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Sharktopus Reviews

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Luke B

Super Reviewer

April 2, 2011
It sounds like something used in a sitcom for a cheap joke. A film so absurd, only a genius would dare suggest it. Sharktopus. Half Shark, Half Octopus. You know already if this is for you. Which is why it's so beautiful. Seeing the set-up for jokes such as a woman going bungee jumping is just great. The brilliance comes from anticipating exactly what is going to happen. This film also has fairly decent CGI, but proves that good effects are not necessary. The film is propelled along by great action sequences and the kind of dialog that should be winning awards. "You've released an 8-legged man eating great white into the wild." "A minor setback!" Eric Roberts does great in his role, and plays it straight but hammy. I sat in awe at some of the scenes and the characters that inhabited the world. They're all here and they are all brilliant. Sharktopus is a great way to spend any evening.
Ken S

Super Reviewer

December 1, 2010
For what it wants to be, it's great. After sitting through Mega Piranha, Megladon, Shark Attack 1&3 Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus and Malibu Shark Attack, Sharktopus is by far the cream of the crop.
It's good to see Roger Corman working again.
John B

Super Reviewer

March 19, 2013
If you are going to make rubbish, give us at least something to go with. Laughs..good special effects..maybe playing with the lighting. If you give us something like Sharktopus...don't bother with it.
Lord Naseby
Lord Naseby

Super Reviewer

April 21, 2011
I watched this at the behest of Irukandji.

So, I don't know how to describe Sharktopus other than to say that it doesn't take itself seriously in any way. acting, plot, special effects, yeah, none of that here.

Acting/Characters: The characters in this film are so generic of other films like this, I have to wonder if they weren't spoofing other films of this nature. The horribly humorous nature of their acting had me laughing which I'm sure is what was the intended result. One of the more major characters chose to do this one after his role in The Dark Knight as the mob boss Maroni. But you know, I have to imagine that a film like this is incredibly fun for actors to do once in a while. Not all the time of course, but occasionally it would be fun to do. They looked like they were having fun with it. The acting was incredibly cheesy but that's what the whole point was. It was really fun. But, they made the #1 faux pas that any film with a killer anything can make: KIDS!!! There is akid that might be killed by the sharktopus. Whatever I know the kid isn't going to be killed despite the fact that he is incapable of moving a half inch even though the sharktopus isn't near him and is focused on something else. Thankfully they only make this mistake for about 5 minutes but gall darnit that's 5 minutes too many in my book. 5.5/10

Plot: Well, a killer sharktopus is terrorizing people off of the coast of Not to mention that a lot of the kills were foreshadowed a few minutes before they actually happened if that. It was a cute plot overall that the untrained eye (and I mean that in the sense that you would never have to have seen a film to not get it) would say that this film was trying to come off as serious and maybe even scary. Yeah, not remotely. Maybe a 5 year old kid would be scared by it but I highly doubt it. It is meant only to be a fun film that you watch only once in your life and then move on. The plot did drag on occasionally, but it was overall decent. They could have cut a bit though. I know, the film only had a 89 minute running time, but it was still dragged on. 6/10

Screenplay: eh, in a film like this, the screenplay is more or less incidental. You have some occasional cheesy lines that you laugh at that you could maybe pick out later, but overall it was forgettable which in this case is good. It was bad, but still so bad it's good for the most part. The stupid lines wore off in comedic value after a bit, but it was okay. Like too many films, it was the weakest part. 5/10

Likableness: I highly enjoyed watching this through most of it. It got boring by the end but it was engaging for the most part. It was stupid and over the top but it was likable. Cheesy dialogue, generic plot to spoof, tons of Jaws references (including a variation of the music of course) and stupid characters who can't fire guns right. It was fun overall. So, I've seen it, I'm glad I saw it because it was fun, but now...moving on. 6/10

Final Score: 22.5/40 56% (D)

TRIVIA TIME: 1. A "Sharktopus" is mentioned in the SyFy series Sanctuary, in the episode "Requiem". When Will and Helen come upon a field of mangled mermaids while in their submarine, Will theorizes it could have been a sea creature, like the Kraken. When Helen scoffs that the Kraken is a complete myth, Will mutters that he is glad he did not say Sharktopus.

2. In the episode "Under the Pea Green Sea" of the DePatie-Freleng cartoon Here Comes the Grump, Princess Dawn, Terry Dexter and the Grump encounter a "Sharktopus".

3. "Sharktopus" appears on a list of creatures to rescue from a dying planet in the Futurama episode "Love's Labours Lost in Space".

