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September 5, 2011
Cast: Lucas Black, Robert Duvall, Melissa Leo, Deborah Ann Woll, Robert Bear, Brian Geraghty, Madison Burge, Jerry Ferrera, Sarah Jayne Jensen, Joseph Lyle Taylor, Josh Painting

Director: Matt Russell

Summary: Talent can only get you so far. For golfer Luke Chisholm, that turns out to be Utopia, Texas -- where he's left stranded after blowing his pro debut. Luckily for Luke, a cagey old rancher enters his life there to change it -- and him -- forever.

My Thoughts: "I am not a fan of Golf, nor do I enjoy watching it at all, well unless it's in a film with actor's I enjoy watching. The movie really doesn't have much of the game in the film. The movie is more about Johnny helping Luke find himself, faith, and to teach him that a game does not define him. The movie has drama, comedy, and a bit of romance (not much). The movie has some great actor's in the film and that is what caught my eye. They all put in good performances. Not one I would watch again, but not one I regret seeing either."
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September 1, 2011
Initially I had no interest in seeing this Christian-based film about golf. Mainly because I have never had any interest in the sport. To be blunt, I have always found it boring and with the fact I was never able to make it through that Shia LaBeouf movie "The Greatest Game Ever Played" I didn't think this one stood a chance either. I was partially right; by the time the last half hour of the film came around and it was as predictable as every other sports film I had completely lost interest. I imagined it might stand a chance of grasping my attention because I can always seem to find an interest in anything Mr. Duvall is playing in but this movie skews so closely to the archetypes of every inspirational sports film it is hard not to dismiss it. Sure, the film has a good message and I wouldn't discourage people showing it to their children, but as someone who has seen the story multiple times i at least expected some interesting characters along the way. Instead, even those are archetypes. Duvall as the ancient master who teaches the young student how to regain his way and stay on the right path. There is the innocent love interest that doesn't go anywhere and Melissa Leo seems to show up for no other reason than maybe she just wanted to be a part of the project. It is an admirable effort, but it is nothing spectacular and you can see where things are going as soon as Lucas Black wrecks his car in the small town of Utopia. It is nice to see a young, credible actor such as Black not forgetting where he came from and he does his best with what he is given here, too bad it's not much.
January 8, 2012
One of the few movies about golf that is tolerable to watch. It is an inspirational and wonderful movie.
½ April 21, 2012
Slim story loaded with cliches and preachiness. I wanted to see it for Robert Duvall, but he can't redeem a poor screenplay and a weak story. Everything is just too convenient in this plot and there really isn't enough tension to make an interesting story. I gave it 2.5 many stars because, while it's not very good, it's at least not offensive. Other not very good movies are boring, AND unpleasant.
August 30, 2011
Great cast, but very sub par. The message was too obvious to the point where it ruined the movie. The random narration by Duvall was an odd mix to the random Bible plugs. I would say this had more of a Christian message to it then actually the message of working hard and believing in yourself to succeed. Overall the acting is what kept this together. The cinematography was cheap. The writing was multiple horribly written one-liners lumped together. Lucas Black actually put on a decent performance, but I didn't take anything away from this. It didn't make me feel warm and fuzzy inside or inspired in any way.
January 9, 2012
I'm with the 73% of "users" who liked it. It's certainly not up to the standards set by Robert Duvall in "Tender Mercies," "The Apostle" or "Get Low," but it's a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours.
½ September 26, 2011
Really good story, uplifting and inspiring. I can see why the critics did not like it but, 12%? come on guys. Don't play golf? well might not understand the story as well.
September 5, 2011
The critics are narrow minded and shallow. Finally a movie worth seeing that actually has some meaningful content and impact..
February 24, 2014
Monday, February 24, 2014

(2011) Seven Days In Utopia

It's basically the redneck equivalent 'golf' version of "The Karate Kid" and "Searching For Bobby Fischer". Co-written and directed by Matt Russell starring Lucas Black as golfer Luke Chisholm who has just lost an important match against his popular Asian opponent K.T. Oh( K. J. Choi). And apparently throws a giant fit while driving away and at the same time, throwing away his cell phone when his dad was trying to reach him. While along the highway, he came across two roads- one road leading probably to his home while the other sign saying 'Utopia'. He choses to drive through Utopia which is a population of over 200 people, and almost hit a cow, blatantly walking on front of him while Luke was driving. He ends up wrecking his car, with a man on horseback coming to check up on him to see how he's doing who happens to be an old man named Johnny (Robert Duvall). And because it'll take about a week to get his car fixed, Johnny then offers Luke to spend 7 whole days with him to improve on his golf swings by requesting him to do specific things, such as paint on a canvas as well as other activities rednecks of Texas do.

While Robert Duvall was good as usual, "Seven Days..." has the makings of a made-for-TV family movie of the week, which life's important lessons can be figured out within the first 40 minutes, and to continue watching this would be wasting quality time that can be used on something else. One of the major downers is the end, if viewers wanted to know whether or not Lucas made that last shot or not while he was competing, that they would have to go online which viewers should not have to do. It says that it's based on a book by David Cook called "Golf's Sacred Journey: Seven Days at the Links of Utopia" who was also credited for writing the screenplay.

2 out of 4 stars
February 22, 2014
Well cast (Robert Duvall at his best), directed, photographed, edited. Scripting "T.K. Oh", four time Masters Champion --- and --- failing to finish the parable on-screen weakened, but did not destroy, an altogether enjoyable viewing.

Politically Correct displeasure with a lesson in basic moral values?!? Go figure. See it --- feel it --- trust it.

A must for golfers --- a worthwhile and enjoyable viewing for others.
June 17, 2013
I had no idea what to expect. What an amazingly pleasant surprise. It is so much more than a golf movie. I showed it to a group of at-risk teenagers that struggle to sit still. They sat quietly throughout and were EXCITED to discuss it afterwards. We need more movies like this!!!
May 31, 2013
this sounds like a rather interesting movie I can not wait to see it
½ January 12, 2013
Good Christian based movie that delivers some good messages about life. I enjoyed this one, but, does have a strange twist for an ending
February 28, 2013
This is the worst sports movie ever made.
January 27, 2013
There is only so much motivation one can take in a film
November 21, 2012
God always sends Angels to you, in different ways.....
September 7, 2012
Great movie! Loving the book even more. Can't wait to start the study.
September 3, 2012
Kind of Hallmark type of movie, still I enjoyed Duvall and in these times an inspirational movie never hurts.
August 22, 2012
The golf version of The Karate Kid learns from Tim Tebow. Unoriginal, predictable, fair acting although Duvall just seemed tired. Includes an underdeveloped love story with lots of smiles and aw shucks.
August 20, 2012
great for teaching symbolism, cause and effect...would have liked to know about the shot tho
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