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Sleep Tight Reviews

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familiar s

Super Reviewer

August 11, 2013
Having majority liked the movie, the director's efforts seems to have gone in vain. He failed in torturing most of the audience & making them unhappy. I'd have been one of the victims had he paced it too slow, but given the case, I found it passable.
Stuart B

Super Reviewer

May 27, 2013
Excellent thriller. Very tense and a great story. The performance of the main character is nothing short of brilliant.
Saskia D

Super Reviewer

October 28, 2012
Any of you read my review on The Tenant? This movie delivered what that movie didn't. I like it when a movie doesn't show you everything and surprises you.

Super Reviewer

March 10, 2013
Cesar (Tosar) lives an unfulfilled life, telling us in the movie's opening of his inability to find happiness. He works as the concierge of a high class Barcelona apartment building where, outwardly at least, he enjoys good relations with the tenants, who find him helpful and charming. Unbeknownst to them, with the exception of a young girl whose silence he buys, Cesar is obsessed with a female tenant, Clara (Etura). Each night he uses his keys to sneak into Clara's apartment, hiding under her bed until she falls asleep, at which point he chloroforms her, spending the night with in bed with her lifeless body. When Clara begins to bring home her boyfriend Marcos (San Juan), things become a lot more complicated for Cesar.
Spanish director Balaguero burst onto the international scene as one half of the directing team behind 'Rec', one of the few genuinely impressive entries in the much derided found footage cycle. He and his directing partner, Paco Plaza, went on to give us the equally impressive sequel, 'Rec 2' but the duo decided to go their seperate ways, with Plaza taking the reigns for 'Rec 3: Genesis'. With that movie being an absolute disaster, many of us pondered whether Balaguero was the one with all the talent, a Simon to Plaza's Garfunkel. On the evidence of 'Sleep Tight', Balaguero's first movie post-split, it seems we were correct to assume so.
Along with screenwriter Alberto Marini, Balaguero gives us a deliciously dark thriller in the vein of classic Hitchcock. As with 'Rec', the action takes place in an apartment building whose tenants resemble the characters from 'Rear Window', while the concierge is a direct descendant of Norman Bates. Like Hitch, Balaguero has the ability to make us pull for a character who we should find completely despicable. The movie's strongest set-piece occurs when Clara brings home her new lover, unaware Cesar is waiting under the bed. The couple's lovemaking shakes the bed, releasing a vial of chloroform onto Cesar. Watching him try to squirm his way out of this precarious situation is the most suspenseful sequence I've enjoyed in quite a while. The film ends rather weakly but there's enough tension throughout to satisfy the most demanding of suspense fans.

Super Reviewer

October 18, 2011
Thi is the latest movie of director who brought you "REC", Jaume BAlagueró. "Sleep Tight" is dark psychological thriller that from surface the plot might seems similar to other movies but the good acting, directing and the psychological matter of what can a envious and unhappy person can do to others to make themselves happy is a subject for studying because there are people who are really like the main actor in real life.
The most probably is that girls after watching this movie will check under their beds before going to sleep.
October 28, 2013
You see some movies and think, "What the hell was the person who wrote it thinking??". Well, this is a very unsettling story that had me thinking that way. It was also very unique in that it was told from the perspective of the antagonist. As a viewer it had me more into the story than if it had been written from Clara's perspective. During the scenes where Cesar would almost get caught, I was probably just as nervous as he was, which is crazy, because shouldn't I be hoping he gets caught? Again, very unique. Does this scare the s*%$ out of me now? Uh, yes! That's what I expect out of a good horror movie though.
May 24, 2013
This was a strange and creepy movie. There are some elements that feel just a little too real. It is disturbing to think that there are really people out there dealing with Cesar amounts of obsession.
February 28, 2013
From Spanish Jaume Balaguero (Rec, Rec 2, The Nameless, etc.), Sleep Tight is a stylish little horror film that concerns an apartment doorman who believes than he cannot experience happiness, so he tries to rob others of happiness. He meets a challenge in an always chipper and beautiful young female tenant who initially seems immune to his tamer intrusions into her life. Consequently, Cesar begins to become more and more extreme in his invasions of her home. A dark, twisted, and unsettling film, Sleep Tight explores the fundamental human desire to inscribe meaning upon our lives and how that can go wrong when it slips into a kind of narcissism or solipsism that seeks meaning at the expense of others.
February 22, 2013
Top notch, creepy, atmospheric, disturbing Spanish thriller. Tosar, the male lead, is especially effective as the doorman Cesar. Really good stuff. It will give you the willies.
March 25, 2014
wow.... THIS blew me a great read I could not stop watching....chilling....bravo!
October 19, 2013
A quite disturbing stalker thriller. Well acted lead. Psychologically creepy and memorable. 7.5/10
February 7, 2014
Cracking psychological horror :)
lucy w.
February 4, 2014
Despite some unlikely plot elements - the inutility of police officers, for example, that despite all the subtle clues can't find the real "criminal" -, this film is a tense, dark and very uncomfortable thriller, thanks to, particularly, Luis Tosar's chilling and haunting performance. His cold and inhumane psychopath, incapable of feeling happiness, is the one of the major highlights in this horror movie; intensified by Balagueró's objective and suspenseful direction. The ending is all the more unpleasant, leaving a sour taste in the mouth. Recommended.
February 4, 2014
Horror of the best kind. This psychological suspense-driven feature plays off the idea of corrupting trust without ever resorting to actual violence or gore. Through the eyes of a demented man obsessed with diminishing the happiness of others lives, we share in his evil ways and embark on his horrifying quest. From the lead director on REC and REC2, this is a film not to miss.
December 19, 2013
ever watched movie which the main cast as antagonist? "Silence of Lambs" , "Human Sentipede" ? sure those two movie is the best in those year. but we have the best in 2012. yes, "Sleep Tight" is the champion of the year for psycho and suspense movie. this movie is very dark, clever and original. every meaning of scene delivering very smoothly by director. if you expect more shock and tense scene, this movie won`t give us that but if you want see truly character and original from the maniac, sure this movie can give us. Big kudos for Luis Tosar. his acting isn`t out of border line but very natural and fool which drawing us the humanity from this maniac. this movie is prefer give us the humanity side than almighty maniac which we often see in other similar movie. even you will care and feel sympathy for him. the ending is too brutal i think but that`s how movie like this end the final. but if you think this is full of blood and mutilation movie, it is not. brought in spanish and by all spanish cast.
m_ s.
November 15, 2012
I liked it, but it isn't a horror movie!
December 8, 2013
A very intense thriller that is perfectly paced and creepy to watch in all the right ways. Luis Tosar is as odd and scary as Anthony Perkins was in Psycho. I don't think I am going to go to sleep ever again.
November 19, 2013
'Sleep Tight' is the complete opposite of 'The Resident.' Well made, well acted, a gutsy ending that real horror fans will love, and a villain so twisted, so horrific, that you won't be able to deny the enjoyment you get on his path to true happiness.

Luis Tosar is excellent.
November 3, 2013
True, when you call a thriller "Hitchcockian," you risk overstating your enthusiasm. And yet, this creepy slow-burner, with its entirely credible and relentless villain, deserves nothing less. All the more surprising as this is from the same team that brought us the zombie gore-fest that was "[REC]". Is it a fact that Spain produces some of the best psychological thrillers of the past decade? "The Secrets in Their Eyes"? "The Orphanage"? You bet.
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