Sneak Peek: Inside Broken Lizard's Next Film, Slammin' Salmon


The Broken Lizard boys have built a following out of their signature brand of fraternal comedy; RT brings you the scoop on their latest flick, The Slammin' Salmon, straight from the set! Back to Article



connor story

broken lizard movies are the best slapstick comedies ever to be created beerfest and super troopers are dread not so much cant wait for this

Mar 5 - 05:55 PM


L Smith

The Lizards are at least trying to make funny and good movies. They do most of the time and don't just put out anything that might get a chuckle. Sorry Will Farrell but it's the truth.

Mar 5 - 06:52 PM


jack giroux

I loved SUPER TROOPERS and I really liked BEERFEST, but I hated CLUB DREDD and DUKES OF HAZZARDS. Im looking foward to this.

Mar 5 - 06:58 PM


Arend Anton

I thought they were doing some comedy about greek philosophers. What happened to that?

Mar 5 - 08:00 PM


First Last

I'm sort of looking forward to it. Beerfest had a some really funny moments but was 20 minutes too long and the story was awful at times. I hardly know anyone who bothered to see Club Dredd. the movie should be 90-100 minutes

Mar 5 - 10:12 PM


Tommy D

I can't believe that these guys are allowed to keep making movies. It's all been crap thus far.

Mar 5 - 10:25 PM


Geoff Gardner

"kissman" and "liquid swords" didn't like super troopers...... neither one of you have any kind of sense of humor. keep painting your faces and studying middle earth.

Jun 29 - 04:22 PM


Ballsack Enormous

these guys own

Mar 5 - 10:50 PM


nolan turner

that's an extremely shallow plot for a movie.

but whatever.

super troopers was awful.

beerfest was worse.

so who knows.

Mar 5 - 10:52 PM


connor story

liquad swords ur a dumb#@# how could u people whoever said that supertroopers is bad u can all burn

Mar 12 - 03:17 PM


Will Massaro

I really think these guys are a one trick pony. But they are still lightyears ahead of those terrible parody movies that keep coming out. How many times can we make fun of tom cruise in the same stupid Oprah's Couch joke, really?

Mar 6 - 12:13 AM


Tommy Thevenet

I will see this when it comes out.

Mar 6 - 04:17 AM


Gimy Moo

this guys are kinda hit and miss...but they're still a better bet than any will ferrell movie. its sad that club dredd wasn't good...considering RIIIIIIIDICULOUSLY hot brittany daniel was in there...

they sold me when they mentioned Gaffigan...dude is hilarious

Mar 6 - 05:09 AM


scot k

These should be straight to DVD movies. The only time they're funny is when you have a room full of drunkin, 20 year old guys, and a 3 foot bong. I guess theres a time and place for every sh-tty movie.

Mar 6 - 07:44 AM


Daniel Klein

'Super Troopers' was f#cking inspired awesomeness.

'Club Dread' was pretty weak with maybe one or two funny moments

'Dukes' wasn't really their film- it was a studio film that they did in order to make their bones with the industry, maybe get some studio cred. More of a nostalgia vehicle for Dukes fans than a 'broken lizard' movie.

'Beerfest' was almost on par with Super Troopers though it was basically more of the same.

This move sounds like it will also be the same, but it's still pretty friggin' funny stuff. I'm looking forward to this.

Has anyone seen their first film, 'Puddle Cruiser?' I keep seeing it at Blockbuster but I confess I can't work up the interest to rent it.

Mar 6 - 07:45 AM

Jody C.

Jody Chambers

@TombstoneLawDog.... Unless you're a HUGE fan of everything Broken Lizard, I'd avoid Puddle Cruiser. It's just not really got much of "teh funny."

I didn't mind Club Dread so much, but as a follow-up to Super Troopers, it was definitely lacking. There's a handfull of funny stuff in there though. Better than Puddle Cruiser, that's for sure.

Jan 7 - 04:52 PM


Jonathan Sabo

Super troopers is a funny a$$ movie that I watch whenever it come on......I also laughed my a$$ off at beerfest can't wait to see what else they come up with.

Mar 6 - 07:58 AM

Weston B

Weston Burleson

looking forward to it

Mar 6 - 10:42 AM


Dan Mills

The first half-hour of Troopers was absolutely inspired hilarity. The check-cashing that was Dukes of Hazzard knocked the crew down a bit.

Mar 6 - 11:42 AM


Mark Berkowitz

Beerfest was hysterical, these guys know stupid comedy so well. yeah club dredd was unwatchable. Their movies are way better than the Farrely flicks nowadays

Mar 6 - 12:05 PM


David Hatton

I guess I'm in the minority in saying that I enjoyed all 3 major releases (haven't seen Puddle Cruiser yet - same boat as TombstoneLawDog). Bill Paxton made Club Dread worth the price of admission alone, IMO...

Mar 6 - 01:22 PM


william mccloskey

oliva munn!!!! YES!!! That chick can get it!!!!

Mar 6 - 02:19 PM


Vincent Cidoni

Does anyone care what some dude named kissman thinks, hey lets paint our faces, wear leather and act like we have an ounce of talent. Keep living in the past kissman and most or all Keep Rocking

Mar 6 - 03:19 PM

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