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November 13, 2009
Sex-The Annabel Chong Story is a voyeuristic look at a very damaged woman. Chong set out to have sex with 300 men in one day. She had to stop at 251. A few months later, her record was beaten. This is a very depressing film, as it shows a confused woman, whom believes her actions are that of a feminist, being exploited at every turn. Both herself and the industry is to blame. Chong is no saint, but the film fails to try and comprehend it's subject. It mentions Chong being gang raped, but doesn't explore this avenue of interest. Surely this had something to do with an intelligent, conservative woman trying to bang 300 men. The only people you feel sorry for are Chong's relatives. Like all good documentary filmmakers, Lewis doesn't interfere with his subject, sitting back as she cuts herself on camera. Unfortunately, he doesn't explore the right areas either.
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December 28, 2007
the first group sex porn star belongs to the singapore chinese woman annabel chong who had intercourses with 251 men in various forms of postions. then her record got cracked by another latino stripper few months later. the chong 251 sex setted off the notorious group-bang in porn industry. and this documentary about chong's personal background might be shockingly saddening to worldwide audience, further might be offensively disturbing to oriental ones.

chong's family in singapore is a conservative bourgeoise with good descents, and she's raised as one of those typical nerdy school girls. then she was sent off to london for abroad study. in london, she got raped by a group of men. to shed off her shame and shyness, she resorted to the opposite with prosmiscuity to prove her female liberated individuality. she has graduate school diploma, and an active student who contributes with daring ideas to class. then she decided to put her ideals into actions by getting involved in the porn business, and what's her idea? she believes that some prophetress in ancient temples serve as prostitute to release men's libido that is as great as the chinese sacred goddess kwan-in since she could be selflessly charitable with her body to satisfy men. so she signed on a contact of first group bang to elucidate woman's equality in sex which is woman could be as free as man who embraces sex relentlessly.

the scenery shifts to her traumatic aftermath of group bang. the porn company owes her money then she announces to nullify the fund out of her reluctance of law suit, and she thinks she's having wonderful time and relationships with those 251 men that is an worthwhile experience, so no need to get paid off with the secular sum. literarily she screws 251 men for nothing!!! then she has to confront the catastrophe of her elder socially conformed parents, and she attempts to keep this a secret but she fails becuz her publicity has also spreaded to playboy magzine, even her counsin knows that, then her junior high school teacher, everyone around her. eventually she has to deal with the potential fatality of AIDS since she didn't know that 251 men were uncensored, besides a rubber might be defected.

asians being repressively restrained is not a fresh news worldwide, and imagine in a race which highly emphasizes on filial piety as ultimate virtue, being a porn star from a not corrupted but even a decent family is a blasphemous disgrace, she bursts into tears while being inquired about her mother.

psychologically her masochism might be due to her early severe sexual abuses which deprive of her self-esteem, thus she needs to seek the extreme to boast up her pride, further her myrtyrdom of emancipating men from their sex hunger could be self-multilation as mental compensation. she is a sympathetic figure with underneath feeble human frailty.

as for her intended revolution on gender, apparently it flops. conclusively promiscuity is not an assertion of female liberty or willpower but only to facilitate the opposite sex to invade your private sanctuary without efforts. but no need to bash her for cheepening the value of women becuz as a person who practices her belief with gutsy actions, she shall not be blamed since she's paying the risky price of defamity. once again, this documentary manifests the futility of female myrtyrdom.
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August 1, 2006
Annabel aka 'Grace' is an interesting lady who's been thru a lot in her short life. Watching her trying to justify her sexual exploits made me kind of sad.
September 5, 2009
A look at an idiot who somehow justified her work as a porn star (gang bang specialist) as feminist research. It tells of her gang-rape experience, but doesnt think that motivated the then virgin to get into this line of work. It also shows her cutting herself when she was upset. The best part was when she told her mom what she does for a living. Ugly girl, both inside and out.
November 3, 2011
It's both a fascinating, yet a horrific film, because the truth is that Annabel Chong (aka Grace Quek) is from the same school as me, Raffles Girls School, the very same school that produces the most number of Ivy League students according to an article by The Wall Street Journal so it's pretty shocking to see just how far someone from that kind of calibre can fall.
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