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November 4, 2011
Slugs is a fun B movie about killer meat eating Slugs. The film should be viewed by every horror fan that enjoys nature gone wild films. Though it has a very silly premise, Slugs doesn't disappoint. Gore hounds will enjoy the amounts of gore that the film offers. Slugs is a fun horror comedy and though it doesn't have any good acting, the film more than makes up for that with the effective gore effects. Pieces director Juan Piquer Simon has fun with the script, and delivers a film that is a lot of fun to watch. Slugs is of course silly, but what do you expect? This is still a film worth seeing, and for horror fans that enjoy silly horror, Slugs is a definite must see film. Like I said, the effects are great and it's what makes this film worth seeing. Slugs is different than your regular killer creature film, and it works. The film may be imperfect, however it is very entertaining. Slugs can easily be seen as a guilty pleasure and though the premise is ludicrous, the film has enough good elements to make it an enjoyable viewing experience. The film has great gore, and a decent story, and the acting isn't too bad considering, but it definitely isn't the best either. This still a good horror comedy and it will definitely appeal to fans of silly horror films. With a film titled such as Slugs, you can't really expect a phenomenal bone chilling horror film can you? A good film, that has some good gore effects that is the standout of the film.
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½ August 20, 2009
Slugs, Muerte Viscosa is set in the small American town of Ashton where two lovers (Erik Swanson & Karen Landberg) are out in a boat on a river, after dangling his foot in the water the guy is pulled in & soon after the water turns blood red... That night Ron Bell (Stan Schwartz) the local drunk (every town has one) staggers home, once inside his pigsty of a house he is attacked & partially eaten by vicious slimy flesh eating Slugs. The following morning Mike Brady (Michael Garfield) the town's health inspector together with Sheriff Reese (John Battaglia) head for Ron's house to evict him, inside they discover his half eaten corpse & a load of slime across the floor. Meanwhile an elderly woman named Jean Morris (Lucia Prado) complains to her husband Harold (Juan Majan) that her plants are covered in Slug eggs, while Harold isn't looking a Slug crawls into his glove. Harold puts his glove back on (just the thought of this in reality really grosses me out) & feels intense pain which makes him thrash about & cause an accident that blows his greenhouse up. The mysterious deaths continue at an alarming rate, after examining the evidence Mike suspects that killer Slugs mutated by toxic waste may be responsible but has a hard time convincing anyone. Can Mike, sanitation inspector Don Palmer (Philip McHale) & scientist John Foley (Santiago Alvarez) find a way to stop the Slugs before they eat the entire town?

This Spanish American co-production was co-written, co-produced & directed by Juan Piquer Simon as is one of those so bad it's good goofy horror films that just entertains on a stupid moronic level, we have had killer Bee, Crocodile, Bear, Shark, Spider & Snake films so why not killer Slugs? First of all I must say that I have a real fear & dislike for Slugs, as in real life. I'm not sure why but I just find them disgusting, maybe it's the slime or how they look I don't know but some of the footage in Slugs really grossed me out, not the gore but just the Slugs themselves. The script by Simon, Jose Antonio Escriva & Ron Gantman is based on the novel 'Slugs' by Shaun Hutson & is really dumb, the best way I can describe it is imagine a slasher film like Friday the 13th (1980) with slugs instead of Jason as the film goes from one scene of someone being killed by Slugs before they disappear to another just as a film like Friday the 13th would go from one murder to another. Don't expect a eco-disaster film like The Swarm (1978) where the whole town is evacuated & the army move in. Some of the dialogue in Slugs, Muerte Viscosa is absolutely hilarious, from the grumpy Sheriff's wisecracks to the fact that the filmmakers thought we would all be so stupid as to not know what Slugs eat so they include a scene in which a health inspector ask's a scientist! It's almost as if they were making a comedy horror although I suspect that the very fact Slugs, Muerte Viscosa had a mainly Spanish crew would account for the awkward & silly dialogue. Also someone should tell the filmmakers that Slugs don't swim in water & in regard to any potential victims why couldn't they just walk, lets face it Slugs travel about 10 feet an hour, away? Oh, & how do Slugs drag a dead body along, pull someone under water or yank a bar out of someone's hand?

