Total Recall: We Rank The Oscar Nominees!

We run through every single feature film that was graced with a 2008 Academy Award nomination.

by Ryan Fujitani and Tim Ryan | Thursday, Feb. 19 2009

This Sunday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will bequeath little gold statuettes to films that it believes exemplify the finest in moviemaking. We at Rotten Tomatoes figured it was a good time to run down every single feature film that's up for an Oscar, as well as compiling other major awards season honors each movie has received. And of course, we've included the Tomatometers for each film, lest the critics be lost in the shuffle.

Departures - N/A

Oscar Nomination: Best Foreign Film

Other Major Awards: None

Departures, Japan's Academy Award entry, has yet to be distributed in the United States. The film, which tells the story of an unemployed cellist who becomes a funeral professional, gained some recognition on the festival circuit.

The Garden - N/A

Oscar Nomination: Best Documentary

Other Major Awards: None

Scott Hamilton Kennedy's doc about a 14-acre community garden in Los Angeles, has yet to see a theatrical release. Established in the wake of the 1992 riots, the garden, located in South Central, becomes a community rallying point, before development threatens its existence.

Defiance (54% )

Oscar Nomination: Best Score (James Newton Howard)

Other Major Awards: None

Defiance tells the undeniably powerful story of Jewish resistance during World War II. Unfortunately, it's one of the worst-reviewed films nominated for an Oscar. Still, the Academy was impressed by James Newton Howard's passionate score.

Australia (54% )

Oscar Nomination: Best Costume Design (Catherine Martin)

Other Major Awards: None

Baz Luhrmann's ambitious, continent-sized drama/romance failed to inflame the passions of critics or audiences. However, the film could not be accused of lacking impeccable detail, and thus, the Academy took notice of the quality threads throughout.

The Duchess (59% )

Oscar Nominations (2): Best Costume Design (Michael O'Connor), Best Art Direction (Michael Carlin and Rebecca Alleway)

Other Major Awards: BAFTA, Best Costume Design (O'Connor)

This period drama, starring Keira Knightley as a descendent of Princess Di, received mixed notices from the critics. However, few quibbled with the sumptuous look of The Duchess, which got Oscar nods for its art direction and costumes.