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December 19, 2013
an abomination of epic proportions..
½ January 19, 2013
There's no denial that this film is pretty stupid and I'm not such a fan of screwball comedies and never will be, but I have a few good laughs here that makes it watchable I suppose. It will be appreciated, no doubt. In the long run however, it will be forgotten.
September 10, 2013
I can't believe how this terrible "comedy" could earn so much in the box-office... I just can't. Watching this is a waste of time. The unfunny jokes are repetitive, the material/plot is mind-numbingly dumb, characters are just a bunch of cliched caricatures, and the constant FU reference to James Yap is just plain irritating. I've laughed maybe 3-4 times (half-heartedly I might add), but mostly it's from the bloopers (which isn't even that funny as well). At least in Petrang Kabayo, i was mildly entertained in the first half. This movie is juvenile and a disgrace to the film industry (even the lowest of the lowest of screwball comedies).. And this is exactly why I don't waste ticket money for these. Thank god for cable/torrentz!

I liked the Little Red Riding Hood joke though, pretty sure that's ad-libbed by Vice, which made it funnier.
July 14, 2013
I f you want enjoyment for while, try to watch this sister-sassy motion pic. Laughable and enough entertainment...
May 15, 2013
freaking waste of my time!
March 24, 2013
Quite appealing, great comical interjections.
½ January 18, 2013
"It's not so bad after all"

I Didn't actually know how i watched this film, it surely is a disappointment, Wenn Deramas still giving us crap films and we audience still supporting it, The trailer had me laughed so hard but then the movie itself is a stupid movie consisting of stupid actors and a very very thin director, it surely targeted the target audience but not me im not even part of it.

Feuding half siblings reunite when a down-on-her-luck socialite is hire by her successful half-brother to be his my assistant. He resolves to torment her, but the two are forced to work together to overcome a powerful rival.

This is the 3rd most stupid film this film festival behind Sosy Problems and Si Agimat, Si Enteng At si Ako, well Sisterakas arguably delivered great laughs and an underwhelming effortless performances altough this film stars the biggest stars in industry it didn't work well it was actually for this film to earn more and well it works.

Sisterakas with its title is kind of stupid and it does live with it, It doesnt provide entertainment, It just provided cheap jokes, thin script and a stupid conclusion it was an utter crap, showcasing this kind of film is just a shame, but then it set standards for box office , and i'm sure this will be panned.

This surely be number one on box office, no doubt and probably will get no award, this is a subtle film that only cares for money and never for sincerity and never for awards, it was just a gimmicky movie that really works, a movie made for families with a child and group of friends and no doubt that this film garnered 40m in it's first day and meanwhile the greatest film in mmff 2012 Thy Womb barely made a million, it so sad that filipino actually prefered that but then i was there to be a critic and meanwhile others for entertainment to laugh and just forget problems and be inside the film for a while, but then it slightly works for me.
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