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Snow White and the Huntsman Reviews

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Apeneck F

Super Reviewer

April 22, 2014
Looking at the other critiques for this film simply leaves me speechless. Did Nurse Ratched not check to see if the other inmates at this asylum were indeed taking their meds?
Its the best fairy tale brought (that's right, we asked for them to bring it and they did, they brought it!) to film, bar none.
This is one, I'm thinking, that goes over the heads of this generation. I don't know why. Gonna need the next one (barring the zombie apocalypse) to appreciate this.
Charlize Theron's evil queen is delicious. Stewart's okay ... why they be hatin' on her so bad? CGI's great too.

Super Reviewer

April 15, 2013
Many a dollar was spent on this dark re-imagining of the classic fairy tale; and while entertaining to a point (love the CGI), ultimately the film is hampered by the fact that, well, it's a fairy tale.

The concept here is solid, taking the fairy tale and attempting to give it more heft by introducing more modern motivations. However the script and dialog are atrocious and the acting, particularly that of Kristen Stewart as the title character leaves much to be desired. I feel Stewart was a poor casting choice, as was Chris Hemsworth as the other title character as his thick accent is at times unintelligible (and unfortunately he is the "narrator" of the early parts of the film).

The film starts earnestly enough, and the introduction of the evil queen (in an oddly over the top, almost Bondsian villain type performance by Charlize Theron who certainly has the presence for the role) is first rate, but then the film begins to slide. It seems Theron has "man issues", complaining that men just use women for their folly and then caste them aside. OK, so she woos the king, Snow's father and after marrying him, shoves a knife in his chest, while at the same time having her legions of warriors attack the castle, thus ensuring her ascent to power. However, for no discernable reason, she spares the life of Snow, and instead of killing her, locks her in a dank tower. Let me repeat, there is no reason for her to do this, and really no need for the script to go there either, as the whole "mirror, mirror" thing hasn't happened yet.

The film then borrows heavily from the Arthurian legend wherein the state of the land is directly tied to the spirit of the king. Since Theron is evil, the land suffers under her rule. We then later discover that Snow is goodness incarnate, the antithesis of Theron - a fact driven home as Snow mumbles the lord's prayer (and what a mistake that bit of script is, as there is absolutely NO indication of the Church being present in this mythical realm). This further echoes the Arthurian legend, as the Church was introduced via the search for salvation via the holy relic The Grail.

I found it interesting that much later in the film, under a bit of religious zeal, Snow becomes a warrior for "good" (and you can read whatever you want into that one - pagan cult meets Christianity for starters) - so you can infer that the message is that it's ok to fight for what's right (even if "right" like "truth" is subjective - you can quote Pontius Pilot on that one). Somehow I'm reminded of the convenience of the Qoran, wherein the Prophet states that it is a sin to kill, especially another muslim - but once a fatwa has been declared, all bets are off.

Thus far I've spent a great deal of ink informing you what is wrong with this film, and to be fair, far too little about what's right. I should mention that the cinematography and CGI on display here are first rate. So many very powerful images, especially concerning the queen, but also the seamless CGI of the dwarves - making the John Ryse Davies dwarf in the ring trilogy look amateurish by comparison. Here we have a trio of great Brit actors playing 3 of the 7 dwarves - Ian McShane, Ray Winstone and particularly Bob Hoskins, who is so very sincere as the blind, seer dwarf. Otherwise, it is nice to see these Brit lions, but really, they aren't given much to do dramatically. And yet, the scenes in the fairy forest (and in truth the fairies themselves) are magical - if only the same could be said for the balance of the action (though I wonder why it was required for the dwarves to twice break into song - some odd kind of homage to Disney? Hi Ho - I don't think so!!!).

But, back to the missteps - why oh why do these types of films insist that the villains all take time out to gloat over their supremacy - thus giving the opposition the opportunity to turn the tables? When the queen's brother has been charged to find Snow and bring her back, he inexplicably looses sight of the goal and goes off the rails in some unexplained vendetta against the Huntsman. The same goes for queeny - she has what she wants in her grasp, and yet decides to toy with Snow - once again showing the dangers of extreme hubris; but her actions make no sense - nor does the final bit where Theron brags that she cannot be defeated - and that she has lived a dozen lifetimes and ruled as many countries.... Ok, if she is that powerful (and the cool CGI would indicate that yep, she's got the goods), then why is she not still ruling those many countries?

In closing I'd like to mention that while Theron is screaming this bit of braggadocio, she is standing within a fire that, while raging all around her, does not burn. I was immediately reminded of the Ursula Andress film from the 60's called She - if you've seen that film then you know what I mean.

