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Silent Hill: Revelation Reviews

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October 19, 2012
The only thing driving this horrible sequel is the title. Revelation is a weak effort to expand the Silent Hill story. The plot is choppy and the costume design is cheap.
August 19, 2014
This poor franchise will never get a break. Revelation could not be more asinine. That'll teach me to give anything a fair shot ever again.
August 19, 2014
Awful. "Silent Hill 2" is maybe the worst sequel ever made for an horror film.
August 17, 2014
This is the perfect example of a movie destroying a promising game franchise. Never again. The story was dull and so were the characters.
Steven V.
February 15, 2014
Despite being a better adaptation than its rival Resident Evil and having stunning CGI, this unscary monstrosity featured bad acting (apart from Adelaide Clemens, even Sean Bean, Kit Harrington and Carrie-Anne Moss were bad), and repetitive and lousy writing.
June 17, 2014
The story of Silent Hill has always been ripe for a franchise, and nothing is more evident in Silent Hill: Revelation. Despite some lackluster moments and one or two deliciously terrible scenes, the film manages to, for the most part, buck its 3D-horror cliches and deliver an engrossing follow-up to the complicated and intriguing world of the first film. Unfortunately, its dreams of being alongside its big-budget brethren end up tearing it down.
Right from the get-go it is obvious that the effects of SH:R are its biggest detractor, be it the contrived "Look out!" 3D moments or simply the obviousness of the anything not created using practical effects. The dialogue manages to hold strong save the more expository of scenes, and the cast is decent enough, but everything feels a bit contrived or forced. It is a rare thing to see a movie brought down by having too much money, but the argument can be easily be made in SH: R's case. Michael J. Bassett's use of the camera to show off instead of scare is evident in more than a few scenes, which is especially unfortunate given the terrifying nature of a number of Silent Hill's incredibly imaginative creatures.
While opening the franchise up to future installments that could easily surpass both their predecessors, and even managing to fill in any lingering plot holes from the first movie, Silent Hill: Revelation is itself the definition of a low-point in a franchise. Bazssett fails to capitalize on the things that make Silent Hill great (the scares) and instead focuses the majority of his attention on mind-bending world-building - something which is usually a good thing, but given his proclivity to show off what he can do with a camera, suffers greatly.
While I can't wait for a third film, I can't say I would ever watch SH: R again if I truly wanted to be scared.
1.75 out of 5
July 4, 2014
Major plot issues make this film so hard to comprehend. A very inferior sequel.
July 4, 2012
2.7.2014 Aiemmalla katsomiskerralla odotukset olivat liian korkealla. Uusintakierros ei ollut yhtaan parempi vaikka tiesi taman olleen pettymys. 1 1/2*

14.02.2013 Tapahtuikohan tassa oikeasti mitaan? Mitaan uutta ei ollut tarjolla ja kaikki oli vahan lasahtanytta ja ponnetonta. Yleensa tallaisia elokuvia katsellessa tulee mukistua etta liikaa on laitettu pimeyden varaan, nyt kavi aivan painvastoin. Kakkososa oli aivan liian kirkas ja vanhoilla hahmoilla massailtiin niin paljon etta jokaisesta olisi ehtinyt piirtaa tarkat luonnokset. 2*
October 29, 2012
Sucked. Couldn't even finish the whole movie.
June 18, 2014
Like the original + teen romance and a lot lamer. The original was great, but everything that was good about it was lost on this one.
The Master of Movies t.
June 12, 2014
Silent Hill: Revelation is horrible even by video game movie standards. With horrible acting, crappy effects and a crap script, this movie has nothing to offer.
June 1, 2014
Has a story line, much appreciated, when I get sick of seeing horror/fantasy films just out to show blood & guts without a premise. It explains the backstory. I have learned that it is best not to listen to the "top critics" because they are not me & presume to know what people should like. I would love to see another sequel explaining where Rose is & Sharon helping her Father to find her.
