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The crime scenes are rendered in sickening detail, and the whole film has a murky, madly pretentious tone.

May 20, 2003 Full Review Source: New York Times | Comments (40)
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niall kennedy

Aug 29 - 12:13 PM


Jason Metcalf

This is the wiki definition of (pretentious):

1.Marked by an unwarranted claim to importance or distinction
(Their song titles are pretentious in the context of their basic lyrics.)2.Ostentatious; intended to impress others
(Her dress was obviously more pretentious than comfortable.)

How the hell does this definition relate to anything in this movie?

Jul 27 - 08:04 PM

Some guy you dont know

Bruce Campbell

Sep 26 - 08:23 AM


alexis solis

has this woman lost her mind?....i know im losing mine with reviews like this one

May 30 - 11:13 PM

CoUcH ToMaToE DoUgIe

Shawn Amoroso

You know what Janet Maslin, your

competely wrong on this one!!

Jun 6 - 12:56 AM


rocknblues 81

Completely right. A boring and cliche pretentious flick.

Jun 19 - 02:11 AM


dustin renwand

whatever!This film is the second best performance Kevin spacey has ever done.

May 4 - 02:58 PM

Bahareh Khosravi

Bahareh Khosravi

what's the first? verbal kint?

Oct 5 - 10:17 PM

KJ Cassidy

kurt cassidy

Boring my ass!

Sep 22 - 05:13 AM

Asbjørn Jahn

Asbjørn Jahn

how, can you call this boring, let alone pretentious? Kevin spacey is chilling, Morgan freeman, is morgan freeman, and Brad pitt is stunning in this flick. the conclusion is moody, without showing much detail.

If i was eight years old, i would call you troll. but let me just end on this. If you can't sit through this movie, without calling it pretentious and boring, what is your normal standards then? Transformers? Twillight? F*king Zookeeper?

Feb 10 - 02:06 PM


Christian Lohan

Stupid and ignorant people will always throw out the word 'pretentious' when they witness something they don't understand. Pathetic.

This is the best thriller ever created, Fincher is a legend.

Jul 25 - 10:59 AM


Josh Lewis

In no way is this the best thriller ever made. Not. even. close.

Jan 15 - 11:11 PM


ozboy o

Name a more complex psychological thriller than Seven?

May 14 - 07:07 AM

Michael P.

Michael Patison

The Silence of the Lambs, but this is a close second. The night vision scene at the climax of The Silence of the Lambs anchored by Jodie Foster's awesome Clarice Starling puts it over the top.

Jun 17 - 10:09 PM


Sara Nicholls

"Stupid and ignorant people will always throw out the word 'pretentious' when they witness something they don't understand. Pathetic."

I've noticed this too, it's unbearably irritating.

Apr 23 - 12:06 PM


Jason Metcalf

I would not say best ever, but it was most certainly not a rottan tomato.

Jul 27 - 08:00 PM


ozboy o

The intelligence required by the screen writer for this story was well above that for Silence Of The Lambs. Furthermore, SOTL was such a sloooooooow movie (as if dumbed down for the masses) and Jodie Foster's acting just grinds on your nerves.

Nov 18 - 02:19 PM


Will Reznicek

ya wtf... its to dark and all STFU already. this movie is the best movie of its type except Bladerunner. although theyre pretty damn close.

Aug 12 - 10:57 AM


Juan M.

"pretentious", really?

Oct 31 - 03:03 PM

Andrew V.

Andrew Vitello

In no way do I get the feeling of self importance from the film. I'm not sure how anyone could get that feeling.

Nov 10 - 01:38 PM


Alejandro Quiroga

This movie has not one single error in it's plot, I say this after watching it several times in several years. How can it be pretentious?

Jan 9 - 09:33 PM


ozboy o

Yep. The intelligence to craft this movie is unequalled. I can't find any plot holes either after watching several times. The only movie I have seen that deserves 10/10

May 14 - 07:11 AM

Bahareh Khosravi

Bahareh Khosravi

the movie's a 10, but the man tied to the bed wasn't a good example of sloth seeing as how he was "forced" to remain motionless. what do you think?

Oct 5 - 10:28 PM


ozboy o

Was choice an issue for each murder? The prostitute had no choice for 'Lust'

Nov 18 - 02:13 PM

Cold Injected

Richard Beachley Jr

One, the crimes scenes are supposed to be dark and murky. Two, madly is only ever used by people who exaggerate the "A" when they are used to talking down to people and are generally pretentious themselves, especially when madly is followed by the word pretentious. Its funny how many of your reviews I agree with but simple minded me... I use words like bad and not good. I'll stick to my funny pages.

Jul 4 - 08:47 AM

Andrew S.

Andrew Stokes

you mean like as pretentious as a film critic?

Dec 13 - 05:48 AM

Sam B.

Chris Elric

The crime scenes were meant to be shot in extreme detail, it was David Fincher's intention.

Jan 2 - 11:55 AM

boris s.

boris shusterman

Another terrible review from a woman..why can't women just stay in the kitchen where they belong???

Jan 3 - 03:01 AM

Joseph Jr Y.

Joseph Jr Yuskaitis

you must have completely missed the idea of the film..

the dark, murkiness, & rain were all meant to show the depressing side of our society. did you eve wonder why it was always raining? it was a metaphor for how things just never changed or got any better; thus the reason the only scene that was sunny was the last one where Freeman realizes there is good to fight for. how does a critic find that bad?

the sickening detail of the crimes is also to show the savage nature of humans, and how we are so disturbing in our ideals/logic. the scenes are supposed to make you shutter and ask, "how can somebody do this"?

such great use of symbolism should be applauded; not shunned. im amazed that anybody could possibly agree with anything you write..

Jan 11 - 02:42 PM

Vince Vaughn XD

Vince Vaughn but not really

how is this a bad thing?...its what fincher does

May 17 - 07:14 AM


John Smith

Don't watch Criminal Minds, you won't like it...

Jun 2 - 06:37 AM


Kenneth W.

In other words, "Yucky!"

Jul 13 - 05:26 PM

Dave S.

Dave Stevenson

Janet Maslin you are a joke. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but come on. Did you not like this film only because most everyone else did? You probably gave Fast & Furious 2 thumbs up just to go against the grain. like everything else in New York.....You Suck!!

Sep 2 - 01:19 PM

Jean Paul M.

Jean Paul Marat

One of the best thrillers,if not the best thriller of the '90s and one of the worst reviews ever.She literally doesn't make any point,except for the crime scenes.I don't like either blood just for blood but this was absolutely balanced. After the slaughter films of the '00s this film is something like mild now I guess.

Mar 2 - 05:07 PM

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