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Smokey and the Bandit, Pt. 3 Reviews

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Super Reviewer

March 20, 2007
This is one of the biggest stinker Smokey and the Bandit series. The Bandit may be back, but it ain't Burt Reynolds. The plot is putrid, the supporting cast is horrible, and there is actually a point during all this mess when the pity for Jackie Gleason lifts.
Chris G

Super Reviewer

January 29, 2009
This film is garbage. Pure garbage. Take your standard Burt Reynolds movie plot from this era. yeah, they're chasing after something. This time it's a stuffed fish.

Yes, I'm serious. Just when you thought the pregnant elephant plot was stupid, we get the stuffed fish.Jackie Gleason spends the film discussing how his wife has hair on her face and a penis while Jerry Reed takes over the Bandit role from Burt Reynolds (he does make a cameo). That's a sign right there- Burt Reynolds wouldn't star in this garbage. This movie isn't bad. It's legendary bad.
Will Errickson
April 30, 2012
Mind-bogglingly bad. You watch it and wonder what kind of brain disorder the filmmakers had. Who ever considered Jackie Gleason funny? Glad those people are dead now.
May 10, 2010
Umm yeah, this should never have been made. Who considered the stuffed fish plot a good idea? And why make a Bandit movie without Burt?
July 5, 2008
This is perhaps the most embarrasingly bad sequel ever done, not just in the epic Bandit franchize. Reynolds isn't even in it except for an hallucination at the end. Justice and his cohorts spend the movie chasing Snowman in a different car and think the whole time they're chasing the Bandit. The only thing redeeming is they have a 1980 Trans Am, but still it makes you miss the 1977 car and the 1978 car more. Gleason looks tired and old in this. It was so bad it wasn't even funny.
February 9, 2009
I'd rate this one second of the three. If burt was still the star in the film and if it had more car chasing in it would have been better. Which is why the first is the best combo of the three, it just worked.
July 8, 2008
Mind-bogglingly bad. You watch it and wonder what kind of brain disorder the filmmakers had. Who ever considered Jackie Gleason funny? Glad those people are dead now.
July 8, 2008
I love the Smokey & the Bandit series...this one isn't quite with the same pizzaz and sheer wit as the first, but not bad.
March 19, 2008
The thrid one is just to much. The series was way passed it prime, and the story was non-existant. It totally sucked.
March 13, 2007
Big Enos and Little Enos have opened a seafood restaurant and want to promote it in their usual fashion. The Bandit is unavailable this time, though, so they enlist Buford. "Trigger" is brought out of mothballs, a large fish is strapped to the roof of the car, and the new Bandit is on his way on another wild cross-country run. But where there is the Bandit, there is Sheriff Buford T. Justice.
November 9, 2007
Jackie Gleason was funny. Burt Reynolds made a VERY small appearance. EVERYTHING was changed in this movie including the Trans Am. Cleatus becomes the bandit which was really weird. Very stupid story line. They only thing is movie was good for was the chase scenes. They really brought those back. Oh and they added some nudity to try to take away from the horrible plot.
August 13, 2007
The Smokey and the Bandit movies probably should have stopped after the original, but this third installment definitely should have never been made. This time it's just a complete waste of time. So many bad and unrealist gags fill this movie...like milk squirting out a car phone. I found myself groaning a lot and don't remember a single laugh. Do yourself a favor. If you find yourself needing a dose of The Bandit, stick with the original.
April 30, 2007
Bufford is now contracted by Big and Little enos to promote a seafood chain, and must mount and keep a stuffed hark to their roof during the entire journey. The Snowman now portraits the Bandit in a reverse role to chase the Sherriff and get the shark and make it to the finish line. If Bufford looses, he must give up his badge and retire.... And he does finally catch the Bandit at the end... but with surprising results..
January 8, 2007
4 out 5 just cause burt wasnt the star,jerry did great job,but wasnt the same without burt or fredd lol
October 12, 2006
I loved this movie for one reason, the chase....it was a cool car at the time and everyone wanted one...burt and sally made a cute couple for this movie. The language I could've done without...but if you can overlook that, and the fact they were bootlegging, it was a fun fast car chasing cops and robbers movie.
August 8, 2012
A masterpiece in cinema history.Jackie Gleason should have won a Oscar for best actor for the work he did in this film.Jerry Reed should have won best supporting actor.What was the academy thinking? I highly recommend this film.
Alex H.
June 12, 2010
Not as good as the first... but it still made my day to turn on the TV and see a '77 trans bombing down the highway with a giant fish strapped to the trunk... somebody correct me if I'n on the wrong movie.
December 27, 2010
Wow, what a crap movie. First 45 mins are near unbearable.
May 10, 2010
The only reason to watch this is for Jackie Gleason still being great as Sheriff Buford T. Justice. Jerry Reed took over as The Bandit whereas he should've just stuck to singing.
October 31, 2004
[b][u][size=2][size=6][color=white]Review Realm[/color][/size]

