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½ April 12, 2013
I was in the mood for a bad movie, and this looked just the thing!
At the beginning, the acting was so wooden I suspected I had picked a level of awful even I wouldn't enjoy, but it does improve (a bit!).
This seemed similar to movies such as House Bunny. Not all that good, but slightly amusing in a check out the dumb girls type of way. Miley is not all that convincing as a PI, and I'm not entirely sure she can act. She's kind of like Melissa Joan Hart. Not likely to win any awards, and a bit hammy, but looks pleasant onscreen and it sort of works in this PG type of genre
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½ March 16, 2013
So Undercover was like so totes amazeballs. Actually, not at all. I actually only wanted to see the movie because I was curious to see Kelly Osbourne in a movie. She didn't do too bad. He part wasn't very big though. But lets get to all the annoying things that made this film so craptastic. Miley dear, I will keep hoping that one day you will make a decent movie and will become a better actress. I love an under dog. Jeremy Piven is Jeremy Piven. I don't really see the difference from any character he ever plays. He's a one note pony show. If that makes any sense. It's late, I am tired. So more than likely, this will not make much sense and I might need to rewrite it. But I am pretty lazy and probably won't. The only part I liked was when Armon was flying high on the cotton candy mountain flying on the unicorns tears. I know you don't understand what I just said. So maybe that will make you a bit curious to see the movie just to figure it out. But then again once you get a look at the talent that is lined up for this flick and see who the director is, you might pass just for that. I wish I did. But I had little people over who enjoy these Miley films. I was no match to their persuasion. They always win...
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½ January 17, 2013
Imagine my shock when I found a movie starring Miley Cyrus in the action section of a video store. Not only did it have Miley Cyrus, but also starred Jeremy Piven and has Kelly Osbourne in a small role. You're probably wondering why on I Earth I would watch this...I like making fun of surreal bad movies.

So Undercover is basically Hannah Montana in a FBI role, wow is that lazy and this isn't even a Disney movie. I have to say I didn't expect much going into this and it started off with an okay opening. Where we see Miley Cyrus taking picture of people having sex and performs a "dangerous" jump stunt, but then the opening credits role in and I hear "One way or another". It was when I heard this dated pop song that I realize it was going to be worst than expected. I don't blame the cast or production crew for this, but put the blame on director Tom Vaughan. Tom Vaughan (does not know how to direct) makes some very questionable decision especially in which lines to keep in his movie. Now I'm going list a couple of these actual lines from the movie and even in context these lines still sound stupid.

Notable bad lines:
Gaddafi with highlights!
Your so beautiful that I think about killing you all the time (a girl replies with "That's sweet")
And sticking a cat up your a** is not weird!
Prostitutes with detergent.
You have amazing balls.
I want to go to cotton candy mountain and ride on unicorn tears.

The movie has hundreds of plot holes. Yes I actually paid attention. The biggest one being that Miley Cyrus character doesn't question why there are no women working in the FBI. Also this movie has Miley Cyrus talking about things that neither the male or female demographic want to hear. The male demographic doesn't want to hear Miley Cyrus talk about balls and the female demographic doesn't to hear her talk about "burrowing other girls thongs" (actual line in the movie). What's more laughable is Tom Vaughan actually getting Miley Cyrus to perform two fight scenes which are hilarious. As stupid as this movie is Tom Vaughan questionable bad direction made me laugh even if it was unintentional. Vaughan does not know how to tell story which why characters are often left out or just moves on to showing pointless moments. It contains to many dated pop song and the actors did have making the movie, unfortunately the viewer will not.