The film closes with a bit of pomp and circumstance as Snow is crowned queen - in the back of the room, the huntsman gives her a knowing look... which conveys what??? Who knows?
Julie B

Super Reviewer

September 13, 2012
Zzzzz. Serious snooze-fest. Some pretty (not just talkin' about Thor) but you saw all of that in the preview. If you're looking for a reason to contemplate your ceiling for a few hours, this is probably a good choice, though.
Raymond W

Super Reviewer

January 15, 2012
An overlong, uneven, but mostly well-acted update on the Snow White fairytale, this live-action version features stunning visual effects, a terrific performance by Charlize Theron, and some gorgeous cinematography as well. Kristin Stewart is getting better, but she is still reduced to nothing more than grimacing and/or pouting. The plot has some holes, and the script isn't the best; some lines are quite cringe-worthy, but the costumes and visual effects make for an entertaining, and appropriately dark take on the classic fairy-tale.
Alice S

Super Reviewer

June 23, 2012
I thoroughly enjoyed this. Now, I'm a Kristen Stewart fan, so I may go into her movies looking for things to like, but there are certainly some beautiful design elements that transcend acting taste: Colleen Atwood's Joan of Arc meets Disney costumes, the sprawling gothic castle, the ominous Dark Forest, the bewitching Land of Fairies. I was visually enchanted for 2/3 of the movie.

Period really suits Stewart, I think, as evidenced by how well she photographs for magazine shoots that put her in 40s, 60s, and 1700s garb. I predicted that she would be sullen as Snow White, but our first glimpse of her is through the bars of her tower - her fatigued eyes entranced by the sunlight seldom seen throughout her imprisonment. Her first quiet prayer is almost hopeful, not angsty. The fear and vulnerability she shows when Finn, Ravenna's dastardly brother cum henchman, enters her cell isn't underscored by her usual defiance. I paraphrase from "Entertainment Weekly"'s review, Stewart plays pure without being a pain. For those who say she never moves her face, her foray into the Dark Forest probably showcases the most facial movement she's ever done.

The plot falls apart through the second half though. The love triangle is underplayed, perhaps to dissuade comparisons to "Twilight"; ergo, the romance itself is insubstantial and unsatisfying. Snow White's rousing battle cry is poorly written and nonsensical. KStew gains a bit of volume at the end, "Who will be my brother?!" but to borrow a turn-of-phrase from Super Reviewer, Jim Hunter (not in reference to KStew per se), she's always just good enough that I wish she were better. The final showdown between Snow White and Ravenna is somewhat inelegant and doesn't make use of any great suspense or fight choreography.

Super Reviewer

November 28, 2012
I like the costume design and I like the reason of every character doing the job, but I hate the ending.
Sam B

Super Reviewer

June 6, 2012
The interesting special effects are the one and only saving grace in this terrible cash-in, which suffers from an absolutely braindead script (possibly the dumbest of any movie I've seen this year), lack of emotional depth, and the worst possible casting decision for a leading actress I have ever witnessed.
Alexander D

Super Reviewer

November 27, 2011
Review coming soon.
Al S

Super Reviewer

September 16, 2012
A breathtaking and unforgettable action-packed adventure epic. A bold, thrilling and utterly spectacular special effects extravaganza that delivers. A big surprise of a film that is actually a pretty good-time. A tremendously entertaining and wickedly fun roller-coaster ride from start to finish that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The legend is reborn in Director, Rupert Sanders visually impressive and stunning epic that`s loaded with intense battles and action sequences and a great cast to lead the way. A big-hearted and surprisingly effective film. It has an eye for the beautiful and the ugly and combines them in a great mash-up. The landscapes and the costumes all make this film look very cool to walk around on. Chris Hemsworth gives a excellent performance, shining in movie star light outside of his comic book hero status. Charlize Theron gives some great stuff in this, clearly showing shes having a blast with this role. The seven dwarfs are all played by brilliant English actors and they are nothing but fun to watch.

Super Reviewer

March 16, 2011
"Seeing both Snow White films now, I find it unrealistic to try and compare them since they were so opposite of each other. So that's as far as that will go.
The movie was dark and beautiful. The visual effects of the forrest was probably my favorite part of the film. My least favorite parts was the over acting that took place a few or more times during the film. I understand it was meant to be dramatic and chilling seeing Charlize scream like she was, but it seemed a bit cheesy and over dramatic. I did enjoy her in this though. I thought she played a good mean queen. I thought Kristen did well here. It's probably one her better acting roles since doing the Twilight films. I always think she can do better. She tends to let some of her own mannerisms inflict the characters she is protraying. That can get a bit annoying. I still love her though. I thought it was a little unfair to put Theron and Stewart up against each other. No way, even though Kristen is a pretty gal, that she is prettier then Charlize. So that was a bit unbelievable. Either they needed an less pretty queen or a prettier Snow.
I loved the dwarfs. As usual in these films, they are sometimes the best part of the movie. They brought some humor to the film that was needed.
Chris Hemsworth was OK for me in this. Him and Stewart really didn't have that on screen chemistry that's needed to make these films work. I did think he was good on his own. Sam Claflin and Stewart had better chemistry.
To close this up: I liked it. I liked it more than I thought I would. I would see it again."
Christian C

