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½ June 22, 2014
All the elements are here, but no one much gives a damn in this sorcery and swords offering set in the Middle Ages. Is it the writing? The directing? You be the judge. The actors, lead by Bridges and Moore, seem to be trying to infuse something, some life, into this, but it just doesn't take off is all.
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½ May 7, 2015
Holy Orc dung! another novel adaptation, and wouldn't ya know it...there is a whole string of sequels to this original book. I smell the stirrings of another Hollywood franchise folks, well that would have been the case if this hadn't bombed like a direct hit on your local cinema. Actually one of the first things that hit me was the use of the word spook in this movie. In America isn't that word a derogatory insult against African Americans? I'm surprised it wasn't altered.

So here we have Russian director Sergei Bodrov's fantasy epic, much like the various other epics he's made previously which kinda look the same visually. Long story short its your usual spiel about a young man who is like a chosen one and trains with a wise old warrior in the ways of the force. The reason being its the beginning of a centennial event know as the blood moon where by this big bad witch gets all powerful and...I dunno, wants to take over the world or something. The usual stupid thing where by this witch seems to have amazingly strong powers but only during a certain time frame because reasons. Outside this time frame she's useless it seems, still makes no difference really because even during the blood moon she still can't achieve what she wants so.

Straight away this movie gives you nothing, it launches you into this fantasy world (influenced by Lancashire apparently) with no explanations into what's going down. Apparently Ben Barnes is the seventh son of a seventh son and for this reason alone he must be trained by this Spook (Jeff Bridges), a spook being some kind of uber tough warrior who is dressed like a medieval English knight. Now, this begs the question/s...what is all this seventh son business? what does that mean exactly? why must he be trained by the Spook? and does he have a choice in this matter? Nothing is revealed and the story carries on leaving you the audience to ponder why. At the same time it also raises obvious questions about the spook, first off why is he called a Spook? I have an idea but how about you tell us huh. He's obviously some kind of Van Helsing type character that defends mortals from supernatural creatures and beings. He also seems to be a religious man and takes everything very seriously not showing many emotions in the process, alas we are simply not given too much to work with here so you gotta dig for yourself.

I admit I did like the spooks appearance and visual design, very much the traditional old English knight of the Middle Ages. At times both Bridges and Barnes looked like they could of been in an adaptation of Assassin's Creed to tell the truth. Jeff Bridges facial hair is also very impressive and did actually add to his characters look, it gave off an air of ancient mystery about him, whilst at the same time a noble and slightly raffish look. So in the looks department Bridges was excellent, visually atmospheric to a tee. The problems started when he spoke, we all know Bridges has that unique sounding twang of his, well it beats the shit outta me what he was going for (accent wise) here because half the time I couldn't understand him. Now this isn't me just being picky, I am genuinely stating that Bridges could not be understood at times because of the weird voice he was using, sounded like he had a gob full of tobacco.

So the duo basically set off on this quest to the bad witches stronghold (Julianne Moore looking like a classic Disney villain) , and end up battling various stereotypical fantasy creatures along the way. The evil witch also has henchmen at her command who have various different powers such as transforming into animals, dragons, having four arms (bit like the six armed Kali created by Ray Harryhausen for 'The Golden Voyage of Sinbad') and being some kind lizard man who can crawl on walls and leap around like an X-Men character. Naturally this means we have to have an action sequence involving these guys, when I say action sequence I mean a very poor, laughable CGI filled action sequence. I must also add that this film is aimed at the younger audience, so there is no blood and at no time do any of these huge beasties eat anyone. They merely grab people in their huge maws and toss them to one side.