Director Simon doesn't do much to liven things up & the film hasn't got any sort of style to it. On a (very) positive note he doesn't mind splashing the blood & gore around, there are numerous gory half eaten bodies, someone cuts his own hand off with an axe, lots of blood spraying, horrible scenes of people covered in Slugs (quite literally possibly my worst nightmare) & a gross sequence where an unlucky man has lots of Slug parasites eat their way out of him with blood splattering results.

Technically Slugs, Muerte Viscosa isn't too bad with the gory special make-up effects being particularly impressive & the Slugs themselves look good as well, having said that I presume they used real Slugs so they would look good, wouldn't they? Shot partly in Spain the locations are OK, the photography is fine & as a whole it's fairly well made. However, the acting is pretty bad & most of it looks dubbed.

Deep down I know Slugs, Muerte Viscosa is a terrible film but there was something about it that just entertained me, maybe the gore, maybe the silliness of it all or maybe the fact that I have had a real psychological dislike & morbid fear of Slugs for as long as I can remember. I can't in good heart recommend it but on a personal level I liked it. They Ooze... They Slime... They Kill... Slugs!
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September 24, 2008
Hilarious in every conceivable bad way. Starting off with some poorly dubbed over lines and even less convincing acting. Then we are treated to the title Slugs...The Movie. Just so you don't get confused going in thinking this may be the novel. It is definitely the film version. We are soon in a small town where people demand their questions answered but refuse to answer anybody else's. Every body seems kind of pissed to be living here, especially the sheriff who has a go at everyone. He'll shout at you for doing your job or for not doing your job, he really doesn't give a fuck. Nice to see that some of the best takes the film could get of certain lines were of the actors blowing them. Stammering and stuttering their way through a lifeless script. Some nice FX of exploding eyeballs, the film however cannot make up for the fact that slugs are just not threatening. People try and chop off their own hands, things explode and the dialogue is so outrageous you'll be laughing all the way to the upbeat music of the last shot. Huzzah.
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September 18, 2011
A highly enjoyable and entertaining film from Juan Piquer Simon (of Pieces infamy). That should indicate to you the kind of experience this is going to be. It is a fairly cheesy, but also highly enjoyable 80's genre horror film. This one isn't quite as zany and batshit crazy as pieces, but you can still tell this is made by the same person. Technically probably a better film, with a slightly more unique premise, than Piences which when all is said and done was a generic slasher flick, albeit one with it's own personality, and dark sense of humour. This time around, a small towns water supply has been infested by a rare breed of carnivorous slugs. People keep turning up devoured, and the mutant slug theory for this is naturally thrown out as the insane ramblings of an overworked health inspector. Ultimately the health inspector must take it upon himself to destory these vermin, so concocts chemical compound that will burn the slugs, and naturally blow up most of the town. While not excessive in its gore, there are a few scenes that will satsify the gorehounds (the restaurant scene, the greenhouse scene and the bedroom scene mainkly.) There are a lot of explosions so pyros should enjoy themselves with this one as well. Not as much unintentional (or was it intentional?) humour as Pieces. This feels like a slightly more accomplished and more professionally made film. Not a dull moment to be found. Recommended.
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January 9, 2011
""Slugs" had the potential to be a fun b-movie but instead it becomes very boring along with the terrible acting and pacing.
There's afew gore scenes in the movie but nothing too special and there's a version of 3 minutes of the movie on youtube if you are interested in checking the gore scenes but it doesn't even worth the 3 minutes.
December 13, 2013
Based on the novel of the same name (seriously??), this European-American co-production is lacking in logic or skill but manages to be marginally entertaining based on its sheer ludicrous-ness and gratuitous splatter scenes. Blatantly rote in story but that's actually part of its minor as it may be,
January 11, 2010
