What do you guys think about action sequences and storyline?

Himanshu Pant
11-9-2012 07:41 AM

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tim c.

tim campbell

"Logic doesn't enter into James Bond movies, it's escapism." Yes. There's a certain level and kind of impossible we expect in 007 movies. What bothers me is there is a big difference between the rottentomato %s of 92/88 and what I thought and what anyone I know who saw it thought. When I saw it I gave it a 75. My friends who saw it another place and time without talking to me about it gave it a 70. IMDB has a 8/10 showing.

RottenTomatoes has moved comments to the bottom of the page with a 2 line editing window.

These rottentomatoes is more an advertisement and hype center than a public movie review site. If only they could get rid of the peoples comments all together...

Dec 28 - 04:02 AM

Glenn Forsyth

Glenn Forsyth

Logic doesn't enter into James Bond movies, it's escapism. They had a huge task ahead of them here trying to rescue the series from the disaster that was Quantum Of Solace. This is the logical follow up to Casino Royale and gives birth to and establishes some well known Bond characters. The next two Craig films should be the ones that set the Bond character in stone forever more as the Double O's become the MI6 secret elite with anywhere between 3 and 12 agents active at a time. Bond is now working in the shadows just as Fleming had him working in the books. Craig is contracted for two more films and Skyfall is a good beginning to set up some classic adventures yet to come. producers do not want another QOS so they will be careful not to make the same mistake twice. Is it time to re make one? Could they do Dr No again? Can they re-invent Blofeld and Spectre? It will be interesting to see what they will come up with.

Nov 27 - 03:56 PM

Dyson Lu

Dyson Lu

How was QoS a disaster? Because of the ratings? I didn't like it the first time I saw it. Then, I saw it again and again and liked it a lot. Is it because there's too much happening and too fast (switching locations very quickly) that people couldn't follow and therefore, say it's a mess?

Jan 3 - 03:39 PM

Phyllis Huang

Phyllis Huang

I've seen 19 of them. For a Daniel Craig Bond, the action scenes were lackluster. Loved the opening action sequences in Casino Royale and Quantum much better.

Nov 24 - 11:07 PM

Dyson Lu

Dyson Lu

Agreed. The opening action sequence in Skyfall was pretty good but then everything afterwards fell flat. Action/fight with the assassin in highrise: just okay, nothing to write home about. Fights in Macau Casino = lame; Chasing Silva = lame; Shooting in courtroom, not bad, there was a dramatic atmosphere with slomo and the music; Final battle = home alone, super lame! So all in all, it was lazy, and like you said lackluster. In QoS and CR, there was much much more and better action scenes.

Dec 22 - 12:25 AM

Alex H.

Alex Haines

i have only seen four james bond movies (Dr. No and all three Daniel Craig movies) and this one is my personal favorite of them all. i loved the storyline and the action.

Nov 24 - 07:26 PM


Le Anne Lindsay

I've still yet to catch up on many of the classic James Bond movies featuring Sean Connery and Roger Moore. And although I enjoy the franchise on the whole, the Bond movies I've seen are all a vague memory to me; even the most recent two preceding Skyfall, featuring Daniel Craig.

So I maybe incorrect in saying Skyfall seems to be the most sentimental of all the Bond flicks with its themes of being put out to pasture, a wet behind the ears Q (Ben Whishaw) and love/hate mother issues involving M (Judi Dench). But it seems to me, it was less plot driven, less action driven and more relationship driven. - tinseltine.com

Nov 11 - 03:13 PM

Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown

Action sequences were great. Storyline was great as well, despite some logic flaws.

Nov 9 - 06:15 PM

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