4. Producer Roger Corman has a cameo in the film.

5. The design of the Sharktopus was done in pre-production.
April 6, 2012
Roger Corman presents... 'Nuff said.

Dr. Nathan Sands (Eric Roberts) is a gifted scientist working for a major corporation called Blue Water. Dr. Sands has been commissioned by the United States Navy to create the perfect weapon.

S-11 is that perfect weapon. Is it a shark? Is it an octopus? It's a Sharktopus, baby! Sharktopus was designed to be the U.S. Navy's latest weapon in international combat. Its mission is to locate and terminate drug dealers and pirates on the high seas. Luckily, the Sharktopus has a device on its head where the scientists can control its every movement and action. However, that device somehow gets damaged during a test run and Sharktopus is free from its shackles and is no longer under the control of its human masters. It can do whatever the heck it wants and it wants to cause mayhem because this Sharktopus was injected by some kind of formula that makes it more aggressive and potent than the usual shark or octopus...

The Sharktopus is headed to the coasts of Mexico, looking to make some waves. Dr. Sands and his daughter Nicole (Sara Malakul Lane), also a gifted scientist but is constantly talked down to by her father who calls her Pumpkin, head to Mexico to try and track down the Sharktopus before the oceans turn blood red. They enlist the help of a former employee, Andy Flynn (Kerem Bursin), who after being laid off by Blue Water, is enjoying a rather luxurious life for himself in Mexico. Oh by the way, Andy has to constantly flaunt his physique by being shirtless, which I'm sure the ladies are not going to complain about. Dr. Sands and Blue Water want the Sharktopus taken alive . . . but Andy has some other ideas...

Hot on the tentacles of this creature is an intrepid reporter (Liv Boughn) who will do anything to get a breaking news story, including bribing people for leads.

Who's on the Sharktopus's menu? Everybody from tourists and casual beachgoers to beautiful girls in bikinis, jet-skiers, government agents, bungee jumpers, and fire dancers. When the sharktopus heads to the shores, the beaches -- and the resorts -- are about to become killing fields.

Sharktopus is actually not a half-bad movie. It is certainly better than most films of its ilk. It is admittedly way too predictable, especially because you can tell which characters will live to tell their story another day, and which ones will be Sharktopus meat. There are some over-the-top hilarious moments such as one early victim screaming "No! Not like this!" while he is being strangled and taken away by the Sharktopus. While I didn't have a great time watching Sharktopus, I can appreciate this film for what it is.

Sharktopus originally aired on the SyFy Channel so it's a bit toned down in terms of the more outrageous material. But the film is well paced and is seldom boring. The Sharktopus attacks are numerous. The Sharktopus kills its victims in a variety of ways including biting them in half or using its tentacles to strangle its victims or sometimes using the blades attached to its tentacles to slice or stab them. What makes the Sharktopus even more dangerous is its ability to attack while on land albeit for a limited time. It can use its tentacles to move across land, serving as a greater threat not just to beachgoers, but anyone living close to the ocean.

As this was a made-for-TV movie, the filmmakers were limited in terms of what violence they can show. Although Sharktopus has plenty of bloody moments, it isn't overly gory as to make people nauseous. Many of Sharktopus's attacks take place underwater, where we hear screams and see blood flow, but no dismemberments or anything really graphic. Then again, the TV series The Walking Dead was able to get away with showing zombies gut munching their victims in graphic detail, and the series was rated TV-14! Sharktopus is pretty tame compared to many TV series they air on cable and even network television nowadays.

The film is probably very low budget. The production values are passable though one gets the impression that there were a lot of cost cutting measures. The cinematography has a good eye for sandy beaches and blazing bikini bodies, but is otherwise unexceptional. At least Corman avoids recycling footage from his previous movies, which is a huge plus.

The special effects are almost entirely CGI-laden including the explosions, blood splatter, and Sharktopus itself. The Sharktopus actually appears menacing at times, but it tends to look a little too cartoon-like, which one could argue adds to the charm. Call me sentimental, but I miss the good old days of animatronic creatures and actors wearing rubber monster suits.

The acting is not particularly good, and is in fact pretty dreadful, even for a Z-movie. But I am going to be more lenient here because solid acting is not exactly required for a film of this caliber. While Eric Roberts doesn't have a great deal of screen time, he is given enough to do, even if his role is essentially a glorified extended cameo. But at least this isn't the case where Roberts is top billed and he appears for all of five minutes in the entire movie. He has enough of a role, even though he's more of a supporting player than the lead. Besides Roberts, I don't recognize any of the cast members except for Shandi Finnessey, who plays the engineer working for an obnoxious, sexist radio host who has been exiled from the mainland thanks to the FCC. Her acting isn't much but Shandi still looks stunning in a scorching bikini. Roger Corman has a humorous cameo as some guy walking across the beach who witnesses a girl in a bikini being devoured by the Sharktopus. His reaction to what he saw and how he responds are priceless. The acting is amateur hour, but at least the cast tried.