Super Reviewer

October 19, 2012
A creative adaptation making the movie darker and more adult than the fairytale. Stewart seems like she is reprising her Twilight role, and that makes the story a bit less accessible. Charlize Theron is great. Chris Hemsworth is m'eh.
Cynthia S

Super Reviewer

November 15, 2011
This movie had so much promise, and seemed to try very hard. The special effects were fabulous. The story, however, just had way too many holes. I blame editing. There were way too many questions as to why?? how?? Had they spent more time on filling in the storyline, this movie would have done much, much better...

Super Reviewer

October 11, 2012
The fairy tale stripped of all Disney trappings. Kristen Stewart is bland but Charlize Theron rips into her part with relish and owns this movie.

Super Reviewer

June 2, 2012
Snow White & the Huntsman is a very good take on the classic tale. The film surprised me, and despite the flack it has received, I thought that it was a solid film with a very good cast. The film's strength lies in the performance of Charlize Theron who is simply menacing as Ravenna. I mean she really plays an effective and chilling villain on-screen. This is a terrific action adventure film and it provides an entertaining and worthwhile take on the classic tale. Chris Hemsworth is great here as well, and Kristen Stewart delivers her best performance yet, it redeems her previous bad and bland performances where she was basically playing the same character in her previous films. The plot of the film is very engaging and the special effects, costumes and production values are great as well. Snow White & the Huntsman is a fun film that in my opinion is much underrated and it doesn't deserve the flack it received. This version of Snow White has a dark, brooding and melancholic atmosphere which is mixed with hints of hope; the result is a film that is beautiful as it shows two sides of the coin in one picture. I really loved this take on the classic tale, and it is a very well done film that should appeal to action adventure fans everywhere. This is one of the better takes on Snow White, and I'm not comparing it to the classic Disney film either as this film was definitely a darker, more evil atmosphere about it than the 1937 animated classic. If you're looking for one of the best performances that Charlize Theron has ever done, then this film offers that. I really enjoy her work, not only is she beautiful but she can also act, and her performance here demands your full attention; you simply can't turn away from the screen. With exciting visuals and good performances, Snow White & the Huntsman is a must see action adventure and one that definitely doesn't deserve all the flack it received. Like I stated earlier, Kristen Stewart makes for a good Snow White, and she's quite impressive here, and she definitely surprised me. Definitely a film worth watching.
Crash E

Super Reviewer

September 15, 2012
If only they kicked Stewart from it ,it would be a great movie
The directing: so good, visual effects: brilliant, and above all Charlize Theron is as always, incredible
but they made a huge mistake called "Kristen Stewart".
Luke B

Super Reviewer

September 2, 2012
Yet another Snow White story, this time they try and add an epic story of chosen ones the same way they did for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Evil queen Charlize Theron locks Snow White away, she eventually escapes and the Huntsman is sent after her. From there it's the typical story, only with added battle sequences thrown in. Stewart, although not quite the looker that the role kind of needs, is great in the role. She becomes the hope without ever being entitled to her royalty. She truly earns her place as a princess, even though her battle skills come from nowhere. Theron chews up the scenery in the best possible way, and really adds layers to her villain. She justifies her actions by treating the peasants better than she was treated, and she believes her own justification. This makes her understandably irate when people no longer follow her command. The dwarfs are played by some of Britain's best talent. Bob Hoskins, Toby Jones, Ray WInstone, and Ian McShane all have very small moments to shine, but work best as a team. On top of this we have the stunning special effects and designs. A lot is owed to Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki, but it was still breathtaking to see such creations realised in live-action. Even the less creative creatures held so much charm, such as the moss covered snake and tortoise. Even the demonic creatures are magnificent. The warriors made of shattered glass were exceptionally creative, and I kind of wish this could have had an R rating to show how dangerous those guys could really be. Overall it's a very predictable story, but told in a mature and stylish way that never really abandons reality. Plenty to love, but could have used some trimming.

Super Reviewer

May 30, 2012
What a disappointment, I'd have so much fun trying to recreate this movie myself as it has so much potential ! That idea of a dark twist on the classic fairytale is awesome making every adult what to see this classic revived but this movie was executed so poorly that its a shame.

It was visually stunning and the message of dark and sinnister tale is delivered beautifully and it should get credit for it being so beautifully visually captured!

I quited enjoyed Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen and i strongly believe that if it had better direction then she would have been phenomenal !

I enjoyed the take on the dwarfs again straying away from the classic lovely fairytale and making it ever so dark!

