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June 23, 2011
Richard Gere ruined this film. That is all.
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February 19, 2008
Exellent Movie
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½ January 12, 2008
This movie made me want to attend ballroom dancing lessons! lol! Anywhoo, I think Gere looked sweet, hes always charming anyway, but the contrast really showed when he was dancing with Lopez, I thought she was too much of an intense dancer to be partnered with Gere. Mwahaha, all guys should learn how to dance, its so cute hahaha!
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½ December 31, 2007
Any good in this film is pretty much drowned out by the predictability factor. It's cinematic fluff that hits all the right buttons to impress it's target audience which it does very well. Satisfactory acting, a few laughs and ridiculous moments of going "AAAWWW" mean you know within 4 minutes if this is a film for you.
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½ April 24, 2007
I had to watch this as it was filmed in my home town. OK movie.
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½ April 13, 2007
Routines should be fought and you will appreciate it someday!
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½ November 7, 2006
Good enough, Gere's performance was spectacular.
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½ August 28, 2009
The Japanese movie, Shall we dansu? was one of the most commercially successful foreign language movies ever released in the United States. The almost inevitable American remake, now set in Chicago, follows the original very closely in terms of both storyline and spirit. Gooey moments and plot contrivances not withstanding, this is a sweet and charming movie that, in its own quiet way, makes a profound statement about finding meaning in the second half of one's life. Although the narrative and humor often have a sitcom feel to them, the overall breezy tone and good-natured ambiance of the movie win us over anyway. And although many of the subsidiary people who populate this tale are really more caricatures than characters, at least they're colorful and well-delineated enough to add to (rather than subtract from) the central drama. Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, Richard Jenkins, Stanley Tucci, Bobby Cannavale and Lisa Ann Walter all give winning performances. In fact, of all the actors, only Jennifer Lopez, as the beautiful young woman who teaches John Clark a thing or two about dancing, falls short of the mark. Jennifer Lopez, for all her other undeniable talents, simply has not developed an actress' confidence on camera, and, as a result, she is unable to rise to the level of the professionals. On the other hand, the dancing alone makes the movie worth watching.
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September 8, 2007
A movie for hopeless romantics. :-)
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½ December 2, 2010
beautiful, beautiful movie
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March 13, 2010
Richard Gere gives an outstanding performance of a guy who is bored with his daily train commute to and from work and his stable, secure and contented home life, simply lacks the excitement needed to have more happiness in his life. He seeks diversion by taking ballroom dancing lessons. Jennifer Lopez is good in a minor role helping Gere get his rhythm and Susan Sarandon does just as good, portraying the role of Gere's wife who is unaware of her husband's dancing. All the dance scenes are great, especially one in the middle between Gere and Lopez. "Shall We Dance" is sweet, funny and the dance scenes were incredible.
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May 24, 2008
Shall We Dance is an all-around okay film. The ending was well-done.
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½ November 17, 2007
J-Lo films generally suck. This one is acceptable. I liked the ending.
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November 16, 2007
One of my favorites. Makes me laugh and dance a whole lot!
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September 28, 2009
For the last 5,000 years humanity has been dancing it has become part of our culture, it has become part of who we are even if we can't dance we still do it not because we want to but because we have to. When we hear music that just gets our blood racing and our feet tapping we just can't resist getting up off our feet and just dancing. It's natural and it feels good and that is the center of Peter Chelsom?s charming romantic/musical comedy that is more about love of the human spirit and music than love itself.

"Shall we Dance?" is not as flashy as Rob Marshall's "Chicago" or as slick as "Grease" but what it has going for it is that it doesn't try and cheat you out of the reality of things that actually happen in real life it doesn't use big musical numbers or anything you see in conventional musicals. Instead it takes it slow and builds up the relationships between the characters and also takes it time building up to its heart warming and musical dazzled finale. But what really makes "Shall we dance? a real joy is not the music nor is it the back drop of New York as a huge ballroom, no what makes "Shall we dance " such a joy and a pleasure to watch is the fact that the actors have so much fun at just doing what there doing. They enjoy the dancing and they enjoy working with each other and it shows as the films progresses on but while they music and the actors are phenomenal what really draws you into this films world is the amazing cinematography that highlights and creates a more elegant and graceful New York it makes it dream like and creates an atmosphere that is relaxing, while exhilarating, enthralling but subtle. "Shall we Dance?" is a move event that you don't want to miss it's so heart warming, so funny, sweet and oh so charming that even if you don't like it at first you will by the end , it's just too good to resist.

Richard Gere gives one of his most charming and endearing performances as an overworked and bored lawyer just looking for his place in the world and he found it through dancing. Gere is charming as usual yes but his performance is less based on his charms than his skills but what makes him such a staple and a standout is the fact that Gere doesn't play younger than he is he actually for once plays his age and it is a relief to see that because Gere usually always is the romantic lead or the one who seduces younger woman but seeing him play a stable family man is somewhat of a relief but also seeing him let loose on the dance floor is also something to behold. Gere is both functional and stylish and is not only a class act but proves that even though he's old he?s not out of the game yet. Susan Sarandon is perfectly cast as the wife of Gere, Sarandon may be down played in this film but her character and the time she is on screen is very important to keep the story going and even she delivers a few laughs of her own. But Sarandon is great and with more screen time I think she would have made a lovely addition to the main cast but where she ended up is just as good. Jennifer Lopez is beautiful and graceful as the dance instructor Paullina but her acting talent's are seriously lacking and she can't hold her own besides Sarandon and Gere but her amazing moves and style is enough to give her the edge she needs to stay afloat beside two titans. The rest of the cast including Stanley Tucci and Lisa Ann Walter and other known faces are great and help hold up the main cast and even at times shine on there own and show there just as good as the big names.

"Shall We Dance?" Is a musical for our times and a film that can be enjoyed by anyone with a passion for dancing or a love for people that do? While some may call it clique and some may call it derivative of other better musical. But I say what do you think?
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June 24, 2009
I didn't like it much. I think this is the most boring romantic film I have seen. It isn't even that romantic. The last few scenes were the most romantic, concerning this film. There are good performers in the cast. The ending fits the movie quite nicely. It's a film a wide range of ages could watch.
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½ February 28, 2009
Such a cute movie! I love dancing movies, and I thought this one was adorable.
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August 12, 2007
I was ready to make fun of this but I really enjoyed it and thought it was heartfelt.
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½ January 9, 2007
Unadulterated, mindless fun. No more, no less.
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