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November 14, 2011
Six Day Seven Nights is a mediocre picture that has a lacking script and wastes an exciting idea on poor storytelling and direction. Ivan Reitman has made far superior films than this. With this film, he just delivers a film that is somewhat predictable, and in the end ends up being a waste of time. I really wanted to enjoy the film, but it felt like the filmmakers rushed through the material as if they didn't care about making a good film. The film also left you wanting a bit more by the times the credits roll and the attempt at comedy and action just fall apart and never materializes into something entertaining. I felt the performances were flat and not interesting and the film as a whole could definitely have been much better than this. Harrison Ford has made far superior films, and this one is one of his weakest, and is not worth seeing. This film could have been good if the script would have been solid, but it wasn't. This is a poorly constructed effort that simply just doesn't deliver. This is a boring film with nothing to offer and if you're expecting something good, you'll be disappointed because it features some fairly predictable situations and outcomes. Overall this is a film that uses genre elements in order to create something, but it never materializes into something truly memorable. This is a lacking film that wastes its potential on lacking ideas that fall flat. This film really could have been fun and entertaining, but it just doesn't add up to much.
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½ June 10, 2012
Robin (Anne Heche) and Frank (David Schwimmer) have been together for three years, but Robin decides in six days that Quinn (Harrison Ford) is the one for her. It is a fun romp of a movie - little short on believability.
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½ March 19, 2012
Sometimes entertaining, but actually this romantic-adventure comedy is just another dumb and artificial Hollywood comercial "fast-food" junk movie. Rotten.
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March 26, 2007
Enjoyable fluff.
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December 5, 2009
Great Comedy.
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November 19, 2009
While it has some rewarding elements, it is a sub-par thriller with little meaning. It has a hard time differentiating itself from comedy and seriousness, which gets annoying. Harrison Ford has a few funny lines, but that is the extent of the films enjoyment.
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September 8, 2009
"Six Days, Seven Nights" is one of my favorite movies from the last few years. Harrison Ford and Anne Heche are on a deserted island together after a raging storm crashes their plane. At first they resent each other, but they have to try to find a way off the island and even escape pirates, so they learn to like each other, maybe even more than they wanted to.
"Six Days, Seven Nights" has elements of many different kinds of movies. Parts of it are funny such as when a snake gets a hold of Anne and Harrison has to help her out. Parts of it are also like an action movie such as when the two have to run for their lives to escape angry pirates. Anne Heche and Harrison Ford go on a short journey to try and find where a device is located that they can shut down and have a chance to be rescued when some people come to the island to fix it, giving the movie a sense of adventure. And after the two learn to be a team and grow to like each other, it has a little bit of a romantic touch to it.

Pretty much, "Six Days, Seven Nights" is considered a romantic comedy, but it has elements of many other types of movies, which is what I really liked about it. Harrison Ford and Anne Heche are great on the set together, they might could even be the next Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. I recommend anybody to give "Six Days, Seven Nights" a chance. NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2000. I've always found this to be an underrated movie for both Heche and Harrison.
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October 14, 2008
Loved it! It's one of my favorites. Good storyline and the lead characters are really funny.
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½ August 11, 2008
A Alright Action/Adventure Comedy film that stars Harrison Ford who acts greatly in this cast-a-way comedy adventure. Its alright. Nothing speical. But descent.
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½ September 15, 2007
This is such a mismatched pair. Seriously, Harrison Ford and Anne Heche? What were they thinking?
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½ September 3, 2007
I love Harrison Ford so I hate giving bad reviews for his films, but there simply was no chemistry between these two.
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½ August 8, 2007
a throwback to the comedies of the golden age...even though anne heche is in gamely plays the lead
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July 14, 2007
Hard to see Harrison and Anne as a couple. Very funny in parts especially David's character.
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June 4, 2007
A bog-standard contrived Hollywood date movie in which an ageing Harrison Ford becomes stranded on a desert island with Anne Heche and more importantly, her nipples. It's bearable mainly due to Ford's comic charm, but the slapstick is lame and David Schwimmer might as well just get it over with and change his name by deed poll to Ross Geller. The clumsiness in which the script writer tried to inject some "drama" by having them chased by pirates is laughable and it becomes tedious soon after their arrival.
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April 25, 2007
Better than it had any right to be.
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April 16, 2007
Be sure with who you're gonna marry and Anne is so lovely here!
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December 27, 2006
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November 25, 2006
this really good!
i like david schwimmer
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½ November 10, 2006
Great movie.
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½ October 19, 2006
I laughed at Ford and Heche arguing after the plane crashed on an unknown deserted island.
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