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The creepiest version yet of the Magical Negro routine

August 26, 2009 Full Review Source: CinePassion | Comments (13)


The Truth About Jack Hair

Matt d

I don't know what you just said man, but you touched me.

Apr 22 - 10:55 AM

Scott J.

Scott Jones

What a disgusting line of commentary.

Sep 19 - 12:20 AM

joseph e.

joseph eastmond

that is racist.

Oct 9 - 05:45 AM

john s.

john scott

you will be donated a dick in the ass..You fail

Nov 30 - 08:46 PM

Patrick Broadnax

Patrick Broadnax

I don't know whether to take that in a racist way or what, but it says nothing significant about the film. And it's just disgusting.

Aug 21 - 12:42 AM

Tyler Dahlgren

Tyler Dahlgren

Grow up. You obviously liked the film if you're on here commenting on it.

Aug 24 - 08:57 PM

Daniel Edge-Garza

Daniel Edge-Garza

This is such an erroneous review of the movie that I don't know if I would ever trust this person's comments ever. I have never seen the movie entirely, but I do know a bit about the "Magical Negro". According to Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu:
1. He or she is a person of color, typically black, often Native American, in a story about predominantly white characters.
2. He or she seems to have nothing better to do than help the white protagonist, who is often a stranger to the Magical Negro at first.
3. He or she disappears, dies, or sacrifices something of great value after or while helping the white protagonist.
4. He or she is uneducated, mentally handicapped, at a low position in life, or all of the above.
5. He or she is wise, patient, and spiritually in touch. Closer to the earth, one might say. He or she often literally has magical powers.
The story is not about predominantly white people. Were all the characters that needed help white? Will Smith's character is an aerospace engineer (can someone say money?) and is obviously educated and intelligent enough to infiltrate the lives of the 7 people he wished to help. He investigates to get to know the other characters. He isn't just expendable. And he is definitely not perfect. He is struggling with his own issues. The story is about him, not the characters he saves. Usually the Magical Negro would be a bit of a mystery and the story would be focused on the struggles of the white protagonist(s). The fact that this critic throws out such a far-fetched analysis of the character, suggests that he may be racist for bringing race into the review anyway.

Nov 5 - 08:57 PM

Michael Kavusak

Michael Kavusak

The Magical Negro is an archetype and has nothing to do with the story perspective itself, it is just traits of a character. If the story was told from another character's perspective, he would be the quintessential Magic Negro. Everything you listed describes exactly what this character is all about EXCEPT the story is told from his perspective akin to how the novel Grendel told the story of Beowulf from the perspective of the "horrid monster". It was an utterly failed attempt to turn the magical negro archetype on its head. Nice try though, you were halfway there.

Still its pretty funny how people are saying this is racist purely cause it uses the word negro (it means black in spanish, thats where the word comes from). The magical negro is a archetype name that is pretty widely used and isnt racist in any way. People really need to bone up on their history and figure out the difference between negro and the racial slur "nigger".

Oct 4 - 06:22 PM

Dee Octave

Dee Octave

That you are allowed to submit such a ridiculously impotent review spewing unabrdiged RACISM SICKENS ME!!!!!

Nov 6 - 03:22 PM

John P.

John Peters

Before critisizing the reviewer it helps to understand what he was trying to say. Whether right or not he is NOT being racist.

Nov 10 - 11:05 PM

Jayce Mcneill

Jayce Mcneill

I can't believe they pay morons like you to "critique" films. I didn't even read the review, the opening line is more than enough to let me know that you were obviously born in a trailer park. Do us a favour and quit your job, you obviously don't have an iota of intellect.

Apr 22 - 02:00 AM

Sam Maindonald

Sam Maindonald

Just watch the film...checked out the reviews and surprised it got a 27. Anyway thought the comment was a little bit checked out the backlash...the read John S's comment. My wife and I are in a fit of laughter-brilliant

Apr 25 - 02:31 PM

Rico Berg

Rico Berg

The creepiest version yet of a critics review.

Jul 27 - 05:16 AM

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