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Short Circuit 2 Reviews

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Super Reviewer

July 2, 2014
Sequel to Shirt Circuit is a good attempt at following up the original film, but honestly, I felt that it could have been better as well. The original film was terrific at had charm throughout with a good cast of good actors. Here, we get a bit of the same, but it feels watered down slightly, forced in order to make it appealing, almost as if they tried to outdo what the original did. I'm not saying that this sequel is bad, far from it, as it does have its moments, but it does leave a bit to be desired in the long run. I guess this one suffers the same fate as all sequels do. They try to replicate the original, yet fail because the first outing was very good and its follow up lacked the flair that made the original so entertaining. Here we have a mildly good film, but throughout the film we always get a sense that it tries to outdo the first, but it loses its steam halfway and it just becomes an average movie. Short Circuit 2 is good, but it's not great either. I've seen better sequels than this, and this one just doesn't possess anything truly engaging. If you're looking for a truly entertaining sequel, you won't find it here, I mean it does have its moments, but it also could have been much better as well. Short Circuit 2 in the end feels rushed in its conception, and the result ends up being a so-so film that is good, but you are simple left wanting more out of this film.
Lucas M

Super Reviewer

May 7, 2011
A guilty pleasure. That personally, I think better them the first picture.
Nicki M

Super Reviewer

January 25, 2008
I can barely remember the first one in all honesty. This one I watched thanks to free movie website Crackle. (I can just see this website is going to be bad news for me. I really can't resist an 80's movie - particularly one I missed out on first time around. Even if I did miss out on it for a reason as with this one!).
This is actually kind of cute. If it was made today, I would write it off as kidsy crap (and that is still a fair comment), but as it does have the 80's nostalgia thing going for it... pretty watchable. The bits with Johnny 5 are a little tedious, the Indian guy is so stereotyped it is almost offensive, (but hey, 80's movie. PC didn't exist back then!), and the bad guys are a bit annoying, but it is funny in it's way and Cynthia Gibb shines as Sandy.
Buy it? No way, but watch for free - no complaints here!
Tim B

Super Reviewer

August 19, 2010
We bought this DVD for $2, which is less than the cost of a bootleg. Our son likes it because it has a robot in it. The 1980's kitsch...that's for daddy. SC2 harkens back to a time when everyone went around quoting The Church Lady, and street gangs went to the trouble of making up rhymes about themselves. It's also fun to see 1988 downtown Toronto, since no effort whatsoever has been made to dress it up like New York City. Overal, this is a light-hearted family comedy, except for the oddly brutal scene, where a couple of goons beat Johnny 5 to pieces, while he wails "Please don't kill me! I am alive! Aaaaahhh!". Don't worry though. SPOILER -The movie ends with a freeze frame of Johnny 5 jumping for joy, and the credits roll over happy saxophone music. Thank you 1980's.
Anthony L

Super Reviewer

September 21, 2009
Looses points for not having any Steve Guttenberg action in it!
Jason O

Super Reviewer

August 15, 2009
Unlike many sequels, "Short Circuit 2" is a good one. Johnny 5's creator, Ben (Fisher Stevens), is making little robot toys when a man named Fred (Michael McKean) convinces him to start a business selling them. Johnny 5 arrives to help the duo out, but some trouble arises. Some thieves who are hunting for some jewels try their best to disassemble Johnny 5 so they won't have any obstacles in their way. Johnny 5 must find a way to stop the thieves while also surviving.
The "Short Circuit" movies are some of my favorite movies of all time, I grew up watching them. Even now that I'm grown, I never get tired of seeing them over and over. In my opinion, both of the "Short Circuit" movies are great, but I like this one the best. It has some classic scenes such as when Johnny 5 tours the city for the first time and when he helps Ben talk to Sandy (Cynthia Gibb) by putting the words on a huge billboard.

"Short Circuit 2" is a great comedy and family movie. It will make you laugh in parts, some parts are sad, and others are heartwarming. Some parts even have a hint of an action movie in them. If you want to see a movie that you'll never forget, watch "Short Circuit 2." I recommend everybody to get it. NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2000. I've always loved the Johnny 5 Short Circuit movies and never understood why only two were ever made, 80's classics for sure! I still can't make up my mind which I like better....probably the original slightly, but still.
December 3, 2006
Directed by: Kenneth Johnson.
Starring: Fisher Stevens, Cynthia Gibb, Michael McKean, Tim Blaney.

<< "I thought you said this thing mis-functioned on you."..."Oh, that is a falsity. What actually happened was we were working on him one day and suddenly he is struck by lightning. And, from this moment on, he's having a mind of his own. So, the government tried to destroy him so he ran away. So, now he's living with my friend in Montana, in a cabin, in the woods, in... cognito." >>

I find it quite stupid that people think this is better than the original. Personally though I don't hate the film, but I do feel it is quite inferior to the original and has the air about it that it is simply a cash in. But if you can over look the horribly mediocre and unfocused first act, the film picks up the pace, delivers a decent enough storyline and keeps Johnny 5 as the main focus, even when the script is not as charming or funny. Acceptable enough.

Full review coming soon.

Super Reviewer

January 25, 2007
better than the first. an interesting way to pose the philosophical questions about A.I. in a family oriented film.
Ross C

Super Reviewer

September 22, 2007
More from Johnny 5 - I think he gets a gold makeover in this one.
Jason S

Super Reviewer

August 2, 2007
A pretty good next step. I liked the idea of the flick and the casting was done well. It had ties to the original while being it's own movie as well.

Super Reviewer

March 14, 2007
The comedy robot deals with "homies" in "the hood" in the big bad city in a project so ill advised, even Guttenberg wanted nothing to do with it...
Aaron N

Super Reviewer

October 25, 2006
Here's Johnny!

Somehow, a movie like this turns out to be even better than the first, what are the odds.
Dann M

Super Reviewer

June 22, 2013
Johnny 5 is back and headed for the big city in Short Circuit 2. When former Nova robotics technician Ben Jahveri needs help getting his new electronics company off the ground, his old robot friend Johnny 5 comes to help and cannot wait to explore the city. The plot's really dumb and gets pretty ridiculous. The acting is also quite poor, as the actors really ham it up. But some of the comedy works, and the cheesiness can be a bit of fun. While it has none of the heart or cleverness of the original, Short Circuit 2 is an amusing mess of a film that has some laughs.
Yinalí R

Super Reviewer

August 6, 2007
Lee K

Super Reviewer

June 26, 2008
not bad sequel to the original. I still have to find these movies to rent for my son.
November 15, 2011
This is one of those instances where the sequal was just as good as the first. Most sequals try to recapture what the first movie did. This is 100% completely different then what you got in the first movie. I used to watch both of these as a kid and it was a great reminder of my youth viewing it again. The combination of the great Fisher Stevens and Michael McKean was a brillant team. A great magical film for the entire family. Especially if you're an 80's child.
March 5, 2007
Guaranteed to make small kids cry. And if you let your guard down and get into the story you'll get caught up in it.
May 28, 2010
Neither Short circuit film is great, or even good for that matter, but the second feels slightly less bland than the first.
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