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There was another 9/11 horror. But it happened 150 years ago.

August 29, 2007 Full Review | Comments (8)
Quad City Times (Davenport, IA)



Richard Winmill

This is a tepid review at best:. This should be the lead: "The movie is interesting, but it is not a historical document. Proceed with caution."

Aug 30 - 08:18 AM


Ark Ansan

150 years ago, but the wounds remain a festering sore among the descendants of the victims.

Aug 31 - 06:35 PM



The only shining light in the September Dawn fiasco is that Cain%u2019s inaccurate religious hate will bomb at the box office.

Sep 4 - 06:09 PM


Gabrielle *no way*

Good on you. It needed to be said. Pity so many people are in pure denial. Mormans - you need to be ashamed.

Nov 20 - 05:32 AM

D T.

D Train

A. What are Mormans?

B. No one should have to live in the shadow of the sins of their ancestors. Saying modern Mormons should feel shame for the actions of early zealots is total overkill.

C. This movie sucked.

Feb 12 - 11:18 PM

Wayne B.

Wayne Bro

It's amazing to watch those who know little about history comment on it with silly comments like this one comparing this western confrontation between settlers a "911".

While Mountain Meadows was a terrible tragedy, no one seems to want to address the terrible persecutions the Mormons suffered at the hands of Americans and the State Governments. Ever hear of the "Extermination Order"?

Ever hear about the the massacres of Mormons in Jackson County Missouri?

Ever stop to consider the Mormons had been slaughtered by the hands of Americans practically everywhere they went? Did you ever hear how they shot the Mormon children in the head and raped their women, then slaughtered them? Ever hear how they slaughtered Joseph Smith and his friends and brothers? They were helpless in a jail cell and yet the local authorities not only permitted, but participated in it.

This movie is a joke, and the actors even bigger jokes for participating in such a flagrant rewrite of history.

When you people learn some history let me know. In the meantime reviews like this nonsense would be best delivered on toilet paper.

Sep 6 - 04:03 PM

Ron W.

Ron Wright

It is truely sad that people like Wayne B could jump to the atrocites that the Mormons suffered as a way to say that their involvement in the Mountain Meadows Massacre did not happen.

Oct 11 - 12:57 PM

tina b.

tina bittner

this is the most horrible idea of a so-called reenactment that i have seen in my life. The movies of indians being the bad guys in history has always made me the angriest until this joke of history!!! I was raised mormon, but haven't been for 20 yrs., and this movie is a total joke. I wonder what religion backed it??? What a joke.

Nov 20 - 06:14 PM


Kenneth W.

Oh, that's easy to get. The movie all but flashed the words on screen.

Mar 21 - 04:32 PM

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