Another sequence set within a vast sandstone coloured city (very Middle Eastern looking), the duo are hired to kill a warlock (in cahoots with the naughty witch) who can turn into a werebear, yes that's right, a werebear. I'd still like to know how the cities soldiers actually knew where to find the duo, they just rode up to them out of nowhere, in the middle of nowhere, easy as pie. Anyway this is another badly realised CGI flop of epic proportions and it doesn't even add anything to the plot frankly. All you get is the predictable message that Ben Barnes isn't ready to kill unlike Jeff Bridges Spook. The funny thing here was this werebear is locked up in a cage yet it busts loose the minute the dynamic duo enter the room. If it could break out that easily why didn't it break out sooner??

Not everything looks bad though, there is some lovely location work which really gives this world some scope. Some of the fantasy elements are pretty cool, I liked the creepy forest with the ghasts floating around. The Spook's (Bridges) home was well created and looked like a typically olde worlde, cobweb ridden, stonewalled semi-dungeon, semi-tavern type abode complete with lots of eerie trinkets hanging around. I also quite liked the huge woodland troll monster thing and the undead skeletal knight that Barnes character has to fight for his training.

This movie has various problems and its biggest is the fact its just too dumb, it tries to be clever and kinda epic but its just another lame quickfire fantasy rushed out. There are so many plot holes and plot conveniences it just ruins everything, its shameful because you can clearly tell they're trying to emulate certain recent big fantasy franchises for grandness. I mean honesty, how did the duo survive that massive waterfall plummet unscathed, come on! Everything is so corny and unoriginal its painful, there is nothing new to bring to the table here lets be honest. To make matters worse it all leads up to this completely crappy finale with big CGI dragons and lots of boring, ropy looking battles with all the hokey henchmen.

It really does feel like they're just trying to capitalise on The Hobbit (LoTR's) franchise by jumping on that bandwagon, riding on its coattails all the way to the bank...and nothing more. It all feels so formulaic, no real love in the project, just a fast food cookie cutter production that comes across as a bad Ray Harryhausen fantasy. A shame because Jeff Bridges character was good, best thing going here, I would be interested in seeing more of him.
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February 7, 2015
This was definitely a movie filmed by cameras. My favorite part of this experience was the Lime Cherry Icee that I drank.
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June 30, 2015
The fantasy adventure Seventh Son is a poorly made film that's rather silly and pointless. When a powerful witch breaks free of her prison a spook named Gregory recruits an apprentice to help him defeat her. Jeff Bridges, Ben Barnes, and Julianne Moore lead the cast, and their performances are awful (especially Bridges). The writing is also incredible bad; as the characters are one-dimensional and the plot is convoluted garbage. And, the creature effects aren't that good either; lacking a sense of menace and terror. An underwhelming and generic fantasy tale, Seventh Son has little imagination and no passion.
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½ June 18, 2015
Why can't fantasy movies just be *good* any more? Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore forget that they are Academy calibre actors and fluff about for what feels like three hours (though in reality is barely more than half that) in a movie that may have been based on a semi-interesting idea somewhere down the line, about a blood moon or seven ago.
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½ March 27, 2013
I liked the theme and to see Jeff Bridges in the roll of a mentor. But I think this would have made a better TV Series than a movie.
½ July 27, 2013
a fun movie and joy to watch on the fight for good and evil . I enjoyed Jeff and the cast together making it a fast moving movie right in to the action .
August 16, 2015
this was the first pic in at least a week that i really enjoyed although it reminded me of lotsa other pics like 'lord of the rings' or 'the hobbit series'
½ May 31, 2015
I think this movie needed more character background to understand why they were doing what they did.
February 19, 2015
As far as "Star Wars in a LOTR setting" movies goes, this is pretty good. The leads are likable, the acting is good, and the creature designs are pretty cool. The movie is just fun, and Jeff Bridges delivers some funny lines. I'd actually prefer this to the third Hobbit. At least this knew when to end. And did Jeff Bridges say a there was a level 6 ghast in the movie? Lol. Ok.
½ January 8, 2015
"You're the seventh son of a seventh son."
Kids, that's why you use condoms. So that one can prevent something like this from happening.
½ February 16, 2015
The trailer for this film is a lot better than the actual film, the trailer showed all if not most of the action scenes. I was looking forward to the creatures and special effects seen in the trailer and they were far and few between in the actual movie. I still don't know why Bridges talked like he a mouth full of peanut butter, what was up with that? I suppose you can tell I was a bit disappointed, this was something I could've waited to see on Cable not waste hard earned cash. I can't say the script was inthralling, the cast chemistry was warm at best and the special effects were okay.
February 16, 2015
With a dumb plot, ridiculous characters, and performances that are laughable at best, Seventh Son is a horrible attempt at starting a new franchise. What is Jeff Bridges doing? It seems like he can't help himself, but do these ridiculous accents in ridiculous films. I can give Moore some credit for selling out to the film's premise, but Bridges takes it too far. It's no longer enjoyable to watch him play the Rooster Cogburn character in every movie.

