Séraphin: un homme et son péché (Heart of Stone) Reviews

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Stef Stef October 30, 2013
A very pretentious and melodramatic film that takes a good novel ,and butchers it to the point of pointing out all the subtleties and removing everything that was obvious. It's a soap opera with no style, class, or intelligence whatsoever. The actors of course do the best they can with a terrible script and so does the director. However, the score is award-worthy. The script is so muddled between criticizing avarice,the troubles of arranged marriage, and a character portrait of a wounded character. It takes away from Canadian cinema although box-office numbers say otherwise even though the actor and the score deserve so much better.
Orion R January 12, 2011
Tragedy set in the Quebec Laurentians. Solid acting especially from Pierre Lebeau and Karine Vanasse. Main problem is the weak screen adaptation of the original novel. The writers ought to have studied the screen adaptation of Jean de Floret to extract the essential elements of tragedy. Some interesting cinematography but the sound track was to sappy to be effective. Fight scene in the forest was the most realistic I've seen in a while - the director understands that getting punched in the face actually hurts and causes damage. Overall - 2.5 stars
Luc L. Luc L. November 12, 2010
A screen adaption about an uscrupulous man using his wealth to dominate a small community town in Québec. The pace of this film was slow and not quite gripping.
CharlesDavid R October 8, 2010
This movie was the best of all time. It was so touching and heartbreaking. Great acting work.
Marc-André D January 22, 2009
well another movie i was forced to see at school, and altouhgt i wasn't to convenient about watching it i've gotta admit it really was good and i almost shed a tear near the end. it's another one of thes movies that shows how life can be cruel and i love those movies because they are so true...
James D October 21, 2008
I own it, so I might as well see it once.
abaslareine abaslareine March 19, 2008
bien reprit toutefdois tes cucu et populaire
skatingstar skatingstar September 9, 2007
c vraiment une trop triste histoire d'amour!!! g pleurer!! :'(
ericbcalgary ericbcalgary June 25, 2007
Great french movie... the best in 2002 !
Yana K ½ April 21, 2007
ehhhhh I didn't get it
R0binH00d R0binH00d April 19, 2007
sti qu'on comprend rien.
joesilverfox joesilverfox ½ April 5, 2007
Kinda disturbing to think that Séraphin is based on real people
bonner6666 bonner6666 March 24, 2007
VERY GOOD movie for a FRENCH one. I cry every time.
bellevoiturelove6pat bellevoiturelove6pat ½ March 20, 2007
les souvenir des pays den haut
melanye88 melanye88 ½ January 7, 2007
J'ai aimé ce film malgré que j'était tellement enragé a la fin pis que jtrouvait sa trop injuste... Un autre film qui ma fait pleurer..
russianceltic russianceltic January 4, 2007
J'ai détesté ce film ! Pourquoi les québécois s'acharnent-ils à mettre en film des navets du terroir québécois ? Pourquoi nous forcent-on à être fiers d'histoires merdiques ? Encore du misérabilisme. Je déteste ça. Et ce n'est pas que parce que c'est québécois : Des souris et des hommes ne m'intéresse pas plus !
rl28 rl28 ½ January 3, 2007
A tourmainting love storie bettwen a man and his gold.
incredible !!!
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