Another winner from the guy who brought us Pieces. Although this is a completely different kind of film. Slugs combines the small town invasion theme of the 50's with the over the top splatter effects of the 80's to form a film that's balls to the wall fun and gooey. Horny teens and dim witted locals are about to become lunch. Don't forget to wash the lettuce!
April 19, 2010
Slugs o Muerte Viscosa, how it's called here, is a nice piece of art from the creator of Mil Gritos Tiene La Noche.
July 12, 2006
Great fun. Hilarious dialogue and sliminess abound. And of course, they had to find the most difficult and dangerous way to get rid of the slugs. Apparently these people had never heard of a little thing called SALT.
June 22, 2007
Well... it was... interesting... Not my favorite cult movie, it was all around pretty stupid, but enjoyable for the one or two redeeming moments it has,
½ April 16, 2007
Juan Piquer Simon, the man who gave us one of the greatest slasher movies of all time, Pieces, returns with this mutant killer animal turned monster movie. Basically what we got here is a badly dubbed remake of Squirm, except instead of mutated killer worms eating people we got mutated killer garden slugs. You see a bunch of toxic waste got loose in a small town?s sewer system and it turned the average run of the mill slugs into crazed bloodthirsty killers. (Toxic waste basically did for 80?s horror movies what the atom bomb was for the horror films of the 50?s, which is to mutate and turn animals into homicidal monsters.) In the end, the slugs crash a Halloween party while the health inspector hero blows them up real good causing thousands of dollars of property damage in the process. Since slugs are extremely slow moving, the only way for a character to be truly in danger of being killed is to stupidly fall face first into a pit of them. But don?t worry; it happens a lot in this movie. The plentiful gore set pieces include a guy hacking his own hand off, lots of close-ups of devoured corpses, a slug gulping down a hamster, a guy?s head erupting with hundreds of creepy crawlers cascading out of his cranium, a victim?s guts spewing out of his stomach, and the standout scene where a horny couples f**king is interrupted by the slimy suckers. While it?s no Pieces, Simon definitely delivers the good when it comes to the gore. The other scenes that don?t involve slimy, flesh eating slugs are just filler, but with so much gross stuff happening, you won?t give a sh**. The atrociously dubbed dialogue contains lines such as ?You?re a fountain of knowledge!?, ?Killer slugs? What?s next demented crickets??, and ?You don?t have the authority to declare happy birthday! Not in this town!?, which add to the hilarity.
July 20, 2015
where does it continue on what movie since that one slug looks like its dividing into 2 slugs
March 29, 2015
Much better than it deserves to be because of the excellent death scenes. It's the kind of movie that encourages you to laugh with it instead of laughing at it.
½ January 25, 2014
They must have spent most of the budget on the special effects and none on the writing for this awesomely bad b-movie. The wooden characters and dialogue are nearly overshadowed by the gory effects...nearly.
August 5, 2013
they slime. they ooze. they kill.
½ July 27, 2013
A small town experiences some deaths and disappearances which leave officials with no answers. When one man discovers that mutant meat-eating slugs are to blame, he is laughed at. Soon it is discovered he is correct and the source of their new powers is a toxic dump. Some gruesome scenes, but all-in-all solid, average 80s fare.
½ June 19, 2013
the worst use of goddamn i have ever see, pretty funny, and to think this was based on a book... wow.
January 7, 2013
Near absolute garbage. Not much entertainment value here unless you have a slug fetish or are a bad movie masochist. Barely got one star due to the ridiculously over-the-top ending involving what must have been most of the production money in a pyrotechnics display that produced a rare smile in this otherwise dull and utterly stupid "monster" B-movie.'s a horror film about slugs. It's as bad and ridiculous as it sounds.
½ August 13, 2012
Writer Shaun Hutson has been pretty vocal at his dismay of the limp treatment of his brutally horrifying novel got where the antagonistic slugs look more like lawn cigars instead of the dynamic hunters he wrote.

Without any humour or skill in the effects (i used the word "effects" for lack of any other word to describe static sausages playing the part of the slugs) the movie is a trial to get through and not nearly competent enough to be fun ridiculing.
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