May 30, 2014
There has been a popular notion that video-game based films should never to be made, we claim that they ruin the franchise, and movies like this prove that we are correct.
May 4, 2014
Silent Hill: Revelations is not compelling like this first one, but this sequel give some good answers and provide some scares moments.
June 15, 2013
still can't beat part 1. It looks like a horror 3D game to me.
May 5, 2013
Definitely not as bad as people and critics say it is. A actually good sequel to a good movie. How do people not think this better than the Resident Evil movies?
April 13, 2014
Hopelessly inept special effects, comically repeated scare reactions, and anorexic-thin plotting make this a gleeful comedy... but no worthy horror or vid game adaption.
March 27, 2014
I'm going to cut right to the chase with this movie. It's utter sh*t. It's beyond control how terrible the movie is, it takes the idea of a good horror computer game recently turned bad and a first film that was ok at best and added more tripe on top of it. What is this film about? I honestly couldnt tell you, heather, no sharron, no sorry alexxa, no sorry its heather... or is it sharron? Well since she has three or more names throught the duration of this movie, whoever Adelaide Clemens plays, she is the daughter of the first movies Sean bean, what hes doing in this film, i honestly dont know and he really isnt trying at all to perform in this film. Which you cant blame him for cause the source material is nonsensical at best. So sharron or whatever, goes about having haullictions and dreams of horrible things happening to her, she meets a new kid at school, she freaks out some more, her dad vanishes and the boy takes her away because shes suspected for murder... They drive away and end up in silent hill, how i have no idea, hes gone, heather... walks about finding out that she is an orphan sister of some nut job called alissa and some people are looking for her, so alissa can do something with Shahether to either rid silent hill of this nightmare or something else entirely, i honestly dont know, and ive watched this film twice now, from start to finish i had no idea what was happening, neither did i care. The plot points could be seen from a mile away but because this film hurtles at break neck speed, despite it feeling like an age to finish, it generally does a brilliant job of confusing the fuck out of you. You dont know who anyone is, you dont care and before you know it, its over and your still none the wiser. Oh malcolm macdowall shows up for 5 minutes and carrie anne moss for 7 minutes, which effects the film in no other way apart from hilarity, The creature designs span from modiratly acceptable to how the hell did that get past any form of art team and onto set. The story is drivel, the actors dont care, why should they, their just running from one area to the next, meeting characters every 3 minutes that die almost instantly after their introduced. I dont care for this movie, it had some nice shots and a bit of cool music, apart from that, there really is nothing else to say... this film is just, balls to the wall terrible!
Just James
March 21, 2014
Silent Hill: Revelation is a twisted ride into hell. It's far from a horror masterpiece, it isn't the best in the genre and it's one of the weakest films of 2012 but Revelation is packed with enough gruesome monsters and seriously sinister images to make it stand strong and worth watching. Silent Hill itself is terrifying, the siren that echo through the alleys are spine tingling and the slow camera pan movement will keep you on edge as you don't know what will jump out. The cast give admirable performances, most of which are wobbly at times but during moments of terror they up their game and they are convincing, there's no plodding along at all, and Adelaide Clemens is a fantastic lead. The monsters are impressive and scary too, the best being the mannequin spider that turns it's victims into dolls and then rips the head off to add to it's disgusting body. The 3D is spectacular too, depth is really cool and a tonne of creature guts pop out the screen, yet again the spider scene excels in this effect where the creatures mouth rips out the screen, I literally leapt back as it petrudes so effectively, a reference quality moment there. The ash scenes look stunning, because the camera is at a low angle you can follow the pathways that lye just beyond the screen. Depth can be affected during some truly murky scenes, but Overall Silent Hill: Revelation is a fun filled 3D adventure that is far better than the first film, and the further the characters venture into the ash filled fog, you will be taken with them into a horrific nightmare filled with demonic creatures.
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