This film proudly revels in its cheesiness. It has its tongue firmly planted in cheek. The filmmakers don't have a chip on their shoulder here. And Roger Corman knows who his audience is and gives them what they want. The movie is inoffensive fun and it's entertaining enough to warrant a viewing on a slow rainy day.
October 3, 2011
This is one of those movies that I would usually give a 1/2 star to, or 5 stars. This one gets a 2.5 because it tries far to hard to be ridiculous. I like my B horror movies to be a little more subtle in their attempts to suck. Does that make any sense??

That said, it is absolutely ridiculous and awful in every fantastic way. It will definitely have you watching with your mouth half open the whole time. The creature is... original to say the least, and thats because no one in their right mind would actually admit to having come up with such a thing.

Its hard to say anything good about this movie, because everything is designed and intended to be awful. And that is, in a nutshell, why I can't give it my typical low-ball or high-end B movie rating.
November 10, 2011
You will already know if you want to watch this movie or not just by the title alone. I decided that a movie called Sharktopus was something I'd like to see. Why? Because it has a Sharktopus. A lot of these other over grown science hybred monster movies that are all about the cheese still try to make it a serious movie. Sharktopus has the usual problems most of these have. This includes mediocre special effects (the beast changes sizes throughout, fake digital gore, etc), dodgy camera work, and pretty bad acting. However, there's one huge difference. This never takes itself serious no matter how bad it can get. Within the first nine minutes, we're already treated to tongue-in-cheek bad acting and nearly fourth wall breaking lines. As the movie continues, we are treated to some hilarious comedic gold in how intentionally bad the film is. That's what makes Sharktopus so damn entertaining. Glad to see Roger Corman is still true to form. His little cameo was great. And I love how Eric Roberts can star in one of the greatest movies ever made to quickly go back doing something like this. Here's to hoping for a sequel.
April 16, 2011
Well half giant shark, half giant squid... killin' peoples..... recipe for disaster...But a tiny bit fun...
January 1, 2011
The film is every bit as stupid as you'd expect, but still a good bit of fun, as everyone seems to be making a corny movie and fairly comfortable with that.

This won't be for all (most?) tastes, but if you are into this kind of thing, I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.

Worth a look if it's your thing.
November 1, 2010
Slightly better than Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus but only because it's slightly more absurd. I'm still giving it a half star though.
July 13, 2014
A Syfy film about an escaped secret Navy super-weapon, a genetically-modified shark/octopus hybrid with a desire to kill. A team attempts to capture the monstrosity while a reporter tracks its trail of death and destruction. As over-the-top as you would expect, but with a budget which was more heavy on effects than quality actors or screenwriters. A few comical moments and a couple half-scares.
February 5, 2014
It's absurd and unbelievably terrible at everything ranging from acting, special effects and the entire story
January 2, 2014
Mildly humorous at times, this film is just trying too hard to be bad and ending up just plain bad. It works as a horrifying (in the filmic sense) remake of Jaws, I wouldn't bother watching, it doesn't reach any good cheesiness, it just plays like a tv movie, the acting terrible, really, really bad CGI, but not funny enough to be worth it.
November 11, 2013
Complete waste of time and money.
October 23, 2013
One of the most fun-filled, awesome jobs in the world: working on a creature-feature involving the beach. I think these guys had LOADS of fun! It's silly - but hey, so is the concept of a shark/octopus supear-weapon with spikes around it's head.
Jacob P

Super Reviewer

September 25, 2011
Just read the title! Although it was humorous at times. I guess i'll give it some credit.
September 2, 2013
I don't even know why they keep making movies like this.
August 24, 2013
WORST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN! Acting was the worst I have seen in a very long time, plot was stupid, cgi was bull and obviously very very cheaply made. I recognize this is a Syfy production made for TV, but this movie was just way way worse than many other made for tv movies. WHAT A Z-MOVIE,
May 27, 2013
May 27, 2013
Hilariously bad...I absolutely loved this movie...mostly because the writing, acting, and directing was so horrible that I cracked up the entire time. I love cheesy, awful Sci-Fi films. This one definitely fits into that category.
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