Comic-Con Day 2: Megan Fox Sex Scene, Cameron Diaz Spoils The Box?

Plus a first look at the new Freddy Krueger, Where the Wild Things Are, and more.

It's a salacious headline, but it's all true. During the Friday-headlining Warner Bros. panel - the most star-studded one yet this year - Hall H was packed with fan girls and boys wild about the first trailer for the new Nightmare on Elm Street, the Jonah Hex red band trailer (featuring not one, but two Megan Fox nude shots), and its star Josh Brolin, who embraced the sheer nerdiness of Comic-Con and its denizens, winning over thousands with deadpan amusement. Meanwhile, during Richard Kelly's presentation of The Box, we wondered aloud: Did Cameron Diaz just give away HUGE plot spoilers? Read on for more.

Richard Kelly

Hours before previewing his latest film, The Box, in front of thousands in Hall H, director Richard Kelly spoke exclusively with Rotten Tomatoes in an early morning interview. He shared with us his Five Favorite Films and spoke further about The Box, adapted from a Richard Matheson short story. In it, Cameron Diaz and James Marsden star as a married couple circa 1976 given an opportunity by a mysterious stranger (Frank Langella, missing half his face thanks to CG): Push a button, and receive $1 million. The catch: in pushing the button, you'd cause the death of a stranger.

In a beachfront hotel adjacent to the convention hall, Kelly told us that The Box was the most personal film he's made to date - a significant note when you consider his first film was Donnie Darko. Discussing his notorious sophomore feature, Southland Tales, Kelly had no regrets; he even plans to make a longer Director's Cut, and further expand the film's universe. (Read more in our full Five Favorite Films with Richard Kelly piece.)

At the public panel for The Box, Kelly shared a new trailer. Where the first teaser trailer left me feeling iffy at best, the new clip was much tighter and revealed more of a sense of 1950's-era suspense, which is seemingly exactly what Kelly was going for. The new footage shows more of a division between Diaz and Marsden's characters; she pushes the button almost without hesitation, and subsequently they appear to suffer the consequences together.

While this new, arguably truer trailer was a vast improvement over the first teaser, it still retained an air of mystery. (A common trait in Kelly films that pose questions but seldom reveal answers.) That welcome kind of ambiguity fell by the wayside as star Diaz took the mike. [SPOILER ALERT]

"Richard had to throw in guys from Mars," Diaz enthused, revealing that the underlying theme of The Box is otherworldly. The titular box is, it would seem, an alien object used to "test humanity" with a moral, existential challenge. So, the mysterious Arlington Steward (Langella) is working for aliens to see if humans are inherently greedy? Thanks, Cameron.


Zoe Bell

Between chatting with Kelly and watching The Box footage, we nabbed time with stuntwoman-turned-actress Zoe Bell, who got her start stunt doubling for Lucy Lawless on Xena: Warrior Princess before joining the chummy fold of Quentin Tarantino. The New Zealand native was a delight; look for her Five Favorite Films this week, along with details on her first feature vehicle, Angel of Death. (Zoe Bell as an assassin? Sign us up.)

Where the Wild Things Are

If you (like us) missed the extensive footage from Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are presentation, fear not; it's online for your viewing pleasure. Buzz from the panel was that it was magical; some grown men even admitted to crying. See for yourself!

Next: The new Freddy Krueger revealed, Jonah Hex's sexy, supernatural trailer, and Sherlock Holmes



Richard Black

my balls itch

Jul 24 - 09:19 PM


john lyon

You taunt us with a Megan Fox sex scene and make it impossible to get to page 2. I believe this is what is refered to as "hell".

Jul 24 - 09:21 PM

Nicole L.

Nicole Lampson

We are on page 2, that is why you can't click on it, but you can click on page 1.... meaning we are on page 2.

Jul 25 - 12:10 AM

Cuban Raft Rider

Brandon Helpman

No page 2???!?!?! WHYYYYYYYYYY!

Jul 24 - 09:35 PM

Big Freeze

Frank Fischer

what a cruel joke. i despise you Jen Yamato.

Jul 24 - 09:41 PM

Floor Man

Floor Man


Jul 24 - 09:52 PM


Rick V

haha, what a mean joke :P

Jul 24 - 09:57 PM


Rick V

Hmm, now that i tried it, it actually works fine for me.

I pity the foo who can't go to page 2. (Not exactly missing much, by the way)

Jul 24 - 09:59 PM

Floor Man

Floor Man

Ah, there we go.

