Trailer Bulletin: Exclusive Red Band Semi-Pro

Will Ferrell wants to give moviegoers a Semi.

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Semi-Pro looks like another solid entry in the Will Ferrell comedy playbook -- a sport to spoof, some amusing wardrobe choices, and (why not?) a bear or two to wrestle. But then comes this revelation: Semi-Pro's going to be Ferrell's first raunchy, foul-mouthed comedy since Old School. The studio still has the movie listed as yet to be rated, but we're guessing it's going to be an "R" judging from Rotten Tomatoes' exclusive, red band trailer.


Journeying back to 1976, era of poofy hair and classy suits, Ferrell stars as Jackie Moon, the man entrusted to turn his basketball team around and get absorbed into the NBA. Naturally, this means dance numbers, daredevil stunts, and anything else that involves Moon potentially getting mauled. The red band shows less basketball than the first trailer and more of Ferrell cracking wise with co-stars like Andy Richter, Woody Harrelson, and Will Arnett. Together, they hit on a variety of delicate topics, among them orgies, drunken basketball, and, ahem, post-game extracurriculars.

Click here for the red band trailer! Semi-Pro hits the courts February 29, 2008.