Frank Miller on "300," "The Spirit" & "Sin City 2"

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Frank Miller had to suffer through some really terrible years where Hollywood is concerned, but now with "Sin City" and "300" behind him, and an adaptatation of Will Eisner's "The Spirit" to call his very own, the celebrated artist is finally happy with the movie world.

The L.A. Times offers a very solid interview piece with Mr. Miller, who will soon begin his (solo) directorial debut with a movie version of the classic comic "The Spirit." He'll also be directly involved with both of the "Sin City" sequels (yep, "both") and he's still working on a graphic novel in which Batman takes on modern-day terrorists.

When asked about how Miller will approach his version of "The Spirit," which is very highly-regarded among old-school comic book aficionados (Miller included), producer Michael Uslan's response was an enthusiastic one: "I told him he had to make 'The Spirit.' He said there was no way he could do it. Then after three minutes he said, 'There's no way I can let anybody else do it.'"

But after struggling through a pair of "Robocop" sequels and being pretty soured on Hollywood, he's feeling pretty good these days: "Asked about the change of heart in town, Miller smiled like the Catwoman who ate the canary. "It's gone from being an abusive relationship to a torrid affair. And it is very satisfying. I think I have everybody fooled now."

The author / artist / filmmaker recently spent some time with "Superman" director Richard Donner to get a few extra lessons in the fine art of superhero moviemaking. Sounds good to me.

Source: LA Times