Jul 24 - 10:04 PM

inactive user

Jared King

I got to page two! hahahahah. Man, she looks like a bloodsucker...ledawg likey.

Jul 24 - 10:12 PM


christopher cantos

this will be the most viewed article in Rotten Tomatoes, for sure!

Jul 24 - 11:14 PM

Spinstar Holomeme

Ken Lundgreen


May 2 - 06:42 PM


Matt St. John

While I agree with Thefear77, Jen... Yesterday you promised to report on the disappointments at Comic-Con in your headline yet failed to say anything negative about what you saw. Now you promise Megan Fox nudity and proceed to talk about...her...naked.......BACK!!??
Enough with the glorified headlines Ms. Yamato!

Jul 24 - 11:17 PM

Nicole L.

Nicole Lampson

We are on page 2, that is why you can't click on it, but you can click on page 1.... meaning we are on page 2.

Jul 25 - 12:10 AM

alex w.

alex wolf

a fan at comic con asks megan fox a very sexual question, and gets dragged away by security

Jul 25 - 01:27 AM


Thierry Fortier

Watson punching Holmes in the face, yeah yeah yeah bull****. At least the Arsene Lupin novel had the decency to change Holmes name to Herlock Sholmes. This is a parody, nothing more.

Jul 25 - 03:04 AM



"Director Sam Bayer went as far as to compare his Nightmare to Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins reboot."
Sure the 5th & 6th movies may have been horrible (haven't seen them), Wes Craven was able to redeem them with the concluding 7th movie.

Unlike Batman where Joel Schumacher changed everything so that in order to redeem it the only way was to start over.

Jul 25 - 03:35 AM


christopher cantos

on another topic other than Megan Fox...

i wish Spike Jonze directed "Synecdoche, New York" first. i think there's a better film hidden there somewhere that would have been "clear" in the hands of a director that knows how to translate kaufmann's amazing ideas on screen. too bad Kaufman try to do too much. yeah i know some people "got it", but it took them repeated viewings to get it. and that's not what a film should really be. kaufman's take on films is that they are recordings, that should reveal something after repeated viewings. though i agree that that should be the case, i also think atleast you should show something "clear" in the first viewing. it is unfair for us viewers to watch a film for like 10 times just to get it. plus, the fun in watching Kaufman's written films are gone in "Synecdoche, New York". his films, though weird, are very very entertaining(Being John Malkovich, Adaptation, Eternal Sunshine). i just wish Spike Jonze had waited to make his pet project. and as for Kaufman, if he directs again, please, let us enjoy ur next film. don't make another "guessing-game-film-that-if-you-get-it-your-cool". i know that thats not what you intended, but it just bugs me to see people brag that they "understand" Synecdoche, when in fact, they didn't... even ebert agrees that he didn't understand Synecdoche, but he states that there is something great hidden in that film. i think he gave it 4 stars because he knows that, though you won't understand it, you know by your heart that Kaufman has crafted a "something special of a movie". i just wish i would "get" it before i die.

Jul 25 - 05:51 AM

Azrael 725

Landon O'Hara

Page 2 worked perfectly fine for me. Oh, and IBelieveInHarveyDent, the 'taunt' WAS on page 2.

Jul 25 - 09:11 AM

Jen Yamato

Jen Yamato

Fellas, fellas. Back nudity is nudity, yes? And while I didn't go too far in description, because this is a family site and all, it wasn't just some Angelina Jolie-in-Wanted naked back (though their tattoed backs do look similar). She was...astride, if you will. If they keep in the full scene (this was only a glimpse in the trailer) I imagine many boys will leave the theater happy.

Disappointments so far: it seems almost more subdued than last year. Can't quite put my finger on it. Even seems to be fewer cos-players than normal, but we'll see today - it's Masquerade Ball night!

Jul 25 - 10:14 AM

Spinstar Holomeme

Ken Lundgreen

OH GAWD!!! Really...

May 2 - 06:46 PM

Anthony M.

Anthony Mascarenas

um, did cameron really say all that, or was it supposed to be a joke? im confused, cause no one is that stupid.

Jul 25 - 10:15 AM


Seth Green

Yeah, was Richard Kelly's reaction a facepalm?

Jul 25 - 01:20 PM


Seth Green

Yeah, was Richard Kelly's reaction a facepalm?

Jul 25 - 01:20 PM

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