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That "Skyfall" looks strikingly beautiful may explain why it has already generated waves of positive buzz. At two hours and 25 minutes, the movie runs far too long, but has been artfully rendered to obscure its fundamental simplicity.

October 24, 2012 Full Review Source: indieWIRE | Comments (48)


Rami Nawfal

Rami Nawfal

Since I haven't seen the film yet I'm not going to go grab a flamethrower, but I don't really trust anything you're saying.

Oct 24 - 12:04 PM

Sebastian De Castro

Sebastian De Castro

Seems like you've held a grudge on skyfall for a while. Isn't it interesting to see that you're in the 5% that doesnt like this movie? Seems to shout it out.

Oct 24 - 12:28 PM

Efrain S.

Efrain Sanchez

I think Skyfall violated his pride, now he wants revenge!

Oct 24 - 07:24 PM

John Wynn

John Wynn

You gave the film a B and it shows up as a negative review. Odd. Either way I appreciate some of the criticism you level but admittedly find it harder to take seriously given your "Universal Soldier" statement. Echos of Armond White I suppose.

Oct 24 - 12:42 PM

Ben Homes

Ben Homes

damn, Skyfall had 98percent till this

Oct 24 - 01:09 PM

Scott Barber

Scott Barber

Was this a serious review, or a joke?

Oct 24 - 01:12 PM


Sean Pak

...Were you expecting something other than simplicity in a Bond film?

We're talking 007. If it looks beautiful, is entertaining and well-made, a simple plot should be excused.

Oct 24 - 01:22 PM


First Last

This is getting silly - now Grade B is classed as "Rotten".

.. makes it hard to take seriously.

It had the same problem as the other negative review - it says a load of positive things, and then finishes with the headline stinker.
That, to me, shows that they're only out to grab some headlines, with any honesty tucked away in the meat of the review.

Oct 24 - 01:27 PM

Nick Meise

Nick Meise

Can we just get rid of all the hipsters who write movie reviews? That would clean most of the garbage on this site and movie ratings would be accurate for once!

Oct 24 - 02:22 PM

Zach Thomas

Zach Idiculla

...What are you talking about?

Oct 24 - 04:23 PM

Steven J.

Steven Jones

The morons like this man who give it a B though twist it to be a "rotten" review for instance. His review is invalid and you know it.

Oct 26 - 01:13 AM

John J.

John Johnson

Yes and while we are at it, let's remove freedom of speech and having your opinion. Imagine if you fuckers were in charge of a country, you would be true dictators...

Oct 26 - 06:19 AM

Breck Wilson

Breck Wilson

Actually, a lot of what this movie is trying to say is "deeper" than most any other Bond film. The fact that you say that "Universal Soldier" is better, is absolutely ridiculous. It's almost like you know this is a good film, but the hipster deep inside you can't accept it, so you have to fight against the "mainstream". It amazes me how people like you even have a job as a movie critic...

Oct 24 - 08:16 PM

This comment has been removed.

Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor

If you speak so highly of following source material then why was M, who was always a male in the books, changed into Dame Judy Dench in Goldeneye? You dont seem to have a problem with that, or did you not even realise that M was actually a dude? Its a change of pace, a character is a personality not a colour. Get over it.

Oct 25 - 07:50 AM

Nancy McCrary

Nancy McCrary

OH! you beat me to it-I was going to mention that!...Or the fact that this Bond is blonde with blue eyes, and in the books, he is clearly described as having dark looks [like Hoagy Carmichael (singer)].

Oct 26 - 04:01 PM

Justin LeClair

Justin LeClair

The books took place in the early 50s, and this movie takes place in the 2010's... Explains why there were updates.

Besides the 50 year difference of setting, we now have:
Blond/Blue eyed Bond
Female M
Black Moneypenny
Young Q (Who was just referred to as Major Boothroyd in the novels and in Dr. No.)

The original novels were packed with racism, especially towards Koreans...

I don't see any other reason for not liking the change of Moneypenny other than just plain not liking black people.

Oct 26 - 08:28 PM


Darrell Kay

Get a grip, Geordie.

Nov 5 - 05:10 PM

Sam Gallagher-Wright

Sam Gallagher-Wright

Thanks for the spoiler...

Oct 26 - 07:13 AM

Ruth Henderson

Ruth Henderson

" Too many notes. "

Oct 24 - 09:01 PM

Austin W.

Austin Williamson

This guy believes people gave this movie a good review because it LOOKED good? Okay, sure dude

Oct 24 - 09:56 PM

Surjith Bhaskar

Surjith Bhaskar

ROFL right mate ha ha ha

Oct 25 - 09:30 PM

Malay Agarwal

Malay Agarwal

Eric Kohn.....Pls Son't Critize The Things Tht U Don't Know About...Plssssss

Oct 24 - 10:55 PM

D.j. Clement

D.j. Clement

not only a cheap Universal Soldier plug in your title, but then another in the BOLDED excerpt about halfway down the review - that's about as far as i got in the review before tuning it completely out.

Oct 25 - 12:47 AM

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