But Seventh Son's biggest crime is that it's boring. It just can't hold your attention. It feels like something that was made for DVD, but somehow got a release on the big screen. None of the visuals are worthy of being seen on such a big screen, and by fifteen minutes in you know what kind of ridiculous film you've gotten into and you zone out.
July 21, 2013
Unfortunately, I paid to go see this movie instead of waiting for it to come out on Netflix. The idea of the movie was great; however, the execution and events that transpire left me with questions and disbelief. I mean how does one go from being a commoner to being a "Spook" in less than 7 days. Then at the end, Jeff Bridges' character tells Thomas to remember everything that he taught him...this is a joke.
February 8, 2015
I am probably the only person who will admit I didn't hate it as much as everyone else. I have seen big budget fantasy films that just fail at everything, but at least this one has a good cast and though the material doesn't give them a lot to work with, they are still better than most. Maybe since I never read the books it was based, I was able to go in with a blank slate. Jeff Bridges was decent as an aging knight and Julianne Moore is a good villain. Even the young lead Ben Barnes was a suitable hero. It is not a great fantasy film, but it is not the worst I have seen. It's one of those films if they never make any sequels, I will be fine with.

Grade: B-
January 16, 2015
With his first directorial debut since Mongol in 2008 Sergei Bordrov takes his vision on the novel Seventh Son to the big screen. Mongol was captivating in its depiction of Genghis Khan, the story was well written and personal, the large scale battles were epic and the cinematography was breathtaking. However, Seventh Son turns out to be a dud in comparison. Originally slated for release February 2014, Universal Studios pushed the release back one year to make adjustments in post production. No amount of post production magic can substitute for a lazy plot, poor performances, and terrible CGI work. With visualizations only matched by Kevin Sorbo's Hercules, it becomes puzzling what Universal Studios did while pushing the release date back twelve months.

It becomes uncomfortable seeing strong actors like Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore perform so unremarkably. Bridges struggles to connect with the character as shown through his inabilty to mask his californiaish mannerisms and also struggles to connect emotionally to the character as the last knight of his dying order.

Moore has another film, Still Alice, released January 16th, 2015. Moore is amazing in Still Alice, it becomes unfortunate that these films are released during the same few weeks. Moore's performance in Seventh Son is masked by heavy makeup, constant fast movements to show her characters instability and the frequent transformations into a dragon whenever she gets into a pinch. For these reasons, the performance by Moore is utterly lukewarm and unmotivated,

Ben Barnes and Alicia Vikander struggle to find their chemistry and do not convince the audience that they are star-crossed lovers torn by their respective families.

As an action film it fails to provide the suspense or intensity needed to keep the attention of its audience. As a love story, it fails to provide its characters with enough shared experiences to warrant a believable love story. Lastly, as a adventure film it fails to show the audience anything new, fails in its CGI, and fails as an unremarkable story.
February 8, 2016
I really liked Ben Barnes in this film. Julianne Moore played a great villain. Jeff Bridges played a wonderful drunken hero.
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