This brings me to my HUGE problem overall with the movie: KRISTEN STEWART, she is probably the most boring, facial actions don't change at all over the entirity of the movie, she's just so terrible, i've no idea how people consider her an actress and continue to give her roles! I would have changed snow white and with a bit more direction this movie would have had the potential to be fantastic!
Samuel Riley
Samuel Riley

Super Reviewer

June 29, 2012
This film suffered a lot of hit and misses. This biggest flaw was the different levels of acting. At the top, you had Charlize Theron presenting an intimidating and powerful villian. In the middle, you have some of the dwarves, such as Bob Hoskins, Nick Frost and Ian McShane. Unfortunately, at the bottom, is Kristen Stewart, who seems to still remain as Bella; her famous Twilight role. With some lovely visuals and a dark atmosphere, this film isn't a complete failure.
Phil H

Super Reviewer

July 19, 2012
Going off on a different route with this classic tale, the Brothers Grimm might be spinning in their graves. I use the term 'might be' as perhaps they would of liked this epic offering, myself I can't quite decide.

The plot is completely upside down and inside out, this isn't your Disney story nor is it even close to the Grimm tale, apart from a few legendary sequences of course. Not that this is a big problem though as the story is constructed well and does flow nicely with all the elements required for Ms White's tale. Its just a rather big swerve from what you might expect.

The main issue with this film is obvious from about the point where we meet the evil Queen. This film is taken waaaay too seriously and is almost bordering on some kind of biopic historical epic. Theron seems to be going for Oscar gold here as she bellows and rants like crazy, most scenes are pretty overly intense, Snow White has her own little 'William Wallace' moment towards the end as if we were in a real moment of British ancient history and there's actually quite a bit of blood and violence here.

Ironic I know, most times I yearn for more darkness and death with a serious tone in films these days as they are mostly aimed at the younger audience. But this time its just too much, amazingly.

Kinda got that feeling when we see Snow White breaching the evil Queens castle walls and hacking her way through lots of knights. Add in the odd slow motion moment and you start thinking we're getting a tad off track from what we have all come to know/think of 'Snow White'.
Her childhood friend 'William' also adds to this notion when he shows us he's pretty much an invincible one man army and would put 'Hawkeye' to shame in the bow n arrow ranks.

The film looks fantastic I must say, the visuals, locations and effects to conjure up this bleak murky fairy inhabited fantasy world are gorgeous. This is right up there with 'Legend' and is one of the best looking fantasy films I've seen for some time. Clear influences from various films jump out at you all over the show of course, the biggest being 'Lord of the Rings' with the sweeping mountain vista's, knights in battle and large CGI trolls. Other films such as 'Willow' especially at the start of the film for instance, infact the film seems to start more family friendly like 'Willow' but slowly morphs into a much darker gloomy affair.

Another problem if you ask me was casting. Everyone was fine in their roles accept for...yep you guessed it, Stewart. Despite my feelings for her (yep I have a crush) she really can't act too well. She tries bless her but all she ever does is pout, sulk and never actually says much whilst looking awkward and embarrassed most of the time...just like young girls do at her age infact. Of course she also brings with her the unwanted baggage of the 'Twilight' franchise which many do not like, not a good start for this fantasy franchise. Its very clear she was cast purely down to her previous fantasy film experience with vamps n wolves.

As for the rest they are all fine. Excellent performance by Sam Spruell as 'Finn' but Vince Reagan is becoming somewhat type cast as bearded men in time. Hemsworth is hard to understand at times with his attempts at an old English Northern accent but he looks the part perfectly. As I said before Theron is just completely detached from the film with her humongous epic attempts at an Oscar or so it seems.
As for the controversy about actors playing the band of dwarfs, I see no problem with that a tall, infact they were one of the best things in the film. These guys should of been in 'LOTR' haha, really well designed and realised, would never have guessed they were top stars like Hoskins and Winstone.

Its good to see some creepy gothic darkness which is what the Grimm Brothers were all about (to a degree), but this film seems to lose that aspect and go down the sweeping historical epic route at full throttle. A great fantasy film that looks tremendous on one hand, but I think everyone got carried away and forgot it was suppose to be based around a children's fairytale.

'FREEDOM!!' oh wait..
Nicki M

Super Reviewer

July 2, 2012
Hmmm... It was okay. Really not my genre of movie, so the fact I didn't hate it says quite a lot! Still don't think I would want to sit and watch it again, though.
Charlize is probably the best character here as the wicked queen. Kristen is fine also, though I had a hard time accepting her as the "fairest". Yes, she's an attractive girl and I do like her, but fairest is pushing it!
I really didn't like the huntsman. I don't think that guy is a good actor or especially nice to look at (I realize I am in the minority here!). I also couldn't work out if there was an implied romance with him. The ending was kind of brief and unsatisfying, even though the rest of it is quite drawn out.
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