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½ July 29, 2014
While it's unclear how much of this story was staged by director Damon Russell, our protagonist Curtis Snow is surely real, and here he is in his element. A drug dealer, a father, and a man ravaged by grief through the deaths of many people he loves, Curtis is the perfect specimen for a faux documentary. This film details the War on Drugs, the real trauma of death, and retaliation between rival gangs via violence and theft. Many of the things shown in this documentary are indicative of the conditions of life in poverty stricken areas, especially "The Bluff," a neighborhood in Atlanta rife with crime and drug dealing. There has never been a depiction as full of depth, or a documentary as real to life, as this portrayal of Snow, a man who has lost many people he loves, yet continues in his life of crime because it's his only means of keeping himself and his son afloat. Very eye-opening and dramatic, this is a must-see for those who haven't experienced a world of disparity.
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March 8, 2014
Snow on Tha Bluff is a pretty unknown film that chronicles the life of Curtis Snow. After he robs some people looking to buy drugs and takes their camera, he decides to tape all his goings on. This includes: robbing drug dealers, selling those drugs he sold, drinking and among weed on the street, providing money for his baby momma and son, and avoiding the police. Life turns on him when one of the gangsters he ripped off starts coming after him.

What's good about this movie is how real it feels with the handheld camera approach. Movies like Snow on Tha Bluff prove that there are still avenues for it. This movie shows the hood life like few are able to do. I don't know if these are truly real events or not, and it doesn't really matter because it is true regardless. Shit like this happens everyday in countless cities.

I liked this movie for the most part. It's a short movie about dope dealing and killing people, so it's not for everyone. This shows a side of life in America that most people rather just look the other way from. If you're into the hood setting for films, you can't go wrong with Snow on Tha Bluff. It's definitely worth a look.
December 14, 2014
Starts off almost believable, then drags for an hour longer than it needs to with no point.
September 8, 2014
What's real and what's fake is blurred beyond perception and that's what makes Snow on tha Bluff a mockumentary masterpiece.
March 20, 2014
Since the film is listed as a documentary, I went into it accepting it as "real" but with the knowledge that it may not be. Much of the film seems authentic, but every scene involving violence is clearly staged. Especially the scene where Curtis is shot and the assailants gun miraculously jams, all while the dude holding the camera continues to film as opposed to running. Despite the staged footage, the film itself is still a powerful look into the realities of life on the streets. Certain parts stirred up nostalgic memories. Other parts gave a look into areas of life that few people are ever exposed to. It's a solid film and it's edited very well. Definitely worth at least one viewing.
½ January 14, 2014
There aren't many movies that I simply can't get through. This was one of them...
December 13, 2013
Clearly staged scenes aside,pondering on how they accomplished such stark realism throughout is something that makes this film worth watching. Harmony Korine probably had a boner watching this.
December 3, 2013
I am a sucker for these faux-doc/ found footage type films. This particular one was thoroughly engrossing. It was realistic, funny, dramatic, and heartbreaking all at the same time. Hard to separate fact from fiction in this one.
½ September 11, 2013
Living in Downtown Atlanta, not far from the notorious "Bluff" neighborhood, makes watching "Snow on tha Bluff" even more exciting, yet alarming. "Snow on tha Bluff" is started when Cocaine addict/dealer Curtis Snow robs a group of college kids (who very well could've been from the college I attend) of their money and video camera. Snow then starts to film every arduous detail of his "thug life".
There are some very raw scenes in the movie that may stir some audiences the wrong way, such as real shootings, naked prostitutes, actual drugs, and death. However, for anyone that can sift through the gruesome images, I would highly recommend you watch this movie. There is a message behind "Snow on tha Bluff" that could never before be perceived by those not involved with the lifestyle being portrayed.
The emotion that I felt when watching certain moments of this film was different from any other due to the seemingly authentic events. The emotion felt when you see the face and hear the cry of a real child crying for his mother is different than I've ever experienced when watching a film.
Even if certain scenes of this film were staged, it still does a good job at helping viewers to realize that something must be done to help put an end to violence in Atlanta, in America, and in the World.
July 25, 2013
Ok, so here's a shock-sploitative (yes, that is a pseudo-word, but this is a pseudo-movie) "movie" that is bound to reach a big-sized audience in America due to its raw, un-rehearsed take on life in Atlanta's Bluffs. Close encounters with guns and death take up most of the 'storyline', exposing the underbelly of 'those streets' that have been a part of Snow's family since he was born, at once feeling like some of the Gangland series (Banging In Little Rock, check it out) and also a glimpse of another form of the pain and violence that America's endemic poverty has inflicted on generations of kids like Curtis in 'hoods' like The Bluffs. There's no doubt now (after reading numerous interviews stating that they had edited much of the story to flow linearly yet still had a no-punches-held in-the-moment documented reality) that Curtis Snow desired this to be a piece of found-footage legend, and to be honest, I hope it does gain that status. This scenario is enough of a window into the consequences of today's 'notions' of gangster culture that I would definitely claim this could be one of those 'must be experienced to be believed' cult legends that speaks to kids of all racial socioeconomic backgrounds (but most especially privileged white kids who've never seen how a quickly a good drug deal can go bad). 5/5 Tightly wound, gripping, and fast-moving - without a doubt better than any big studio interpretation of gang culture could ever get. This is one that will be talked about for years to come, an important study for both film and socioeconomics students.
May 28, 2013
Blurs the line between documentary and narrative film, I finally found my first enjoyable found footage style narrative film. The Documentary aesthetic and it's use of non-actors depicts the gritty chaos present in ghetto's across the united states.
½ April 7, 2013
yo cant lie this movie is tough and its real recommend to check it out on netflix
March 17, 2013
Most Def wins my nomination for 'Best of Show' @ the Ghetto Movie Awards! ???
March 17, 2013
Interesting movie done in a way that doesn't glorify violence or drug selling, in an area, where both are prevalent. The movie was just very matter of fact. Anyone who is questioning the authenticity of the movie, is watching it for the wrong reason. Great movie.
January 31, 2013
It looked real, seemed real, but it probably wasn't. It doesn't take away from the story and "realness" the participants played in it. An interesting film.
January 27, 2013
Great try at bringing the true grittiness of urban Atlanta but it fell short for me.
June 11, 2012
Its kind of like one long episode of cops, only told from the criminal's perspective instead. It really shouldn't work, but for me it was pretty much a home run. Interesting characters, believable acting, and a fairly unique film experience.
½ December 1, 2012
The ghetto Blair witch project...I couldn't look away!
November 29, 2012
Very interesting movie, the fact that it has people questioning if it's real or not shows how good it really is. Great plot too.
September 19, 2012
Hands down the BEST documentary I've ever seen. People cans ay it's fake all they want. This is a REAL LIFE film and there's no doubt about it. No actor could ever mimic what the people in this film did.
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