Remake Buzz: "Supergirl" and "Teen Wolf"??


Got a pair of news bites regarding two potential remakes: One would mark the return of Kal-El's cousin and the other would be ... a remake of "Teen Wolf"? Really? Back to Article



Bryan Lee

Actually, Dark Horizons made note that Welling is up for a role that ISN'T the lead.

Mar 28 - 03:30 AM


Paul Parker

Isn't Tricia Helfer a little too old to be playing super[b]girl[/b]?

Mar 28 - 05:36 AM


Carl Myers

these are both terrible ideas.

Mar 28 - 05:41 AM


Bevan Calo

Welling does not need to go lower than Smalliville right now. It's cheesy enough.

Yeah, Helfer is too old.

You want the popular vote: Hayden Panetierre (Heroes) or even Jessica Biel.

Mar 28 - 05:43 AM


Ricky Rodriguez

Remakes... that's all there seems to be these days. Well, that and continuous recycling of ideas. I would like to see a new Supergirl movie... if done right. But Teen Wolf... passsssssss

Mar 28 - 07:02 AM


john smith

im pretty sure the LAST teen wolf was played by jason bateman. in teen wolf too.

Mar 28 - 07:10 AM


David Goldman

for some reason a remake of "Teen Wolf" seems very appropiate

Mar 28 - 07:10 AM


Bevan Calo

since remakes are the thing, they should go into the vaults and remake BAD MOVIES.

Mar 28 - 07:22 AM


Cap Nord

I agree. At least then they can claim they had good reason for the remake.

Mar 28 - 01:14 PM


G. Keith Cable

At least noone cares enough about either of these movies to care what get's done with them...

I hope they keep Teen Wolf a comedy, after all Canada already gave us the serious version, and it was actually pretty good.

Mar 28 - 08:11 AM


Nancy Elizabeth

Er.... why???

Mar 28 - 08:14 AM

Yeah Write

Austin Light

We need a new Teen Wolf like we need a new Ninja Turtles....oh wait

Mar 28 - 08:27 AM


Brian Bara

As much as I hate remakes, I have to say that in these two instances, they can't possibly be worse than the originals, so why not?

Mar 28 - 08:49 AM


Han Nguyen

[b]ummmm Helen Slater...[/b]
Helen Slater on herself dressed up in the Supergirl costume: "I looked like a jackass!"

We can all watch Teen Wolf practically everyday. It's called the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe is the ball hogging wolf and the rest of those idiots just stand around. (Sorry, I stole this observation from ESPN's Sports Guy)

Mar 28 - 08:50 AM


Arend Anton

[b]didn't we already see a remake of "Teen Wolf"?[/b]
it was called "Air Bud"

buh dum dum.

Mar 28 - 09:33 AM


Josh Quarles

On both counts.

The first Teen Wolf wasn't a comedy? I must have seen a different movie.

Mar 28 - 10:39 AM


bob askins

supergirl? the lamest superhero since antman in a movie?! bleah. And teen wolf?! what year is this? 1985?!


Mar 28 - 11:06 AM

Floor Man

Floor Man

NO more remakes! Pleeeease!

Mar 28 - 12:20 PM


Sebastian Straub-Wolfskill

Though Tom Welling is super hot! Teen Wolf has always sucked!

Mar 28 - 01:13 PM


Cap Nord

I agree. At least then they can claim they had good reason for the remake.

Mar 28 - 01:14 PM


sebastian nye

[b]Tricia Helfer?[/b]
Then you better title it SUPER BONY OLD LADY.

Mar 28 - 02:55 PM

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