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September 2, 2015
While it doesn't ever stray very far from the tired rom-com formula, She's Out of My League does provide consistent laughs and charming comic performances from the cast with a few poignant moments of insight sprinkled in, resulting in a guilty pleasure, albeit derivative, hard R comedy.
August 13, 2015
was really fun to watch, i liked it :)
½ March 17, 2010
I'll be honest, I wanted to see this, but i did not have high hopes, and boy was i pleasantly surprised. This is a very funny movie, it's a typical Rom Com but it has many, many laughs, which is surprising because it's relatively an unknown cast, but they all seem to know their roles and they play them well.
March 29, 2015
it occasionally stalls and slows down, but She's Out of My League's smart script and funny cast make it a good cable comedy.
½ February 18, 2015
No it's not oscar material, but it's a really funny ride through some ridiculous scenes. None of it is realistic and it's all over the top, but still highly enjoyable and fun!
January 29, 2015
guys like me's dream.
January 11, 2015
This movie is a great example of how more awkward folks can rise above the typical jock-like attitudes to win the hearts of anyone they want to be with!
December 29, 2014
An underrated comedy with a lot of good one liners. I really enjoyed this film and thought Baruchel and Eve gave a good perfomance. Baruchel, Ritter and Miller however are who truly make the film with their sarcasm and blunt quips. Only negative point is that its plot is very obvious and guessable but that is to be expected with this type of film. A true guilty pleasure.
March 20, 2010
The Geek Lucky Bastard
September 13, 2014
Kirk Kettner (Jay Baruchel) is a twenty-something TSA agent employed at the Pittsburgh International Airport along with his friends, fellow TSA agent Stainer (T. J. Miller), airline reservations agent Devon (Nate Torrence), and baggage handler Jack (Mike Vogel). Kirk has a poor track record with dating and is hoping to reconcile with his self-centered ex-girlfriend, Marnie (Lindsay Sloane), who despite having broken up with him two years earlier, and having since found a new boyfriend Ron (Hayes MacArthur), has remained close with Kirk's parents (Debra Jo Rupp and Adam LeFevre), brother Dylan (Kyle Bornheimer), and pregnant sister-in-law-to-be Debbie (Jessica St. Clair).

At work one morning, an attractive young woman, Molly McCleish (Alice Eve), arrives at the passenger terminal to board a flight to New York City. While proceeding through the TSA security checkpoint, Molly's striking looks attract unwanted attention from several male TSA agents who try flirting with her awkwardly. Kirk is the only TSA agent to treat Molly courteously. On the airplane, she realizes that she accidentally left her cellphone in the airport security area. Calling up her phone, Kirk answers and arranges a time to meet the following evening so that Kirk can return it.
September 15, 2014
wow.....just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good movie 2 watch, its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie......i think that jay baruchel, alice eve, tj miller ( From the brilliant tv series silicon valley), mike vogel, nate torrence, play good roles/parts throughout this movie......i think that the director of this comedy/drama/romance movie had done a great job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this this is such a really really funny movie 2 watch, its got a great cast throughout this movie.....

Principal photography for the film commenced on March 31, 2008 at the Mellon Arena, now the former home of the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team. Filming continued in various locations around Pittsburgh until the end of May 2008, including the Pittsburgh International Airport and The Andy Warhol Museum. Mount Washington, the downtown Regional Enterprise Tower, PNC Park, Market Square, Century III Mall, and area sound stages were also used as locations for the film. Pluma's Restaurant in Irwin, Pennsylvania was used for bar scenes when shooting at Mellon Arena became impossible due to the Penguins advancement to the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals. The film was co-produced by Jimmy Miller of Mosaic Media Group, a native of Castle Shannon, Pennsylvania and the brother of comedian Dennis Miller

The film opened at No. 3, behind Alice in Wonderland and Green Zone, with an estimated $9.6 million gross. As of September 10, 2010, it has grossed nearly $50 million worldwide

She's Out of My League was released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc on June 22, 2010. Early reviews have been mediocre. The majority of complaints lie in the sparse special features and the predictability of the film. As of September 10, 2010, it has grossed $7.7 million in US DVD sales

man this is such a really really funny movie 2 watch, its got good car chases throughout this this is such a really funny movie 2 watch.......

The film has received mixed to positive reviews from critics. Review aggregator Metacritic gives it a score of 47 based on reviews from 28 critics, and a 58% score on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 121 reviews. The consensus Rotten Tomatoes gives is, "She's Out of My League has moments of humor and insight, but it's bogged down by excessive vulgarity and cartoonishness."

Critic Roger Ebert gave the film three stars out of four saying, "The movie is not a comedy classic. But in a genre where so many movies struggle to lift themselves from zero to one, it's about, oh, a six point five." Peter Travers of Rolling Stone gave the film three stars out of four, commenting, "This R-rated blend of the sweet and the raunchy has its heart in the right place." Jake Tomlinson of Shave Magazine gave the movie four and a half stars out of five and praised the movie "for not throwing in cheap obstacles" and for the "good soundtrack." Michael O'Sullivan of The Washington Post was less enthused, giving the film one star out of four: "The movie clearly aspires to rise to the smutty-but-sweet synergy of other, better films. But She's Out of My League can't touch them."

its got a good soundtrack throughout this this is such a fantastic comedy movie 2 watch it is so so so funny movie 2 watch, its got a good cast throughout this this is so funny movie 2 watch, it is a really funny romantic comedy movie 2 watch,. its got a good cast throughout this this is such a fantastic romantic comedy movie 2 watch with a great cast throughout this movie......
February 1, 2013
There are more than dozens of sex comedies out there. Some are decently done, some are horribly executed. She's Out of My League kind of stands in the middle. While likable actors like Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve play relatable characters, a lot of jokes are far-stretched and often plain vulgar. Way too many side characters, slow pacing, and its cartoonish feel make this movie somewhat disappointing.
½ August 22, 2014
This was better than I thought it was going to be. A lot of great one liners. I think the bowling scene was probably the highlight of the movie for me. Followed very closely by the "Slapshot Regatta." It was a bit long though, and the last half hour especially dragged.......
August 21, 2014
Watched: 21 Aug 2014
August 16, 2014
I enjoyed watching this a lot more than I thought. It wasn't the stupid comedy I thought it would be.
½ August 12, 2014
Alice Eve is wonderful but no one can save this bad movie.
½ May 8, 2010
(First and only viewing - 3/8/2012)
July 10, 2014
Harmless little love story. Baruchel and Eve are charming enough to warrant at least one viewing.
July 3, 2014
Has moments of genuine sweetness and gross-out hilarity. Not a bad vehicle for Jay Baruchel, who is undoubtably funnier than the material provided for him.
July 2, 2014
The jokes are repeated in a very lame way making the film dull and easily predictable.
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