[/u][size=4][color=white]Smokey and the Bandit 3[/color][/size]

[/b]Big Enos and Little Enos have opened a seafood restaurant and want to promote it in their usual fashion. The Bandit is unavailable this time, though, so they enlist Cletus. "Trigger" is brought out of mothballs, a large fish is strapped to the roof of the car, and the new Bandit is on his way on another wild cross-country run. But where there is the Bandit, there is Sheriff Buford T. Justice.

Haha, wow this was one pathetic movie. The orginal was a pretty good movie, the sequel well it was boarderline good, this one is just god awful. It has a few funny parts, but wow, the story sucks, the orginal was actually good. Jackie Gleason and Jerry Reed and well even Mike Henry are the actors that do a pretty good job. But still doesn't make the movie worth watching any. Of course without Burt Reynolds that hinders the movie alittle, because well he did help the movies out alot. I'm going to end this review short, because well...its just that damn bad. Don't watch this...Stop at the 2nd.

[b][color=white]Next Review:[/color][/b] The Thing or The Shawshank Redemption[b]

[u][size=6][color=white]Weekly Thoughts[/color][/size]

[/b][/u]Today is halloween and alot of horror fans are saddened, and some are kind of relieved. Most of the horror fans are saddened because The Horror Channel has now been delayed for whats said to be only a few weeks. The due to the delay is why some fans will also be excited for it, because at initial launch The Horror Channel was only going to be broadcast on 1 major Satalittle or Cable company, now it will be on, or is said to be on basically all providers when it will be launched. So the delay was done for a better purpose, and to please more fans. So hopefully before Thanksgiving it will have launched and I will be enjoying my 24/7 unedited horror movie channel.

'Saw' was a letdown to most of the people that went and saw it. I still enjoyed it and I just can not say enough how great the ending is. It would have been alot better if people didn't hype it up so much, for one it wasn't gory, for 2 it was made out to be a horror movie, but instead its more of a pyschological thriller. Yes, theres a big difference. So, when I look at it from a thriller standpoint, it gives the movie a whole new look. Anyways just read the damn review.

For DVD sales this week will be a slow week, because there is basically nothing coming out. The only thing I will be renting through Netflix is The West Wing: Season 3. Which is a incredibly great show, its about one of the best written shows I've seen. This weekend will be big for the theaters, not only for the movies that are coming out, but the trailers being released. This weekend the uhh...odd looking movie 'Alfie' comes out, which is nothing I have any desire to see. But the main movie of the weekend is...'The Incredibles'. Not only will alot of people be going to see it because well...the movie looks pretty damn good, but theres 2 trailers that will be attachted to it, 1 big and 1 just whatever. One trailer that will be attached is the spin-off to Daredevil, 'Elektra'. But, the main trailer or I want to say teaser will be Star Wars: Episode III-Revenge of the Sith. Personally I could care less about the movie, but I am curious as to what the trailer will look like. Because when the movie comes out, I will not be among the many people that will be flocking to see it in theaters. I will wait until November. Because the new trilogy is not worth the $7.50.

This week in the XBOX world, is really not awhole lot until next week when the most anticipated game for xbox ever comes out which is Halo 2, but theres still another week for that. This week The Scorpian M-rated controller for XBOX comes out on Friday. I wanna say the other 2 which are Baraka and Sub-Zero come out, but I'm not sure, maybe they are already out. Anyways the controllers are pretty sweet and show a bloody graphic of the character in the top middle where the xbox logo usually is. The controller costs about $25. [b][u]

[size=6][color=white]Box Office Realm[/color][/size]

[/b][/u]These are the #1 movies in the past for the same weekend.

[b][u][/b][/u][color=white]#1 in 1997=[/color] I Know What you Did Last Summer (3rd week in a row at being #1)
[color=white]#1 in 1998=[/color] Vampires
[color=white]#1 in 1999=[/color] The House on Haunted Hill
[color=white]#1 in 2000=[/color] Meet the Parents (4th week in a row)
[color=white]#1 in 2001=[/color] K-PAX
[color=white]#1 in 2002=[/color] Jackass: The Movie
[color=white]#1 in 2003=[/color] Scary Movie 3 (2nd week in a row)
[color=white]#1 in 2004=[/color] The Grudge (2nd week in a row)
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