage. While the meta humor and jokiness worked in the last film, here it's completely out of control. The script is incredibly lazy and makes no kind of sense at all. Worse still is Jennifer Tilly's ridiculously idiotic performance as herself. Indescribably bad, Seed of Chucky is just so damn stupid that there's no fun in any of it.
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October 12, 2010
Seed of Chucky tries to accomplish the humor/horror genre again with mixed results.
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½ August 11, 2011
'Seed of Chucky' is the campiest of the series and begins with a very frightening opener, only to be revealed as a dream sequence. The film then goes from campy, to strange, to downright wrong!
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