"Bond" Makers Discuss the "Casino Royale" Facelift

I finally go to see a widescreen and very clean version of the "Casino Royale" trailer (it was on the "Silent Hill" DVD), and you can now color me officially psyched for the 21st James Bond adventure. Series producer Michael G. Wilson and new Bond Daniel Craig recently shared their thoughts on the 007 kick-start with Entertainment Weekly...

...and IGN FilmForce was kind enough to turn the EW piece into a handy little news item: ""After the last film, we spent eight months trying to come up with a story, but just couldn't," veteran Bond producer Michael G. Wilson revealed in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. "The movies had become so fantastical?with invisible cars and stuff like that?there was just no way to continue in that same vein. There was nothing new left to do. So we decided to start all over with the story we've always wanted to tell ? how Bond became Bond in the first place."

"To prepare for his role, Craig said he "watched every single Bond movie three or four times, taking in everything I could about how the character had been portrayed in the past ? then threw all that away once I started doing the role. There's no point in making this movie unless it's different. It'd be a waste of time unless we took Bond to a place he'd never been before."

Click here for the full article. "Casino Royale" opens on November 17th.



Robert Kimberlin

Why did he waste all that time watching all of the Bond films if he was just going to do his own thing anyway? Connery will always be Bond to me.

Aug 14 - 12:11 PM


Richard Wells

He obviously was watching them in order to make sure his portrayal was different. He saw how everyone else had done it before, then by "throwing it away", he is just saying that he is not going to portray him in the same manner.

Aug 14 - 12:34 PM

Master King Sexington

Tyler Jones

Don't say obviously because it isn't obvious. It's likely speculation, not obvious. For all we know he could have been wanting to mimic all of them, but thought every previous portrail was crap so he "threw it away". And yes cgcbooks, Connery will always be Bond to many people. Including me

Aug 14 - 05:35 PM


Eric Schulze

Count me in the Connery group too.

Aug 14 - 09:23 PM


Chris Baines

(darn...I've been a rottentomatoes member for months now, but, this is my first post....time to break my posting cherry)

Ok...it looks like they are doing a Batman Begins like angle.

Anyway.... thus far Dalton is my favorite Bond.....but I have high hopes for Craig.

Aug 15 - 12:16 AM


paskunia g

[b]Bond 22 in two years? Right on schedule[/b]
Releasing a Bond film every other year has been the norm since "Thunderball." They should have left well enough alone and scheduled it that way in the first place.
As for "Casino Royale," I'm glad they are upgrading the cartoon version and making it a bona fide 007 entry, so no one will remember the version that came out in 1967, except that it was what inspired the Austin Powers series.


Sep 2 - 06:41 AM

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