So Undercover is an action comedy that has little action and unintentional comedy. Dated pop songs, lazy writing, and a bad direction makes this a forgettable affair.
June 5, 2013
Clearly written by someone who's never gone to college much less talked to a college student... A pathetic attempt at something passing off as an "Action & Adventure, Comedy"... There's no laughs, the action is groan worthy, but worst of all is how terribly the convoluted plot and characters are ever attempted to come together. I hope the screenwriter actually wrote a really dark comedy akin to "Heathers" and Open Road Films turned it into a Miley Cyrus teen comedy vehicle. Please don't let someone have actually written this ever thinking it was good.
May 7, 2013
This movie was a little better than I expected, but it still is a pass if there is anything better available to watch.
½ March 22, 2015
not a super classic,but pleasing to watch.didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth cause it wasn't a sleeper nor idiotic-just smooth and decent.
July 4, 2014
Please, don't call it "film"!
June 14, 2014
While Miley Cyrus isn't terrible, the cliche-ridden script absolutely is.
March 28, 2014
the movie is very attractive , is a kind of agent movie. I likeit.
½ October 26, 2013
This was awful I mean I knew I was I for a bad movie, but not this bad.
½ October 18, 2013
So Undercover is a watchable film but fails to reach it's potential because of the bad acting and crappy script. 2.5\5 Okay.
½ August 13, 2013
I really enjoyed this film, i felt it was a bit different, the story was intresting and had a twist to it, it also included suspence and mystery because we did not know who was band and who was good. I would recommend this film to teen girls of ages between 10-14. I give this film 3.5 out of 5 stars. Fresh!
July 1, 2013
it's entertaining. but, as I grow up, I guess I will not take this genre forever
June 22, 2013
Best Film Of Last Year Tbh
June 9, 2013
Not good im afraid not memorable and in the pile of that Sunday afternoon film when you have nothing to do. It was cheesy and made me feel i was too old for the film. Miley Cyrus also spend the whole time trying to be funny not much i can say really sorry not the best
May 28, 2013
Great for the tween who just wants the cheesy "older" Disney movie storyline
April 21, 2013
This movie is so awesome with Miley Cyrus as Molly and she always make me laugh non-stop with her action..I think it deserve 5 stars.don't know why people didn't like this movie but I like this movie so much..
March 25, 2013
Sure to be a hit with Armond White
November 7, 2012
In her latest attempt to graduate from kids TV starlet to serious Hollywood actress, Miley Cyrus takes on the unlikely role of an all-action private investigator. The film is a strictly formulaic Miss Congeniality/Kindergarten Cop clone, in which the young sleuth is recruited by the FBI for an undercover job in a posh 'n' bitchy sorority house in New Orleans. One presumes that the target audience is teenaged girls who don't care much for high quality cinema... they will probably find something to enjoy in the film. Meanwhile, for the rest of us the film is a long slog which manages to make 94 minutes feel more like 194 minutes.

Private eye Molly Morris (Miley Cyrus) specialises in photographing philandering husbands cheating on their wives in the Dallas area, helped by her dad Sam (Mike O'Malley), an ex-cop who now dabbles in surveillance work. FBI agent Armon (Jeremy Piven) approaches Molly with a new assignment... he needs someone to track down some ledgers that are crucial to an upcoming court case. Apparently, there's a strong possibility that the ledgers are being hidden by a college student named Alex (Lauren McKnight) who is resident in a sorority house in New Orleans. Worse still, Armon is convinced that someone in the house is not who they claim to be and plans on harming Alex if the ledgers don't materialise soon. Initially unwilling to accept the job, Molly is forced to change her mind when her father's gambling spirals out of control, resulting in sizable debts. She switches her identity to 'Brook Stonebridge' and goes undercover as a college student on transfer from Hawaii. The rest of the film deals with Molly/Brook's escapades in the sorority house, where she tries to fit in with her weird, wacky and often downright air-headed sorority sisters. On the one hand, she must find the ledgers and uncover the 'mole' in the house. On the other, she has her own blossoming romance with college biker Nicholas (Joshua Bowman) to contend with, as well as a new-found interest in her college studies.

There's little to say about So Undercover - it knows its target audience and gives them what want and expect of a film of this kind. Beyond that, it has no wider aspirations as a piece of cinema. The story is by-the-numbers in the extreme, with obvious red herrings and lots of lame dialogue. The attempts to give Cyrus an action-woman makeover are embarrassing to say the least, although once the action moves to her undercover assignment in the sorority house she does at least look more slightly more suited to the role. The film was pencilled in for an autumn 2012 release at American cinemas but was later shelved and sent direct-to-DVD... it did manage a brief tenure at UK cinemas, but disappeared extremely quickly. Films bomb for a reason... and upon watching So Undercover you won't need to be much of a detective to figure out that this one simply isn't very good.
April 1, 2013
was an amazing movie
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